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to get REALLY cross with ds when he knocked over my mega blocks tower?

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Dragonhart Thu 09-Aug-07 21:54:16

ScummyMummy Thu 09-Aug-07 21:55:58

Definitely! But hopefully it will fade into a treasured family memory over time as it sounds like it cvould have been a v funny sight!

RedFraggle Fri 10-Aug-07 16:35:14

My dd does this. "Build me a tower mummy!" i do and then she keeps knocking my masterpiece down before I have completely finished... Bizarrely frustrating isn't it?

EscapeFrom Fri 10-Aug-07 16:36:57


Just as unreasonable as me when my 4 year old won't play a two player playstation game 'properly'

beansprout Fri 10-Aug-07 16:37:17

Are they your megablocks?!

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 10-Aug-07 16:38:30

I feel like a sandpit slave atm - 'Dig, Mummy, dig!' And when I follow her orders she just kicks it all down, capriciously, like some kind of malevolent sprite.
Two year olds, eh?

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 10-Aug-07 16:41:29

my dh gets frustrated like this....he starts trying to convince dd (2.9) that she has those bricks and he has these ones so he can finish his tower. i sit and laugh!

heifer Fri 10-Aug-07 16:41:31

I found myself saying No to DD when she wanted to help me colour in a picture...

I was soo proud of my colouring, didn't want her to ruin it..

I realised what I had done, looked at DH, laughed and said of course you can, and she scribbled all over my lovely work of art.....

ipodtherforipoor Fri 10-Aug-07 16:41:58

I've just been out and bought extra thomas bits for my train track!

DS and I fight about where to put the bridges - he then just stamps on it to stop me building!

jaynehater Fri 10-Aug-07 16:43:25

I'm with heifer. DD2 coloured in all the white spots on a perfect red toadstool. In my deepest heart of hearts I'll never truly forgive her.

Saturn74 Fri 10-Aug-07 16:43:34

Happytrack, Lego, PlayMobil, PS2, Mancala and Blokus.

All far too good for children, and only come out under cover of darkness in our house.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 10-Aug-07 16:47:05

HC can we add sticklebricks to that?!?! i lvoe them!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 10-Aug-07 16:47:16

or love even

MintChocChippyMinton Fri 10-Aug-07 16:47:48

superglue may be the answer

jaynehater Fri 10-Aug-07 16:52:19

Who honestly lets them at the Hama beads without 'guiding' their design process?

Saturn74 Fri 10-Aug-07 17:06:01

<<hurriedly puts sticklebricks into the cupboard that contains "things that are far too dangerous for you children, so go and play outside in the sunshine/rain/snow (delete as applicable) my darlings'.>>

<<surreptitiously hands replica key to StaceyM for future use>>

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 10-Aug-07 17:07:50

thank you!

Dragonhart Fri 10-Aug-07 19:48:51

I have to say I laughed at my DH when he did the 'these are mine and those are yours' talk too but when it is your tower, it is a different matter!

I think that blocks should be given as therapy as I find it very relaxing and often think when I am playing that I should do it when my ds is asleep and cannot ruin my masterpieces!

LowFatPumpkinJuice Fri 10-Aug-07 19:54:53

Ooooh this is like me when DD asks me to draw a picture for her then scribbles all over it laughing - and I have to be the adult

sockmonkey Fri 10-Aug-07 20:02:10

I get cross when they ask me to draw something on the megasketcher, then erase it just as I'm nearly done. I hate them knocking down my towers too.

RedFraggle Sat 11-Aug-07 14:15:05

Ah sockmonkey - the megasketcher wiping does really annoy me too! I draw a "fantastic" lion and am just finishing off and wipe all gone. Then I get told to draw a giraffe but I get the neck done and it gets wiped off too. DD then gets on a roll and pulls the wiper everytime I touch the pen to the board! Very annoying when I am on a creative roll...

MrsWeasley Sat 11-Aug-07 14:40:02

oh I let them do what ever they like with the Hama beads BUT why cant my DC let me build a nice sandcastle, with moat, flags etc without thinking I'm building it for them to jump on !

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