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to think i am too old to blush when a REALLY FIT bloke smiles at me

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Meeely2 Wed 08-Aug-07 11:09:28

I had had a row with DH so I had sulked off to tesco to do the weekly shop! Had to by medised for poorly dt's so went to pharmacy desk.

OMG the pharmacist was the fittest bloke i'd seen in AGES! Anyway, i have an oggle and store his image away for future fantasy's and toddle off to do my shopping.

DH rings as i am at the checkout, could i get so and so (mutter mutter, chunter chunter), I load the car and go back in for my second dash.

Bump into pharmacist, have another oggle, we make eye contact! The shame, I go scarlet and scuttle off! Then everywhere i went after that he was THERE! Eventually make it back to my car with wibbly knees and he goes past in a taxi (he's blown it, no car of his own) and SMILES at me!

Good lord, I was all over the place!

He was damn fine though - OK to dream innit girls?

PrincessGoodLife Wed 08-Aug-07 11:20:34

never too old! It's fun to have a bit of attention like that! why not!

Still get a flutter of excitement when I remember walking past Ieuan Evans (captain of the welsh rugby team at the time, and a sexy hunk) adn there was EYE CONTACT and then when I turned round to look at him walk away, he was checking me out!! Course I had a fit 17 yr old backside then, which helped! Ironically I was a waitress at his wedding a couple of years later!

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