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to be outraged at this abuse of supermarket parking spaces?

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ladygrinningsoul Thu 09-Aug-07 23:09:51

According to Autosport magazine, the Asda in Stevenage has reserved the parking space nearest to the store for Lewis Hamilton, one of the richest and fittest men in the world, complete with a plaque with his name on. I wonder whether it was a P&T or a disabled spot that was converted?


sweeties Thu 09-Aug-07 23:13:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:13:16

It's true - DH saw it there last week!

Even if it was a P&T spot it wouldn't make much difference as there are only 6 P&T parking spaces for what must be the largest supermarket in the area.

millie99 Thu 09-Aug-07 23:14:30

Is he really ever going to go shopping at Asda?

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:15:17

Not sure why they did it - I think he lives in Surrey now, nea the Mclaren HQ. Even if he doesn't he's not been out and about much as his car hasn't moved for months (I live a few doors down from him).

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:16:05

Only if ASDA are opening a branch in Monte Carlo.

paolosgirl Thu 09-Aug-07 23:17:33


Why, for goodness sake????

sweeties Thu 09-Aug-07 23:18:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kathyis6incheshigh Thu 09-Aug-07 23:18:23

Maybe his dw comes on Mumsnet (is he married?) and she will start a thread entitled 'AIBU to be annoyed when some poxy disabled person with small children parks in my dh's space?'

littlelapin Thu 09-Aug-07 23:19:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quint Thu 09-Aug-07 23:20:25

absolutely ridiculous, like he does his own shopping now anyway!

sweeties Thu 09-Aug-07 23:20:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:21:27

I might just do that - shall I take a pic of my car in the space and put it on my profile!!?

sweeties Thu 09-Aug-07 23:22:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paolosgirl Thu 09-Aug-07 23:22:24

Yes - take the photo!!!

macmama73 Thu 09-Aug-07 23:23:42

lol, we'd better watch out. All the racing drivers will want one now.

Schumi will get a space in front of Aldi

What about Coulthard though? He is from a tiny village. Do they even have a supermarket?

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:24:38

Maybe they've got a Spar?

sweeties Thu 09-Aug-07 23:25:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LittleBella Thu 09-Aug-07 23:26:36


This has got to be a wind up

Why would ASDA do that?

Surely he's rich enough to shop in Waitrose now?

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:27:49

British bloke, aged only 21 or 22 who is winning the Formula 1 championships left right and centre this year and pissing a lot of old hands off becuase it's the first year he's even started racing. He lives near Stevenage (well, his dad does).

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:28:30

I promise you it's not a wind up. DH told me about it and he has zero imagination to make something like this up!

sweeties Thu 09-Aug-07 23:29:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

macmama73 Thu 09-Aug-07 23:30:11

waitrose? He can shop in harrods and harvey nicks

Pennies Thu 09-Aug-07 23:30:43

And this is on his website:

The ASDA Supermarket in Stevenage near his home town of Tewis (sic) have allocated Lewis a parking spot marked with a plaque initialled L.H. right outside their front door – never will Hamilton have to fight for a space while shopping there again.

sparklygothkat Thu 09-Aug-07 23:31:06

PMSL!! Wonder if the Hatfield store have also reserved a spot for him too... I will check it out when I am in stevenage next..

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