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To think nobody has invented white chocolate pain au chocolat?

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Basketofkittens Sat 21-Sep-19 16:11:39

I was baking fresh pain with DS aged 2 today. You may remember that last week he wanted to BE a pain au chocolat.

Today he grabbed a bar of Green and Black’s white chocolate and shoved it at me. We made pain with white chocolate and it’s delicious! He covered himself in pastry and pretended he was a pastry too. Again.

But doing a Google it appears that nobody else has tried it! Do you think I can become a millionaire now by making a white chocolate pain company?

NoHummus Sat 21-Sep-19 16:13:31

Yes. Yes I do. First customer, right here!

Hugsgalore Sat 21-Sep-19 16:14:21

Sounds delicious smile

Cherrysoup Sat 21-Sep-19 16:15:55

I have to make 180 pain au chocolat for a collapsed timetable day soon. Very tempted to use white chocolate!

IndigoHexagon Sat 21-Sep-19 16:17:43

Where do I order? I love melted whites chocolate and tear sound delicious!

Basketofkittens Sat 21-Sep-19 16:18:17

How about a pain au chocolat company with a variety of fillings? White choc, choc orange, choc praline etc

Mummyoftwo91 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:20:19

I had a white chocolate pastry at a bakery in menorca! It was amazing! Please start a company 😂😍

WhenDoesTheWashingEnd Sat 21-Sep-19 16:22:27

You might be on to something there! I'll buy.

And your DS sounds very cute wanting to be a pastry. Both this thread and your last made me smile. smile

SandraOhshair Sat 21-Sep-19 16:23:47

I'm in! Sounds yummy....

Scentsandsensible Sat 21-Sep-19 16:24:57

Sounds delicious to me

Basketofkittens Sat 21-Sep-19 16:25:11

He insisted that his little soft toy turtle be baked. We wrapped him up in pastry and piece of chocolate and I pretended to cook him! smile

chamenanged Sat 21-Sep-19 16:26:11

I've had one with white and milk chocolate in it in Mallorca. It was one of the nicest things I've ever eaten.

Longdistance Sat 21-Sep-19 16:26:15

Iirc white chocolate has different melting temperature. I could be wrong of course.

Lucked Sat 21-Sep-19 16:26:25

I will take a regular subscription!

WindsweptEgret Sat 21-Sep-19 16:27:03

YABU. White chocolate is not real chocolate.

babycatcher411 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:27:39

Oh yeah, you can count me in too.

Durgasarrow Sat 21-Sep-19 16:28:59

How is white chocolate chocolate? It's soap.

Durgasarrow Sat 21-Sep-19 16:29:35

Having said that, I want to be the OP's child.

WhatTiggersDoBest Sat 21-Sep-19 16:35:04

That sounds delicious! Did the turtle enjoy being baked too lol?

Basketofkittens Sat 21-Sep-19 16:35:55

Turtle loved it apparently! 🐢🤷🏻‍♀️🥐

BloodyWorried Sat 21-Sep-19 16:36:33

Can I arrange delivery for each Saturday, say around 7:30am ish? grin

chillychicken Sat 21-Sep-19 16:37:38

White chocolate
Chocolate orange
Mint chocolate
Dark chocolate & raspberry

You are DEFINITELY on to something here OP

Excited101 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:39:52

Ohhhh nice!

BeverlyGoldbergsHairAndJumpers Sat 21-Sep-19 16:42:40

This may be the most exciting thing I have ever read.
So hungry now.

Bobismyfriend Sat 21-Sep-19 16:44:06

I've been Ill with a nasty virus for over a week now with no appetite and I REALLY fancy one of those!

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