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To feel sorry for myself (somewhat lighthearted)?

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NewBabyJoy Thu 12-Sep-19 01:04:12

OH works away M-F, I'm on mat leave with 7month old and 2 year old. Utterly shattered, a bit lonely and bored. House is a disaster zone, to do list is never ending, know that I'm not looking after myself properly, bit just trying to get through and survive this period.

Toddler still wakes overnight, albeit will usually go back to sleep with a quick cuddle and reassurance. Baby's sleep seems to be going to shit. Awake hourly last night, wouldn't settle without a feed every time. Looks to be heading the same way tonight. I still haven't been to sleep yet. I know, this too shall pass, but feel like this might just tip me over the edge.

Have given her brufen in case it's teeth, and am feeding her on demand/embracing cosleeping. She's on the brink of crawling, I know there's a lot going on for her in terms of development.

Not really looking for a solution, I guess posting her, hoping for some sympathetic traffic.

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