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To think this is rude and to walk off every time they do this from now on?

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PennyandtheJetz Wed 09-Oct-19 09:36:08

I often see a friend, A, on the school run and walk with her and chat.

If another friend, B, comes along, she always greets A, and ignores the fact that I'm there and her and A instantly start having a conversation and ignore me. If I say hello to B she ignores me.

This morning I'd had enough and just walked off.

AIBU to think it's rude and to just walk off each time they do this from now on? To add, I initially introduced A and B to each other and have known B much longer than I've known A.

Babdoc Wed 09-Oct-19 09:40:44

Poor OP, you’ve been Wendyed!
Yes, leave them to it.

Ponoka7 Wed 09-Oct-19 09:41:33

I'd have challenged B by now on why she is being so rude.

Why haven't you pulled the pair of them?

NotSorry Wed 09-Oct-19 09:43:12

They’re rude. I’d do same. I’d probably get to point where I’d challenge them as to what’s going on.

FizzyGreenWater Wed 09-Oct-19 09:44:09

I don't blame you. What a pair of boors.

mnthrowaway2099 Wed 09-Oct-19 09:46:36

I don’t know about walking off every time they do it, seems like a waste of embers when you could probably just distance yourself from them in general instead and just be civil etc.

mnthrowaway2099 Wed 09-Oct-19 09:46:49

Waste of effort even

BreastedBoobilyToTheStairs Wed 09-Oct-19 09:47:03

That's fair enough in my mind. There is no point in standing around people that don't want to talk to you, and frankly I'd be reconsidering my friendship with A if they were allowing it to happen and not pulling B up on it. As it is, A seems to just be using you as a stop gap until B arrives. I'd probably be coolly polite and decline to stop and chat with A full stop, then you won't have the issue at all.

Part of me would want to just keep repeating 'I said HELLO B' and then part with a witty and cutting comment when B finally acknowledged my presence, but it would never work the way I'd want it too...

CinnamonMentos Wed 09-Oct-19 09:49:12

Bitchy behaviour from both of them. Just ignore and walk off. Who needs that in their life

Mephisto Wed 09-Oct-19 09:49:16

YANBU. I would just be busy on my mobile from now on. Did either react to you walking off?

Witchinaditch Wed 09-Oct-19 09:51:49

That’s so mean, what adult would think to act like this? Unless you’ve done something unforgivable like slapped her mum or something there is no excuse for acting like that.

PennyandtheJetz Wed 09-Oct-19 09:52:39

Yes they both started calling me and I said 'I've got to get going, I've got a busy morning'

I will definitely be distancing myself from A.

Fucksandflowers Wed 09-Oct-19 09:55:20

Uh oh, I'm guilty of this.

Although I wouldn't dream of not saying hello or saying hello back, but I've definately been guilty of carrying on a conversation without paying much notice to the other person

recrudescence Wed 09-Oct-19 09:55:36

The next time it happens you’ll have to say something to them about their rudeness. If they don’t very quickly raise their game, stop bothering with them both entirely. Alternatively, just stop talking to them anyway.

rainingallday Wed 09-Oct-19 09:59:30


Yep, walking away is what I would do.

I would also give this so-called friend (A) a wide berth from now on.

OMG this reminds me so much how I do NOT miss the bloody school run/school gate mafia!!

Idontwanttotalk Wed 09-Oct-19 10:06:05

It is rude of them to ignore you. It is also rude of you if you walk off every time.

As they called after you it is likely something will be said next time you see them. Find the courage to say something to B. Don't just be rude in return.

Rachelover60 Wed 09-Oct-19 10:07:24

B is a bit rude though she may be someone who doesn'thave great social skills & doesn't know what to say to someone she hardly knows.

Don't blame you for walking off, hope it was more 'wandering off' than making a point.

From rainingallday: his reminds me so much how I do NOT miss the bloody school run/school gate mafia!!

Agree 100%.

roisinagusniamh Wed 09-Oct-19 10:11:18

This is what I would call 'Middle class bad manners. People who don't know how to naturally involve a third person into a conversation.
Whether it is deliberate rudeness of just social unawareness I would just shrug and walk away too.

OMGshefoundmeout Wed 09-Oct-19 10:12:36

So rude! Well done for walking away.

PennyandtheJetz Wed 09-Oct-19 10:13:53

B doesn't 'hardly know me'. As I said in my post, I knew B before I knew A and introduced them!

PennyandtheJetz Wed 09-Oct-19 10:15:01

I didn't storm off btw, just wandered off. If they ask me why I walked off I will tell them.

Boysey45 Wed 09-Oct-19 10:16:21

I wouldn't be walking with A from now on either. Let A and B walk together. I'd just walk by myself, I couldn't be bothered with all that rubbish.

PennyandtheJetz Wed 09-Oct-19 10:17:28

Also, genuine question but if I was rude walking off what was I supposed to do to not be rude? Just stand there and let them ignore me?

SellmeyourMLMcrap Wed 09-Oct-19 10:19:20

B is a bit rude though she may be someone who doesn't have great social skills & doesn't know what to say to someone she hardly knows.

I'm all for trying to see the good in people but please? B knows OP and even the most socially inept knows how to respond to a "hello" surely?

Jellybeansincognito Wed 09-Oct-19 10:27:56

I’d distance yourself from both of them. You weren’t being rude, sometimes our reactions appear rude when we are dealing with someone being rude towards us, it doesn’t make us rude.

If you see them on the school run I’d just say sorry, got to rush! and walk off

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