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AIBU to be annoyed with DP standing in front of me doing makeup

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gwackywacky Mon 14-Oct-19 07:54:22

I was just trying to put on my makeup at the kitchen table and he was standing on front of me looking at me almost manager style which made me feel observed.

He then started talking to me so I said "I'll talk to you when I have finished doing my makeup" which then caused him to start a big debate about why I couldn't talk to him as I was doing my makeup because he needed to go to work.

AIBU to find it annoying when people are near you when you're doing your makeup?

AryaStarkWolf Mon 14-Oct-19 07:57:05

Wouldn't bother me tbh (talking while putting make up on) staring at you is a bit weird though

MarkinTime Mon 14-Oct-19 07:58:24

Put it on in the bedroom or bathroom instead.

EmpressLesbianInChair Mon 14-Oct-19 08:00:05

Oh, I thought you meant your DP was standing in front of you doing his makeup.

I don’t use it but I don’t like people hovering in front of me while I’m trying to concentrate.

AngeloMysterioso Mon 14-Oct-19 08:00:13

Wouldn’t bother me, but then I frequently end up doing my make up on the tube/train...

sparepantsandtoothbrush Mon 14-Oct-19 08:00:33

I did vote YABU but then remembered I felt the same when I was peeling vegetables yesterday 😂 no idea why it annoyed me but I didn't want him standing over me while I did it so....I'm on the fence

Apolloanddaphne Mon 14-Oct-19 08:01:09

Doesn't bother me at all if someone talks to me when I am doing my make up. As long as they don't want quick answers when I am contorting my face!

DriftingLeaves Mon 14-Oct-19 08:03:03

He needed to talk and was going to work soon. Why would you not listen? Basic good manners.

Littlechocola Mon 14-Oct-19 08:05:45

He needed to talk to you. You were rude.

Beveren Mon 14-Oct-19 08:11:18

Why do it at the kitchen table if you don't want people near you? And why can't you talk at the same time?

Lowlandlucky Mon 14-Oct-19 08:11:47

How would you feel if he refused to talk to you ?

BarrenFieldofFucks Mon 14-Oct-19 08:14:58

Being a bit precious, sorry. He can't do right for wrong can he?

SneakyBeakyLike Mon 14-Oct-19 08:23:44

I don't know why your makeup is more important than whatever he needed to talk about. You sound selfish.

Biancadelrioisback Mon 14-Oct-19 08:31:11

I always say to DH "do I need to stop for this conversation?" Which we both know to mean "if you're just informing me about something or don't really require an input from me then I can carry on and listen, if you need me to offer thought out responses, I had best stop because I can't multitask and will probably end up with mascara on my lips"

ThisMustBeMyDream Mon 14-Oct-19 08:33:15

Yanbu. It is difficult to talk as make up takes concentration and sometimes keeping your face still or in a particular pose to get it right.

Why was his need to speak to you so he could go to work more important than your need to get ready to go to work/take children to school/get to an appt on time or whatever else you needed to do.

I don't have time to stop in the early morning usually. Talk to me before or after thanks!

CheeryB Mon 14-Oct-19 08:35:44

I'd have stopped doing it until he'd said what he needed to say. He'd do the same if he was having a shave.

GingersAreLush Mon 14-Oct-19 08:38:12

I have no issue talking to people while I do my make up but I wouldn’t be in a hurry to talk to anyone who demanded my attention in that way.

LakieLady Mon 14-Oct-19 08:41:49

It wouldn't bother me, but then I have been known to have quite in-depth work calls, on loudspeaker, while putting my slap on.

If you don't like it, explain that you'd prefer him not to do it as it makes you feel crowded/distracted whatever. Although I also think putting your face on in the kitchen is a bit weird, for some reason that I can't properly articulate.

justheretostalk Mon 14-Oct-19 08:42:41

Can you not talk and put on your makeup at the same time..?

amiapropermum Mon 14-Oct-19 08:45:26

I find it annoying because I'm concentrating and when I'm talking my face is moving so it's harder to put the make up on!

Parisa5 Mon 14-Oct-19 08:46:28

This isn’t really the end of the world, is it?

custardbear Mon 14-Oct-19 08:48:32

Eeerrr you're being both unreasonable and ridiculous! Can't you put makeup on and talk ... what are you, a man 🤔

gwackywacky Mon 14-Oct-19 08:48:55

Glad to see I'm not alone here. I prefer to sit at the kitchen table because the lights better and it feels cosier. Actually it wasnt so much him talking to me it was he was standing there stretching and looking out the window and singing ("call me baby" lol) which he obviously has the right to do as it's a free world, for some reason it just really annoyed me that he was so close to me when I was doing my makeup

recrudescence Mon 14-Oct-19 08:51:26

Is this his worst failing? If so, I’d say you’d got off pretty lightly.

Teacakeandalatte Mon 14-Oct-19 08:55:03


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