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to think that it is unacceptable to pick on someones grammar and/or spelling on an internet forum?

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Lorayn Wed 08-Aug-07 16:28:24

I have been on quite a few different forums/chat rooms in my time online, and tbh am getting slightly fed up with the constant barrage of insults that seem to be directed toward people who aren't professors in the English Language.
1. There is nothing that says because someone spelt a word wrong they do not know what it meant.
2. It is VERY rude to pick on people for maybe being less capable of you in this area, especially as some may have had learning difficulties or even dyslexia
3. Make your point??? If you don't agree with someone, surely you can just explain why?? Marking them up like it is some kind of test really doesn't help your argument.

oh, btw for those of you who are so pedantic, I made sure I spelt things right for you. I hope it is readable and understandable.

fawkeoff Wed 08-Aug-07 16:29:24

lol ur very right

Gizmo Wed 08-Aug-07 16:30:11

Never seems to stop Cod...

weebleswobble Wed 08-Aug-07 16:30:36

Quite agree - when I'm having a rant my typing and grammar goes to pot.

TootyFrooty Wed 08-Aug-07 16:30:56

You forgot the apostrophe in the "someones" in the heading

<Runs away and slams door>

Lorayn Wed 08-Aug-07 16:31:42

hahaha, there is another mistake as well, an oxford dictionary goes to the first to spot it.

Kif Wed 08-Aug-07 16:32:04

bad grammar is hard to read on an internet forum.

margoandjerry Wed 08-Aug-07 16:32:13

I do agree but I have to restrain myself.

Although I think not using paragraphs is a fireable offence on a forum because it makes the post so difficult to read. Happens more on US forums I find.

TootyFrooty Wed 08-Aug-07 16:32:48

fora, not forums

FioFio Wed 08-Aug-07 16:32:58

Message withdrawn

Lorayn Wed 08-Aug-07 16:33:10

Kif, there is being hard to read, and asking someone to clarify their point, which I totally understand, and picking up on it purely for the sake of argument.

suzywong Wed 08-Aug-07 16:34:02


makes delicious bread, though

mm22bys Wed 08-Aug-07 16:34:25


I bugs me too, but I wouldn't dream of complaining / commenting about someone's errors.

expatinscotland Wed 08-Aug-07 16:35:24

Don't you love newbies!?

I know I do!

mm22bys Wed 08-Aug-07 16:35:27

Oops, guess who didn't preview. I not bugs me, it should have been "it" (of course!)

Tortington Wed 08-Aug-07 16:36:06

i very rarely don't understand someones posting due due grammatical reasons.

i think it shows that the person picking up on it doesn't have an argument to counter with and many many times i have seen people say things like " well with spelling like yours, i can't believe we have to take your point seriously as you are clearly uneducated" or something of that ilk. It's piss poor.

paganprincess Wed 08-Aug-07 16:39:08

well said lorayn. like your self i have never been on a site like this one. i prosume this being a site for mothers, so that must mean you all do have children. If your kids turn out as half as bad as the way some, not everyone talk on here then no wonder there are so many negative people in this world. And no wonder that my child get bullied by people like yourselves, in mini- me form. if you havent got anything nice to say then dont say it at all. Or has suddenly respect gone out of the window nowerdays. manners dont cost anything. or have many of you forgotten that. i do apologise to the people who arent like the minority of people on here but it does seem to bring the mood down a bit. If i do have any spelling mistakes in here i am not sorry

expatinscotland Wed 08-Aug-07 16:42:21

And it's such a fine display of manners and 'respect' to come onto a board and do little else but spew about how crap it is.

Gee72 Wed 08-Aug-07 16:42:23

I think there's a balance. Lack of paragraphs, txt spk and CAPS LOCK all make it more difficult to understand someone's point, and are incredibly irritating.

Picking on spelling errors or lapses in punctuation as a cheap shot is unreasonable.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 08-Aug-07 16:45:06

I wouldn't point out someone's grammatical or spelling error to them, although there are some posts which are very difficult to read.

Posts with limited punctuation and those which aren't split into paragraphs are difficult for me to read.

Chickhick Wed 08-Aug-07 16:45:34

I can't be bothered to read posts without paragraphs but other than that I agree.

g21inny Wed 08-Aug-07 16:46:03

I completely agree.
I have 4 kids to look after I jump on and off this computer like a yoyo I have to be quick which means making errors.
I thought that as adults it would not make a difference and I would not get had a go at about it but on this site it seemed I was wrong.

Now I spend half my tme making sure I have spelt things write so i dont get called thick again!

JeremyVile Wed 08-Aug-07 16:46:14

TBH, whenever i have seen anyone on here being pulled up on their grammar or spelling it has been completely tongue-in-cheek.

g21inny Wed 08-Aug-07 16:46:37

see I spelt time wrong what a muppet

Lorayn Wed 08-Aug-07 16:46:57

personally expat, I think it is a good forum, I have posted in a lot of threads and spoken to some really good people, I just think it is ridiculous when it gets all cliquey and 'newbies' or lesser spellers are jumped on.

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