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AIBU to ask you to keep me company tonight?

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Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:20:39

I've clearly got a UTI. I've peed 4 times in the past 30 mins coupled with that unmistakable pain shooting up your urethra. I know what it is.
I've to wait until 8am to get the appointment lottery with the GP.
I'm fucking pissed off tbh.

AIBU to be fucked off with my sexual partner for giving me another fucking UTI (second in as many weeks). angry

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:21:55

I think a penis beaker with bleach in it may be called for at this rate.

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:23:49

See how his fucking urethra feels. angry

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:24:40

Your dick has ONE FUCKING JOB TO DO. And that is not faffing around my anus and genitals. FFS.

Tartyflette Thu 19-Sep-19 02:25:20

I'm awake and happy to keep you company Vadid (and sympathise too, UTIs are bloody painful).
And add a scrubbing brush to the bleach

Confuseddotcotton Thu 19-Sep-19 02:26:23

Hay, I can’t help with your pain or troubles but I’ll be around for a couple of hours..

Can’t sleep.

Tartyflette Thu 19-Sep-19 02:26:40

Sorry, Yadid not Vadid.

Thecapturefan Thu 19-Sep-19 02:26:53

Oh they’re not fun! Poor you.

I’m awake because I just started a new medication which clearly doesn’t agree with my sleep pattern!

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:31:30

Guess what? I've just peed myself (despite peeing 6 times now in a half hour). And guess what else? Who is sleeping blissfully?

sonypony Thu 19-Sep-19 02:32:05

I'm also up in pain. Sorry you are too. I've got a long day tomorrow sad hope you manage to get an appointment in the morning.

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:34:04

If you read a headline tomorrow about 'MAN STABBED WHILE SLEEPING', you know who did it.

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:35:22

Sorry that some of you are in pain. Care to share? Make me feel grateful?

NoSauce Thu 19-Sep-19 02:47:17

How is it his fault you’ve got a uti?

YDraig Thu 19-Sep-19 02:48:39

TMI warning

My nipple hurts. But I’m not breastfeeding, oh no...
I have a new fuckbuddy and while we were getting it on, he bit me! Actually fucking bit my nipple! shock he’s never coming near me again. But it’s throbbing. So yanbu.
—Do you need an alibi?—

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:53:19

It's his fault as if I didn't have sex with him I'd probably be blissfully sleeping like him now. Defo his fault.

YDraig - can we line them up and knee them in the balls?

Alicewond Thu 19-Sep-19 02:53:59

I’m sorry you are in pain but getting a uti isn’t his fault??? Unless you didn’t want to engage in sexual activity? How is he to blame here?

NoSauce Thu 19-Sep-19 02:56:08

It’s not his fault, you’re being ridiculous.
I hope you feel better soon.

YDraig Thu 19-Sep-19 02:56:11

Alicewond - presume because he gave it to her? I assume she’s just sleep deprived and venting... live and let live!

Yadid. I’m 200% down for that. Put the kettle on 🍃👀🍃

NoSauce Thu 19-Sep-19 02:58:26

presume because he gave it to her?


Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 02:58:50

If he just stuck his dick where it's supposed to go, nice and cleanly into my vagina, then I wouldn't have this. But he faffs around with it. And I end up in pain. Of course it's his fucking fault. I didn't get a UTI from masturbating!!

cantfindname Thu 19-Sep-19 02:59:55

I once got a UTI from drinking an excessively strong cup of tea made for me by an elderly gent who had worked as a tea blender. His taste buds were so shot away he didn't realise how strong it was. The tannic acid attacked my urethra and then bacteria moved in!

Currently up with sciatica which is worse when I lie down to sleep. Saving up for a memory foam topper. Strangely it is fine when I ride my back but cycling round the neighbourhood at 3am is bound to cause questions!

Drink loads OP. Cranberry if you have any.

Yadid Thu 19-Sep-19 03:00:45

Kettles' on. I'll knee your fella. Then I'll haul snoring ass out of the bed for you to kick.

Derbee Thu 19-Sep-19 03:01:13

@Yadid, have you explained to him that he needs to be careful? And do you go for a wee after sex?

cantfindname Thu 19-Sep-19 03:01:39

* should read 'ride my bike'

Stressedout10 Thu 19-Sep-19 03:01:52

For future ref if you go pee straight after sex it decreases the chances of getting a UTI massively.
Also if you know that anail gives you UTIs it's not his fault but yours for agreeing to do it

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