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AIBU to be absolutely disgusted with myself?

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Buginmyrug Sat 14-Sep-19 02:32:57

NC because of the shame involved.

Back in May I started getting an itchy scalp. I tried to ignore it and hoped it would go away by using different hair products, the change of season, blah blah. It has been getting worse, though, so I googled and deduced I probably had seborrhoeic dermatitis. I booked a GP appointment and was considering buying some Neutrogena T-gel.

Then this evening A BUG FELL OUT OF MY HAIR. I have fucking LICE and I didn't know! My DD (16) spotted it and was really shocked. She then had a good look at my scalp and could see at least 4 or 5 creatures crawling about. Even typing this makes me want to curl into the foetal position. I freaked out and rushed out to the nearest 24-hour supermarket, and have spent the last few hours scraping my scalp with a nit comb until it practically bled (I cannot tell you the stuff I pulled out) and applying the overnight treatment to shampoo off tomorrow.

I'm ashamed, mortified and disgusted. Four months! I have stayed with friends, been to the hairdresser, gone on holiday... How did this happen? Is this normal? Do other adult women randomly get nits? My DD hasn't got any, we don't think (of course we'll do the treatment on her tomorrow too, just in case). Should I have thought of it sooner? Is it my fault? And is it like an STD? Do I have to warn anyone I might have infected? The shame!

I'm sitting here freaking out, wondering what the heck I will find on the towel that is currently wrapped around my head tomorrow. Sleep seems an impossibility.

If this has ever happened to any of you, please put my mind at ease. I've never had lice in my life - just in case this seems a bit of an overreaction.

Timandra Mon 16-Sep-19 07:53:18

Try skin so soft by Avon, spray leave 15 mins and comb out. Wash hair twice and no oily residue. And cheap.

Thanks for the recommendation but normal conditioner does a great job alongside a nitty gritty comb smile

DramaFarmer Mon 16-Sep-19 08:05:41

Use the Hedrin that is the silicone.

It suffocates them and is not a chemical pesticide, just silicone.

PrincessPain Mon 16-Sep-19 08:21:03

I had them a lot in my teens.
My half sister had then throughout childhood as stepmum never did her hair properly.
Every time I visited my dads I came back with nits.
They used to fall out onto the desk at school, my Mum would pay for the treatment, comb it all, and I'd visit my dad and come back with them again!
I started wearing a hair net and hat at all times when I visited and I've never had them since.
I know my stepmum had them too, she would have been late thirties at the time.
It's one of the worst feelings, and even though you do something about it as soon as you realise it doesn't feel great.

hellsbellsmelons Mon 16-Sep-19 09:37:02

If all else fails OP - vodka
Half vodka and half water.
Saturate your hair. Leave it on overnight with shower cap covering your head. Rinse out with a shit tonne of conditioner in the morning.
To ensure you don't feel dirty inside, drink some of the vodka so you feel better! grin
I can recommend it with robinsons crushed lime and mint cordial and some fizzy water.
Glad you got the bottom of the itching!

bananasaidso Mon 16-Sep-19 11:57:47

Just reading this had made my scalp itchy. I know of someone in family who had a bad case of lice as a kid which went unnoticed because she has very very thick hair. Think of 10 lice coming out every time we combed her hair. We treated he hair three times and all of ours but hers was bad. She had to get a short bob after that so that we could clean her hair properly.

Now I dread all this coming since my DD started school. Out of curiosity do the lice repellant shampoos/conditioners work? I have been using them on her but not so sure.

And to the poster who mentioned neem oil, where do I get it from in the UK?

higgyhog Mon 16-Sep-19 13:07:23

I had them as an adult too, before I had children myself. I had a friends whose friend's wife was a teacher, we had been to their house for dinner, i think that is where they came from. I've just come over all itchy remembering it.

Haworthia Mon 16-Sep-19 13:10:47

I noticed my daughter scratching her head during the Easter holidays and she was riddled with head lice 😩 They’d been off school for over a week so it had taken me a while to notice. It happens, OP!

FelicisNox Mon 16-Sep-19 13:59:56

This happened to my mum.... are you sure you didn't get it from the hairdresser because they would have noticed if you had already had them when you visited?

EllenMP Mon 16-Sep-19 17:46:54

Nothing to be ashamed of. Kids pass nits around and of course there is always a danger of them passing them to parents. That happened to me a couple of times when my kids were in the early years of primary school. It's horrible to think about things living in your hair, but hey, we are all covered in a necessary layer of microbes anyway. A few headlice aren't that much different. I know it feels different, though. Go nuclear with the headlice killer and nit comb, and don't forget to do the followup application per the box!

Mckmck123 Mon 16-Sep-19 18:06:38

Daughters class kept sending letters home about lice infestation in her class I checked her hair and thought she had dandruff ! Until a few weeks later I decided to comb through her hair and loads of fleas jumped on to me 🥵

TheDarkPassenger Mon 16-Sep-19 18:17:02

I’ve had them recently! I was so disappointed that I’d have to use the nit treatment because it leaves hair so oily sad anyway decided to dye my hair and accidentally killed the lot of the cunts! Didn’t even realise but I guess I suffocated them

Foslady Mon 16-Sep-19 19:26:03

It was my 40th birthday, due to get married a week later.
Dd was in reception class and the teacher had combed each child’s hair with the same comb to look nice on their first school photo.
My 40th birthday was spent with nit lotion my head combing dd for the little buggers, and the Thursday before I married had to do it again.
I must be the only bride who took a nitty gritty comb on honeymoon....

Ifbutandmaybe Tue 17-Sep-19 07:19:38

I've had them few times caught them from my dc when they were younger also one time had them when went to hairdressers had asked someone to check if I had them they said I didn't, hairdresser said nothing but a day or 2 later went to visit DMIL and she checked I was riddled, I was shocked hairdresser said nothing I must have had them then. It does make u feel very unclean but nits are supposed to like clean hair!, and its surprising how far they can travel . Hope u get rid soon and don't worry u are not alone . They used to have nit nurses at school don't ever remember having them as a kid , but now they stopped it that's why more kids seem to get them

KindredSpirit1 Tue 17-Sep-19 13:05:36

Yes perfectly clean people can catch lice (lice prefer clean hair as it’s easier to get around) I’ve seen head lice scuttle along the back of a bus seat before now. You only need to lean back on a seat, try a hat on in a store, sit close to someone.
Now getting rid of them, just get a Nitty Griity comb, expensive but lifetime replacement guarantee. Just follow instructions and use a very thick conditioner. You can bet everyone reading this thread has now got an itchy head. You wouldn’t feel ashamed catching a cold, so try not feel the same about headlice. These things happen especially if you are a parent or work in a school. A louse could have transferred to your child’s hair and then onto you without laying eggs, so they would appear lice free.

Juog Tue 17-Sep-19 20:50:15

Do not feel disgusted with yourself, it happens more frequently than people admit to, I got them from Gd , I didn't know what it was for a few days then did had a look, I bought the stuff from the chemist, don't expect the itchyness to go straight the way it takes a day or so but the little gits will all be gone.

Alexel Wed 18-Sep-19 00:18:47

I'm really interested in those who said they used neem oil.
As a gardener that stuff mixed with some washing up liquid and warm water sprayed on various plants has cured scaly bug infestations, fungus issues, any type of infestation. It has never let me down. I love it. Literally. My veg plot is blooming yearly with no infestations.

But how would one treat lice with it shock

Thegullfromhull Wed 18-Sep-19 11:10:21

@alexel i think it isn’t recommended. In fact I think neem oil has a warning on the bottle about toxicity or something. I remember buying it , then reading an article and just thinking it didn’t sound safe enough.

verticality Wed 18-Sep-19 11:12:22

Neem oil REEKS. I have used it outside as an organic pest control (this was a big mistake but that is another story) and the smell didn't leave the clothes I used it in for about 20+ washes.

Thegullfromhull Wed 18-Sep-19 11:25:26

Please do google dangers of neem oil for more info.
It’s obviously potentially very toxic if ingested, but for me the worry was more about immediate reactions etc, I’d read a few cases of terrible allergic reactions to neem. Obviously this is a risk with anything, but the symptoms of reactions to neem sounded quite extreme to me.

Icapturethecast1e Thu 19-Sep-19 09:41:03

I only realised i had headlice yesterday as the itching in my head got intense. I have a natural itchy head but this was something else. Got nitcomb and conditioner and sorted it out. Used vinegar wash after i washed my hair. Will be repeating in six days. I caught them off my son who caught them off his cousins. Not enough parents are checking their kids heads and doing anything about it. Especially if they're boys. Just got to check their heads every few weeks or if you see them itching.

CarysRed Thu 19-Sep-19 09:44:25

I work in a nursery so that and worms basically live in my house. I feel for ya, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t feel disgusted with yourself.

Buginmyrug Thu 19-Sep-19 18:06:34

Thank you all again for your messages! I'm touched some of you are still replying with advice and support. The Nitty Gritty came out clear on me yesterday (I will do it a few more times to be) but we still have some way to go with DD - we caught a tiny live one yesterday and the eggs are still coming out.

lovemenorca Thu 19-Sep-19 19:53:18

You need to do it all in one night OP not stagger it
Otherwise she will just keep spreading it around the house (on her pillow, sofa, you)

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Fri 20-Sep-19 06:59:36

I had to do it every three days for a fortnight on my youngest to catch the last little blighter

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