‘My husband’s hobby’

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DNAshelicase Sat 28-Sep-19 09:37:55

Blah blah ‘my husbands hobby’ or ‘special interest’, they’re always ‘heavily involved in’ or ‘invests a lot of time and money in his hobby’

It’s cycling. It’s fucking CYCLING and more specifically its cycling at bedtime/bath time. Can we all agree that there is no need to be a tease and it’s not even slightly ‘outing’ your husband is one of millions across the country with a beer belly and a Lycra drawer.

YANBU: It’s always cycling

YABU: No, my husband does something even more tragic like tail transport modelling, or pigeon fancying

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EauDeResistance Sat 28-Sep-19 09:38:44

No vote button

spot102 Sat 28-Sep-19 09:45:24

I'm guessing you're not a fan of cycling?!!

StillMedusa Sat 28-Sep-19 09:46:00

I can't vote... because mt DH's hobby is cycling ... AND kayaking! Double whammy! grin
But somehow he manages not to be an asshole about it, and joins in family life too smile

(He does have a drawer full of lycra tho... plus water kit...)

FactorFifty Sat 28-Sep-19 09:46:07

I admit when I see a middle aged man in Lycra clogging up country lanes I think 'another MN family dodger' blush

Shadenevermadeanybodylessgay Sat 28-Sep-19 09:46:38

Collecting model trains & building a miniature railway in our spare room 😣😣

DNAshelicase Sat 28-Sep-19 09:46:57

Haha! No issue with cycling, I’ve just seen so many threads when OP teases the hobby and it always ends up being cycling wink

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Mrsjayy Sat 28-Sep-19 09:49:19

I always want it to be axe throwing or falconary grin my dh is fish he would come over all funny if i suggested actual exercise !

PerpendicularVincent Sat 28-Sep-19 09:50:18

grin grin it is always cycling

Mrsjayy Sat 28-Sep-19 09:51:38

Fishing* my friends dh is lycra clad most weekends and even goes on holiday to cycle that would do me in every holiday revolving round a bike.

Spaceprincess Sat 28-Sep-19 09:51:45

Mines is historical sword fighting...I find it sexy...

PansyTea Sat 28-Sep-19 09:52:17

Yanbu. It really is always cycling. It's the new stamp collecting.

DNAshelicase Sat 28-Sep-19 09:52:18

And the ‘Is my husband having an affair’ threads are 50/50 ‘a woman from work’/‘a special friend from cycling club’

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ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sat 28-Sep-19 09:52:22

Let’s be fair it could also be golf. A nice stroll in the sunshine with your mates followed by lunch and a pint in the clubhouse.
Another family avoidance strategy.

C0untDucku1a Sat 28-Sep-19 09:53:10

Yabu. Sometimes it is golf.

StillCoughingandLaughing Sat 28-Sep-19 09:53:29

We’ve had this thread more times than Katie Price has had her face rearranged. Why do we need it on a weekly basis?

poptypingchef Sat 28-Sep-19 09:55:49

Hahahahaha before I even opened this I thought ‘bet it’s about cycling’ gringrin

GrandmaSharksDentures Sat 28-Sep-19 09:56:27


DNAshelicase Sat 28-Sep-19 09:57:35

grin my dad’s was golf, how could I forget golf

@StillCoughingandLaughing Have a biscuit and a brew you grump!

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KUGA Sat 28-Sep-19 09:58:58

Cyclists do my head in so no comment.

OverthinkingThis Sat 28-Sep-19 09:59:36

Surely it's dogging grin

Jeezoh Sat 28-Sep-19 09:59:37

It’s either cycling or running/marathon training. But usually cycling. For what it’s worth, my OH manages to fit a lot of sport into his week and still do his share of the family workload so it is possible.

missbattenburg Sat 28-Sep-19 10:02:05

I admit when I see a middle aged man in Lycra clogging up country lanes I think 'another MN family dodger'

Me too. MN has changed how I view cyclists totally.

ThighThighOfthigh Sat 28-Sep-19 10:05:19

Cyclists are everything that's wrong with Britain today, everything.

itsasmallwordafterall Sat 28-Sep-19 10:05:26

@StillCoughingandLaughing because somewhere out the right now there's a poor woman stuck home with the kids by herself when she's likely already done the lions share with the mid week training that cycling entails and her selfish bastard of a husband has fecked off again on the shitting thing.

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