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To tell you why I voted to leave

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readingreadingreading Wed 04-Sep-19 18:20:47

I'm not brave enough to say this IRL and that is part of the problem.

I refuse to believe that I, or 52% of the British population are either thick or racist. I also think that such a pessimistic view of our population is leading to more divisions.

I have wanted to leave the EU since the Maastricht treaty was signed (I even sent off for a copy of it). I always said I'd campaign to leave as soon as I got the chance. I didn't campaign as it would have meant aligning with groups such as Farage which I do think are racist. But I still chose to vote leave.

I think the EU are getting too big and have always been too bureaucratic. The countries aligned to it are too varied for a common purpose to be right for everyone.

I don't know if we have an immigration problem or not. If we do we need to be able to restrict the number of nationals of other European countries moving here. If we don't we should be a lot more welcoming to people from other parts of the world, people who really need asylum. The current situation has desperate people turned away at borders and highly skilled workers having to jump through hoops for a job where they are wanted and needed.

No of course I didn't believe there would be extra money for the NHS. However I think currently we give money to the EU and we get money back whereas giving the same money directly to British needs would be a better use of it. Not to mention the savings from all the extra MPs.

I'm old enough to remember life before the EU. We managed to travel to Europe, live and work in different countries, eat food and not go to war. I'm reasonably sure we can continue to do so without them.

I don't think the EU can last much longer and I thought (wrongly) that coming out now in an orderly fashion would be better that having it all crash down around us. I'm nervous of new laws being enacted that we have no veto on and drifting into closer integration.

I hate to watch the current mess and no, this isn't what I voted for. But if we can't get out there shouldn't have been a vote and I don't think everything can be blamed on the leavers.

TheresWaldo Mon 09-Sep-19 20:28:10

"The ehic thing is a farce, I had my elderly disabled df calling me in a panic that he had knocked himself and was bleeding out and hospital wouldn't treat him without insurance number (heart issues on warfrin)

In France dd fell, banged head, vomiting... We had ambulance for hospital but interviewed and all details taken first before exam and treatment!! Bill came through post after..."

An EHIC card is required by my travel insurance. It is expressly stated. EHIC only covers certain things though - emergency treatment and other things according to what is offered in other EU countries to their own citizens. So depending where you go, what is covered is different. A&E treatment is normally covered but not hospital stays (in France, I didn't have to pay for dd to have an emergency op, but had to pay for the hospital room plus the ambulance!) You should always have insurance when travelling. I fear the cost of it will now increase if the EHIC card ceases to be valid.

Juells Tue 10-Sep-19 13:36:40

Our public health system is different to the NHS as well. Though if you're admitted to hospital via A&E all treatment is free, and the specialists work in both public and private sector so you could have the same specialist as if you're going privately.

Anyone who rolls up to A&E without being referred by a GP, and without being subsequently admitted to hospital, gets a bill of (IIRC) €100.

I don't know why anyone would go to a foreign country - particularly someone who is elderly, disabled and on medication - without checking out what they're entitled to, and what forms or insurance they need. Then blame the EU 🙄

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