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That DD's friends did;nt come to play today as arranged and I did;nt even get a wanring so DD spent all morning asking for him.

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LowFatPumpkinJuice Fri 10-Aug-07 18:29:00

The friend in question only lives over the road. And DD was invited to play there on Sunday for an hour or so as DH and I were gardening and DS was asleep. When I picked her up I arranged with LB's mum that he would come to us for a play date this monring at 9.30. Can't be the afternoon as she know I work in the afternoon.

When she did'nt turn up I thought she might be a bit late - she's always dashing up the road to school 15 minutes after it starts etc.

I know I could have gone and knocked for him as she does when inviting DD over. But this date was pre-arranged and I dont see the point of dragging my DD and baby DS accross the road just to trail back 2 minutes later when it is easier if she brings him over.

I know they could have had an emergency or something. So in some respects yes IABU. But if there is no reason other than cant be bothered would you feel peed off. I've had to fend off DD all morning about why LB has'nt arrived and 'doesnt he want to play with me?' and I could have taken DD to the park instead of waiting in for them to arrive, knowing they are often late.

beansprout Fri 10-Aug-07 18:31:08

I would feel exactly the same.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Fri 10-Aug-07 18:33:07

TBH,I would have walked across the road, it is not as if she lived in the next county.

Saturn74 Fri 10-Aug-07 18:33:28

It sounds like she's forgotten, or got the days mixed up.

I would have popped over to their house, or phoned them, I think.

WanderingTrolley Fri 10-Aug-07 18:35:45

Um, maybe it's just an oversight?

Just knock on the door later and ask her boy over another day.

SweetyDarling Fri 10-Aug-07 18:38:03

Do you really need such formal arrangements with the kid across the road?

goingfor3 Fri 10-Aug-07 18:39:44

I would have knocked on her door, she could have had an emergency or guienuinley forgotten.

WigWamBam Fri 10-Aug-07 18:40:21

She probably just forgot - and when she remembers will wonder why on earth you didn't knock on the door or phone her!

LIZS Fri 10-Aug-07 18:41:36

5 days before such a casual set up is a fair time in which to forget if something else came up. If dd had been asking I'd have rung or knocked.

Saturn74 Fri 10-Aug-07 18:42:26

If she has forgotten, it might be best if you pretend that you forgot too - otherwise it might be a bit awkward!

southeastastra Fri 10-Aug-07 18:42:36

i probably would have just fumed inside and not gone over either. you'll find out what happened soon i imagine

Marls001 Fri 10-Aug-07 18:45:59

I would have probably called as well ...

Can understand your frustration.

One of my personal pet peeves is when another mother uses coming over to our house as a treat that can be taken away should her child misbehave.

I hate that, because then, should the child lose this privilege, my (4-year-old) son gets punished too

mm22bys Fri 10-Aug-07 19:21:18

Can understand your frustration - I invited a friend over for this morning, and for the second time she fobbed me off, starting to get a complex!

It may be that your friend just forgot, I would have rung - I really hate having to hang around for other people, especially when they don't turn up in the end!

charmkin Fri 10-Aug-07 19:23:21

oo I had this today.
friend made arrangement for today
i keep today free
i rnag cos ds asleep and she is all " ok see you when i see you"
then she TEXTS! and say kids happily playing, can we make it another day

LowFatPumpkinJuice Fri 10-Aug-07 19:52:13

Thanks all - a mixed bag of replies.

I did'nt phone as we have'nt swapped numbers.

Yes arrangements do have to be this formal, because we have lots going on sometimes.

Could'nt go over the road for an hour and a half because DS was asleep in his cot in anticipation of LB coming to play. If I had know he would be a no-show I would have taken DD to park and DS could have slept in pram.

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