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To need to know that this isn’t real

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PablosHoney Thu 10-Oct-19 15:26:03

Dear god

8stoneloser Thu 10-Oct-19 15:28:44

Oh my goodness, I hope that's not real shock

TottieandMarchpane Thu 10-Oct-19 15:28:58

Wow. Not funny even if it’s a joke.

PablosHoney Thu 10-Oct-19 15:30:00

That’s what I thought Tottie

OkayGo Thu 10-Oct-19 15:30:39

I hope not

LoudBatPerson Thu 10-Oct-19 15:31:07

Not funny even as a joke.

Presuming it's not real and the highchair tipped as an accident, who the hell would stop to take a picture before helping the poor child.

Ferretyone Thu 10-Oct-19 15:47:30

I do so hope that it is a malign attempt at humour. Sadly though we read such tragic stories where such things are real.

shearwater Thu 10-Oct-19 15:48:39

I've never forgotten something my MW told me about one time. She said she had been to someone's house and the father had said, of a newborn "That baby is taking the piss out of me."

Same attitude here. Toxic, and abusive.

SmileEachDay Thu 10-Oct-19 15:49:54

I don’t think the high chair is tipped - the baby’s hair and hands don’t look right. It looks upright to me.

Still not funny though.

ColdTattyWaitingForSummer Thu 10-Oct-19 15:51:30

sad That’s just awful.

CupidIsFired Thu 10-Oct-19 15:56:56

I saw this picture a few weeks ago with a different caption. The one I saw was basically saying the child had done this himself by kicking the table or something while the mum went out to the kitchen. So I don't know, you can never really believe anything on the internet I guess

HepKestrel Thu 10-Oct-19 15:59:56

I'm sure i've seen the photo on another page with different text....

<just checking google image search....>

if you do a google image search omitting the text, it is just a photo that is used many times....

it is not real.

Rinoachicken Thu 10-Oct-19 16:02:22

So a reverse image search has showed that this has been around for a while, mostly with a play on the Eminem song ‘Lose Yourself’ lyrics (moms spaghetti). Also the picture is a little bigger and you can see his feet. The high chair is a ‘low’ chair that presumably he has kicked with his feet against the floor and gone over backwards. (My brother had a similar one in the 90’s).

So I would like to think it was accidental rather than deliberate. But regardless, the child is clearly distressed, frightened, shocked and may be hurt. My first reaction would be to scoop him up and give him a cuddle, not take a photo and then let it go viral so the whole world can see what your priorities are as a parent.

SchadenfreudePersonified Thu 10-Oct-19 16:05:30

I don’t think the high chair is tipped - the baby’s hair and hands don’t look right. It looks upright to me.

I thought the same, Smile.

And I agree - still not funny.

PablosHoney Thu 10-Oct-19 16:07:23

I’m glad it’s not looking to be real, poor little guy anyway.

sprite25 Thu 10-Oct-19 16:07:44

Hate things like this, there seems to be a lot of videos come up on Facebook claiming to be 'hilarious' or 'just a prank' that involves scaring or tricking a child into crying while a load of adults stand around laughing. Not funny in the slightest

Rachelover60 Thu 10-Oct-19 16:08:23

Aw, poor little thing has done some serious vomiting.

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