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What did you have for Dinner? What are you having for a snack? TELL ME.

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PiggyWiggly Tue 10-Sep-19 21:43:25

I'm obsessed with knowing what people have to eat/are going to eat. Breakfast I want to know, snacks, lunch, dinner it all. I don't know why I love the information - don't even want to make it myself just curious.

So dare I ask - what have you eaten?

DizzDizzDizz Tue 10-Sep-19 22:10:22

BF: 2 weetabix
Snack: 2 satsumas
Lunch: wafer thin chicken sandwich, beetroot, pickled red cabbage, strawberries
Tea: chicken stir-fry
Snack: garlic stuffed olives

Have drunk about 6 cups of tea, 1 coffee, 3 glasses water. Trying to get back to healthy eating.

Suplexqueen Tue 10-Sep-19 22:15:38

I had a americano and funfetti cupcakes for breakfast.
Packet of crisps as a snack.
Pesto oven chicken breasts, thyme and garlic potato wedges with corn on the cob for dinner. Lemon Swiss roll for dessert.

Kalim8 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:19:05

Compelled to respond by the cunning use of capital letters, I must tell you that I have just eaten 2 foxes creams.
Ginger ones.

I had strawberry jam on toast for breakfast.
Small piece of quiche and 2 stale pieces of popcorn (popcorns?) for lunch.
If they'd not been stale I'd have eaten half the packet.
A random dried apricot and some cucumber.
A chocolate biscuit.
Fishcake, chips, peas and sweetcorn for tea.

Drinks: equivalent 3 or 4 cups of coffee.
Cranberry juice drink.

PinkBuffalo Tue 10-Sep-19 22:19:42

Nescafé caramel latte at lunch
Cup of tea with almond milk before gym
Alpro soya chocolate milk when home from gym
Cauliflower cheese for tea

itbemay1 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:20:55

No breakfast
Mozzarella and pesto tomato sandwich, crisps for lunch
Goan fish curry with rice for dinner
Snacks: 6 party rings, 3 bite size brownies, bag of Pom bear and a Cadbury roundie

Too much!!

SandrasAnnoyingFriend Tue 10-Sep-19 22:21:55

B: Grapes and yogurt
L: Tuna salad and an almond nut bar
D: Prawn pad thai, Aldi protein ice cream
S: Several spoonfuls of leftover spaghetti bolognese, 2 slices of ham

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 10-Sep-19 22:25:22

Sausage casserole with sweet potato mash for dinner.
I didn't eat before dinner, just drank water, this is normal for me and helps with health issues.

An hour ago I had a chunk of gouda, and a large piece of blue castello with an apple, and then a coconut flavour yoghurt.

Moissanite Tue 10-Sep-19 22:26:28

Egg wrap for breakfast, two veggie enchiladas for lunch and Asian salmon stir fry with noodles and vegetables for dinner. To snack on i had these crisp sticks from Lidl in sour cream and chive flavour 😁

Lotts123 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:27:39

B: Scrambled Egg with ham and a sprinkling of grated cheese
L: Jacket spud with cheese and beans & side salad
D: Steak, New pots, Chorizo & spinach stuffed mushroom and side salad
S: Fibre one popcorn bar
Drinks: lots of water, 2 white coffees and a Mocha (with Biscoff) from a cafe
I really wanted cake though 😂

Doobydoo Tue 10-Sep-19 22:28:22

I too have been seduced by your capital lettered pleagrin I am on hol for 5 days (in my defence).Breakfast a croissant with blackberry jam and 2 lavazza's. Lunch..a handful of lentil crisps(lemon and chilli) too hot which ds2 chose and a Cawstons Elderflower can of fizz. Tea....asparagus and gruyere parcel with mash n salad and 2 pieces of fudge and 2 glasses of pink wine!..oo and a pink g&t...then a cup of builders tea with 2 sugars!

Lemoneeza Tue 10-Sep-19 22:30:02

dippy eggs for brunch.
fajitas for dinner.
just had some milk and whole nut before bed.

InsertFunnyUsername Tue 10-Sep-19 22:30:05

B: Tea and toast. L: leftover cheese sandwich thanks DD. D: Spicy Nachos and a side salad.

Snacks: 2 jam donuts blush bowl of strawberries and a banana.

Pregnant and savagely hungry for carbs.

lvsel Tue 10-Sep-19 22:30:12

Nandos for dinner. Jerkchicken tomorrow with salad

tobermoryisthebestwomble Tue 10-Sep-19 22:30:17

Today's food:
Breakfast: 1 slice toast with peanut butter and a few strawberries, coffee
Snack: Banana, few habbas frittas
Lunch: vegetable cup a soup, 4 x flatbread thins
1 l of water over the day
Snack: brownie and coffee, 3pm slump
Dinner: 3 bean oven baked quesadilla and salad
Evening: glass of wine, sizeable chunk of cheddar

Siameasy Tue 10-Sep-19 22:30:25

Luncheon: Frank furters with leeks in butter
Dinner: sausage casserole, cauliflower cheese
Snackettes: pork scratchings, pecans, dark chocolate, cheese.

dementedma Tue 10-Sep-19 22:30:32

Apple cake for breakfast
Pea and ham soup and a packet if crisps for lunch
2 chocolate biscuits
3 cherry tomatoes
Shepherds pie for dinner
3 cups coffee, 1 bottle of water, 1 gin and tonic, 2 glasses of wine.

thisnamechanger Tue 10-Sep-19 22:31:01

Dinner grin

dellacucina Tue 10-Sep-19 22:32:04

4 Caffe lattes (3 decaf)
Two dates and a couple of squares dark chocolate
Leftover braised cabbage and carrots
A few bites tofu rice
Lots of grapes and strawberries
A few Percy pigs and caramels
Large green salad with vinaigrette, hummus, guacamole, a couple of wedges of potatoes
Red wine

Pascha Tue 10-Sep-19 22:33:58


Breakfas: 2 mugs of tea
Brunch: 3x pate on wholemeal toast and black coffee
Mid-afternoon snack: 2 jaffa cakes and some chicken skin right before I carved it.
Dinner: roast chicken, home made chips, baked beans and salad with my parents and my children
Supper: 2 pain au chocolate heated up and a large glass of whiskey.

In fairness, this has been a spectacularly busy day where eating has been more an act of desperate starvation til dinner than an effort to consume anything nutritious.
Must do better tomorrow hmm

Mac47 Tue 10-Sep-19 22:34:51

Cup a soup and some fruit for lunch, followed by a Chinese takeaway for dinner as I CBA going food shopping.

Sn0tnose Tue 10-Sep-19 22:39:35

No breakfast
Two small whole meal baps with red salmon and some ready salted crisps for lunch
Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread for dinner.
I’ve drunk a small glass of orange squash and two cans of Coke Zero.

Grumpyunleashed Tue 10-Sep-19 22:39:49


A, Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

Q, Please would you share info?

A, I’ll think about it.

MrsBungle Tue 10-Sep-19 22:43:01

B - yoghurt and granola
L - pot noodle grin
D - tuna pasta bake, salad and garlic bread

Had a wagon wheel about 9pm.

Mummymummums Tue 10-Sep-19 22:45:32

No breakfast
Lunch (first thing I ate) - smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich, yogurt
Dinner - hake steak with monkfish, avocado, lentils, salad leaves. Yogurt.
Snacks - 8 seafood sticks, 1 slice bread, another yogurt.
Many cups of tea.
This is the start of healthy eating as I've put on lbs over summer holiday.

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