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did my boss go behind my back ?

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lalalalala123456 Fri 20-Sep-19 13:04:02


I work within a large company in a small team of around 10 in a specialist subject, part of my team includes the head of that team, and also my line manager - we all work in the same office.

I enjoy my job, but it can be very monotonous and there is a lot of admin to do. I have been here for almost 4 years, and expressed to my manager how I really want progression opportunities or I will have to look else where ( always been very open and honest around this matter) He his completely fine with it.

I applied for an internal role (within another department) around 4 weeks ago, as it was more money and I could transfer my skills across and there is a lot more room for development and progression - fine.

I kept this to myself as I had planned to tell my line manager only if I got an interview, I don't see the point in telling anyone unless I got offered an interview.

Anyway last week, my line manager pulled me into a meeting and said that he knows I went for an interview, why didnt I tell him , and that I should have approached him first. The reason he knows is because the head of the other department ( which I had applied for ) told the head of my team , who has then told my line manager - who has then approached me and basically said the above.

I feel like they have all caused an issue over what ? I had planned on telling my manager only if I had got an interview.

Now there seems to be an awkward mist in the air.

lalalalala123456 Fri 20-Sep-19 13:05:38

Also - just to confirm, I wasn't successful in the interview anyway.

Singlebutmarried Fri 20-Sep-19 13:06:03

I’d say just what you’ve said here.

You were going to say if you got offered an interview.

However, in companies I’ve worked in and there’s been vacancies in other departments I’ve always discussed it with my present manager first.

Singlebutmarried Fri 20-Sep-19 13:07:26

Oh hang on

You got an interview and didn’t tell them?

Did you mean offered the position in your OP?

Singlebutmarried Fri 20-Sep-19 13:08:33

And no he didn’t go behind your back. The other department head contacted your superiors who have then spoken to you.

MrsBobBlackadder Fri 20-Sep-19 13:09:52

In the (large) company I work for, we're expected to inform our manager before applying for an internal post.

Hederex Fri 20-Sep-19 13:10:49

I think it's naïve to have thought this wouldn't be found out.
No one needs to go behind anyone's back, all it takes is casual chat for it to come out.
By all means, don't tell your manager if you are applying for an external role, but in this kind of situation you really have to give them a heads up except in truly exceptional circumstances.

TheAlternativeTentacle Fri 20-Sep-19 13:11:57

It is usually common practice to tell your manager if applying for internal roles, indeed in our organisation it is part of the internal recruitment process.

dollydaydream114 Fri 20-Sep-19 13:12:38

The person at fault here is the head of the other department, who should have treated your application in confidence unless you’d given permission otherwise.

TheMobileSiteMadeMeSignup Fri 20-Sep-19 13:13:14

For internal positions I would always discuss with my line manager that I was applying,never mind waiting til an interview or being offered the role.

Of course the other head spoke to yours, they probably assumed you had spoken to them anyway so it wouldn't be a big secret.

InOtterNews Fri 20-Sep-19 13:13:29

In previous organisations I've worked you can't apply for an internal job without your manager supporting your application (they have to actually sign the application form).

If this doesn't happen at your place it is certainly good form to let them know out of courtesy and also helps to avoid any awkwardness. It also helps to know if your manager is supportive of your potential move.

CmdrCressidaDuck Fri 20-Sep-19 13:13:53

No one went behind anyone's back. When you apply internally without talking to your manager, they are gonna find out in all probability. You took a fairly large risk by not telling your manager and he's unlikely to want to go out of his way for you much now.

CmdrCressidaDuck Fri 20-Sep-19 13:15:25

The person at fault here is the head of the other department, who should have treated your application in confidence unless you’d given permission otherwise.

There's no requirement for that whatsoever. OP is an employee and members of the company can talk about her if they want to. The first thing any hiring manager is going to do for an internal applicant is talk to his/her current manager to find out about their performance. It would be madness not to.

Skinnydogfatcat1 Fri 20-Sep-19 13:15:29

Protocol in most corporations dictates that you should inform your line manager that you have applied for a job internally.

Dutch1e Fri 20-Sep-19 13:19:53

I think you've inadvertently gone behind your manager's back, and perhaps made them feel pretty foolish.

In your shoes I'd likely speak with my manager and say you were genuinely unaware of the protocol around internal positions and you'll go to them first next time.

Tojigornot Fri 20-Sep-19 13:29:42

I’ve never worked anywhere that you weren’t expected to inform your line manager about internal applications

froggybiby Fri 20-Sep-19 13:29:58

For internal roles, I have always ran it it past my manager as it is "the rule" usually. Since it is the same company, they would ask for feedback / opinion regarding your application.

araiwa Fri 20-Sep-19 13:34:16


You went behind your managers back by not informing them beforehand.

TinyTear Fri 20-Sep-19 13:34:51

here for internal roles you need to tell your manager you are applying

EBearhug Fri 20-Sep-19 13:36:31

If we apply for internal roles, the system automatically notifies your current manager when you submit the application, so it's best to mention it upfront. This is how it worked with a previous employer, too.

greenlavender Fri 20-Sep-19 13:37:05

You should definitely have told him as it's internal. That's bad form.

OnlyTheTitOfTheIceberg Fri 20-Sep-19 13:38:06

Most places I've worked have required my manager to sign off on any internal application as part of the process. I've only worked in one where that was not the case, and from conversations with other staff and managers and my own experience, the majority of people seemed to observe it as a courtesy even though it wasn't an explicit rule.

Aridane Fri 20-Sep-19 13:40:55

In the (large) company I work for, we're expected to inform our manager before applying for an internal post

In mine it's intended to be confidential so employees can have initial exploratory interviews in other departments without the manager being notified in each and every case. Regrettably this isn't observed. So your manager ends up knowing not only that you aren't happy and are applying for another position but that you have been unsuccessful and remain in their department only through lack of choice,,,

KatherineJaneway Fri 20-Sep-19 13:41:44

No he didn't. It is likely that the recruiter reached out to him to discuss you and your work and he feels pissed off that he had to find out from someone else and not you that you applied.

Aridane Fri 20-Sep-19 13:41:48

(with the accepted courtesy being that if you get to 2nd interview you the. Let your line manager know)

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