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Manager won’t let me go to my wedding

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Biggobyboo Sat 31-Aug-19 18:36:20

I’m a mature student (Master’s degree) and I’ve previously worked in professional office jobs. I’ve recently started a part time job on a make-up counter to earn some pin money and to get me out of the house. I always thought it seemed like a fun job and I like skincare and cosmetics.

When I sent back my contract to HR I mentioned I had my wedding coming up and a week off for my honeymoon. They said that was no problem.

I started the job and discovered my manager has the week of my honeymoon booked off for a holiday and flies out on my wedding day. The full time assistant is being a bridesmaid at another wedding that day so there is no cover in the store.

My manager said I cannot have the time off. I thought she was joking so I said “sure, I’ll just re-arrange it for the following week then!” She said that I should make it at least a couple of weeks after HER holiday. I explained that it wasn’t possible to cancel my wedding and she said it was a shame I wasn’t showing my dedication to the brand and being a team player so early on in the job. No more has been said as she has gone off sick so it’s just me and the other assistant. I can’t do too much (paid) overtime as I’m studying so she’s being funny with me. I’m contracted for 15 hours a week but I’m doing 22.5 hours currently to cover. The brand is recruiting for another part time assistant.

So should I just hand in my week’s notice now or wait until the week of my wedding? If I leave now, the other assistant will have nobody else so there will be no cover. The store is open around 60 hours a week but I’ve noticed the other brands leave their counters unmanned a lot of the time where they have no staff.

If I leave just before the wedding there will still be no cover for that weekend.

Any ideas? I’ve never worked anywhere this crazy before!

Drpeppered Sat 31-Aug-19 18:38:19

I’d leave now, seems like an awful manager to work for

IncrediblySadToo Sat 31-Aug-19 18:38:53

You haven’t discussed it with HR?

dontcallmeduck Sat 31-Aug-19 18:39:10

I’d contact HR who agreed to the time off initially. They should arrange cover from another store.

Flamingo84 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:39:57

Contact HR or the person in that dept you agreed the time off with. Explain the situation and see what they say.

If they come back to you and say they can’t stand by their original agreement quit whenever it suits you.

Snowflake9 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:40:16

If you told them about it before you accepted the job they have to honour it. I personally wouldn't work for someone with an attitude like that though.

TheQuaffle Sat 31-Aug-19 18:40:38

I would just quit. She sounds like a nightmare

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Sat 31-Aug-19 18:41:18

I’d call hr/head office and remind them you informed them of your wedding at interviews. I’m sure they must have cover staff from other locations.
If it’s a department store I’ve often seen say benefit staff serve from the ysl counter etc.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Sat 31-Aug-19 18:42:06

Tbh I'd quit now. If you leave it to the last minute and leave them really up the creek you may get a bad reference.

By all means speak to HR, but I personally don't think it's worth the stress for 15 hours a week.

NoBaggyPants Sat 31-Aug-19 18:42:14

It's not crazy, is it? You started a job without getting your annual leave authorised in writing. That's no one's fault but your own.

You'll have to resign, it's up to you as to when you do it.

BelleSausage Sat 31-Aug-19 18:44:25

This is not your problem. It is her problem. She is the manager. HR have already agreed the holiday.

Just quit. It sounds badly run. This won’t be your last problem!

elvis86 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:45:43

You were clear from the beginning that you'd need the time off.

I'd pursue that as far as is reasonable. If they refuse to budge then I'd resign at the latest possibly point. Why make it easy for them?

Surely jobs like that are ten-a-penny if you've an ounce of intelligence and some experience.

Enjoy your wedding!

Dylaninthemovies1 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:45:56

Honestly, I’d just quit

Darkstar4855 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:46:58

Talk to HR. Do you have any evidence that they agreed it e.g. e-mails?

Lazypuppy Sat 31-Aug-19 18:47:21

They have to honour it, its not up to the manager

Boom45 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:47:50

Its not a career for you so just quit. You don't need a job like that and working for a manager who is so deluded she thinks getting married and going on honeymoon shows lack of commitment will always be a nightmare

Notthetoothfairy Sat 31-Aug-19 18:47:56

I would speak to HR and, as other PPs have said, give notice if they don’t stand by their agreement.

justonecottonpickingminute Sat 31-Aug-19 18:48:49

They sound like cunts. Say nothing more and go off 'sick'?

ShiftHappens Sat 31-Aug-19 18:49:04

doesn't look like a role you could not get elsewhere. Unless you really depend on the money (doesn't sound like it), I would leave immediately and not even bother with a notice.

AryaStarkWolf Sat 31-Aug-19 18:49:12

I cant believe she thought you were serious when you said you would change your wedding date 😂

sunshinesupermum Sat 31-Aug-19 18:49:23

Resign. Your wedding is more important than this.

Biggobyboo Sat 31-Aug-19 18:51:10

I have the email back from HR before I started the job confirming my annual leave was okay.

I rang HR and they said someone will come back to me.

I don’t need them for a reference and wouldn’t put the job on my CV. It’s very different to the jobs I used to do. I’m glad I tried it but it’s not something to be made into a long term career. Most of the customers are very nice but it’s quite a boring job on my feet all day and lots of cleaning the counter as there is nothing else to do. The pay is low so I’m not too bothered about leaving. Just feel awkward!

BEDinhalfanhour Sat 31-Aug-19 18:52:03

I would quit now as well.

Some places are advertising for Xmas staff already.

tryingtobebetterallthetime Sat 31-Aug-19 18:52:30

I cannot believe a "manager" would act like this. Atrocious. I agree, just quit.

Boom45 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:53:29

Also, there's a breed of manager that dislikes people doing the job they've made their career part-time while they study or train for something else - they take it as an insult to their life choices. I worked at a supermarket when I was doing my A levels and some of the supervisors were like this, they made sure I was rotated on whenever I had an exam just so they could yell at me about being "difficult" - I got told I would lose my job if I went to my chemistry exam, so I walked out mid shift, fuck that.

bamboocat Sat 31-Aug-19 18:54:04

I'd just leave a resignation letter of the counter, walk out and not bother going back.

EnglishRose13 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:56:14

I'm surprised you didn't just laugh and walk out when she suggested you move your wedding!

TatianaLarina Sat 31-Aug-19 18:56:46

I’d tell her she’s damn right you have no brand loyalty as you’re doing the job for pin money during a Masters.

She has two choices: either give you time off for your wedding or you resign now.

HillRunner Sat 31-Aug-19 18:57:48

See what HR say, but If they're arsey about it, start looking for another job and leave ASAP.

GreyGardens88 Sat 31-Aug-19 18:58:17

I can't believe she said you're not a team player for not wanting to re-arrange your own wedding..fuck off. She sounds like a terrible manager. I would quit now and tell the HR why and also discuss the managers attitude!

BumbleBeee69 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:00:32

Resign and leave now OP, enjoy the days building up to your Wedding Day. flowers

However, I would write clearly, in fine detail, your reasons for leaving and exactly how your line Manager responded to your authorised leave, and how you were treated following that conversation.

I hope your Wedding goes well flowers

scoobydoo1971 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:00:50

Why not go on sick leave...lets face it, weddings are stressful anyway! If they dismiss you as a result, it is not a disaster as this is just a student job anyway. You may want to leave and find alternative employment anyway as the manager sounds like a control freak.

Pardonwhat Sat 31-Aug-19 19:00:52

Gosh. How powerful is she hey!? How impressive. Go to HR. What a cow!

Ilikethisone Sat 31-Aug-19 19:01:19

Fuck that. I wouldn't even go back.

Biggobyboo Sat 31-Aug-19 19:01:32

I’m meant to be working on my own tomorrow as it’s Sunday but I don’t want to go in!

Boom45 - yes, I’ve noticed that a lot of the old school store staff are funny with me because I’m a student. When they ask what I’ve done before they make faces at each other when I tell them. One of the ladies at another counter said “so what are you doing here then if you have a fancy degree?” I thought I had been really breezy and smiley when I said “oh I used to do xyz but I’ve taken some time out to go back to university” but they don’t seem to like that.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sat 31-Aug-19 19:01:52

I'd just quit. I know that weddings are important to everyone, but no decent company would expect an employee to face financial difficulties due to bad planning.

gilliansgardenbench Sat 31-Aug-19 19:01:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cryalot2 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:02:01

She is asking you to rearrange your wedding! She was way out of order.
Do what makes you happy and enjoy your day.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sat 31-Aug-19 19:02:55

*arent important.

gilliansgardenbench Sat 31-Aug-19 19:03:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babynut1 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:03:07

I’d resign at the time that’s going to cause them the most inconvenience 😁

gilliansgardenbench Sat 31-Aug-19 19:06:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Biggobyboo Sat 31-Aug-19 19:07:29

Thanks for the nice comments, I was honestly expecting someone to say I was being unreasonable and my minimum wage job should comes first. Or how will I ever make counter manager if I’m not a team player.

Not that there is anything wrong with working retail or any job but the expectation from the manager that I sacrifice my wedding to sell moisturiser and lipstick in a shop!

Luckily we don’t need the money. I do have a couple of interviews for part time jobs at a university coming up which should be more suited to me. I’m studying via the Open University so I don’t get out of the house much!

londonrach Sat 31-Aug-19 19:08:42

Some things are more resign. Go through hr first and tell them reasons re leave. Id be think job as manager sounds 👹

Biggobyboo Sat 31-Aug-19 19:09:35

Would I be totally unreasonable to not go in tomorrow and just to never go back again?!

Sceptre86 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:09:39

Leave now, really not your fault. The other assistant should just do her paid hours and no more. The store manager can look at pulling staff from other beauty counters to cover or even other stores. If you don't need them for your cv reference I would walk away now.

Alsohuman Sat 31-Aug-19 19:10:41

Tell the manager to stick her lipstick up her arse and leave. Ridiculous people.

Littlemeadow123 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:11:17

You don't owe them anything. Get out of there as soon as possible. Make sure that you email head office and explain fully why you are leaving.

Aridane Sat 31-Aug-19 19:11:22

I wouldn't resign - sounds a nice just job! See what HR can sort out

Nanny0gg Sat 31-Aug-19 19:11:37

I'd certainly not be going in tomorrow!

PotatoShape Sat 31-Aug-19 19:12:39

Go in, quit, and then ask to be made up as you are considering using their brand for your wedding make up.

gilliansgardenbench Sat 31-Aug-19 19:15:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sorrysorrysosorry Sat 31-Aug-19 19:16:01

Would I be totally unreasonable to not go in tomorrow and just to never go back again?!

Would be a bit crap to leave your colleague in the shit but totally up to you.
Could you not email the area manager of the brand and explain about the wedding, just so they can go and bollock the crap manager and get something in place for remaining staff rather than any other reason.

I’ve had the misfortune to work for managers like that and it’s great you can walk away and not have to worry but, other workers still have their mortgages to pay, and may not be so lucky to walk into another job. I’d contact higher up if I were you just for your colleague.

Pat123dev Sat 31-Aug-19 19:16:06

Quit, enjoy the moment of saying, I don’t need this crap in my life! And then look forward to your wedding!

Di11y Sat 31-Aug-19 19:16:17

No, go in tomorrow, just don't be that person to leave on such a bad note. and it sounds like your manager would have to sort something out as hr have agreed it, so personally I'd stay til your wedding and just not turn up as agreed with Hr

Mouikey Sat 31-Aug-19 19:16:22

Many moons ago I took a Sunday job in retail to help with a credit card bill (already worked full time). I worked as a manager and between the assistant and I we significantly improved on sales from before I started.

I’d been there for a while when I was invited to my (then) Boyfriends sisters wedding... in Japan, at Christmas. I let the interim manager know that I couldn’t work the holiday period and was told that it wouldn’t be possible to take time off then. I get it was a busy time but I had given them a significant amount of notice!

The way I was spoken to was amazing. It took seconds to think about what I would do. The wedding was amazing!!!!

Strangely enough when I handed my notice in (I wasn’t an arse about it, but did it so they had lots of time to find a replacement), I was asked if I would stay on if they gave me the leave!!! I said no, for no other reason than the way I was spoken to when I had the initial discussion. The interim manager actually left before I did!

Horehound Sat 31-Aug-19 19:19:39

There is no way I'd be going in tomorrow!
Enjoy your wedding, op!!

NewMum54321 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:23:08

Would I be totally unreasonable to not go in tomorrow and just to never go back again?!

I don’t think so; it’s not the nicest thing to do but companies that treat their employees like crap don’t deserve a lot better!

Ilikethisone Sat 31-Aug-19 19:30:53

@Di11y that's dropping them in the shit even more.

She would be best telling them shevis taking it and it's tough or handing in her notice.

travellersglitch Sat 31-Aug-19 19:33:43

How much notice do you need to give? I'd go in tomorrow and email your notice.

bamboocat Sat 31-Aug-19 19:34:07

If you are on your own tomorrow, then perhaps do that shift and then leave.

BigFatLiar Sat 31-Aug-19 19:35:31

Its all in your hands. I'd wait till I heard back from HR after all you're still being paid and if the response isn't positive you can still leave. At least you have the chance to be out talking to other people for a while which must be good if you're stuck inside doing your studies most of the time. If they don't sort your leave or if it causes problems just leave and find some other PT work when you get back.

Cherrysoup Sat 31-Aug-19 19:35:56

I’d work my week’s notice then go, but definitely tell HR what your manager has said. She’s being a bit batshit if HR already authorised the time off.

Purpleartichoke Sat 31-Aug-19 19:38:25

Is just keep working as long as you want to earn that extra money. If they make you quit over your wedding, oh well. You have made your situation known. It’s not your responsibility to make sure there is counter coverage.

amysara24 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:38:58

It might depend on the company, but I was in a similar position of having a part time job to keep me busy through uni and got married on NYE just past. That week is a “red week” at my (now previous) employer and so no one, not even managers are allowed to book AL. I was told that not only are a company legally obliged to give you your wedding day off, but they have to pay you an extra days AL for it! Definitely don’t back down, she sounds like a jobsworth who doesn’t want to be told she can’t take her own holiday!!!

TokyoSushi Sat 31-Aug-19 19:41:17

Just resign

transformandriseup Sat 31-Aug-19 19:44:35

I cant believe she thought you were serious when you said you would change your wedding date 😂

I can believe this as it happened to me too. My wedding and time off had been booked for eight months and with less than a month to go I was asked if I could change the date. I told my work it was impossible and they said I was being difficult. They made me “redundant” a few weeks after the wedding. They also asked me several times if we would be trying for a baby as soon as we were married.

KangaAndRooAndOwl Sat 31-Aug-19 19:45:10

Go in, write FUCK YOU on the make up counter in red lipstick...then leave 💋

Hecateh Sat 31-Aug-19 19:48:16

What is really sad about this is not the OP as this is a part time stop gap to her.
What is a big issue is that this kind of bullying goes on all the time with staff that don't (easily) have the option of walking out and crap managers like this can dictate.
They can't legally dictate in this situation as previously booked holidays have to be honoured but in general.
I worked a retail job in a shoe shop, I only did it for a month as, luckily, I got a better offer. The manager there was actually great but the assistant manager kept asking me if I should make notes and 'reminding' me that there was a lot more to the job than there seemed to be, there wasn't. Although on minimum wage we were expected to be there and ready to work 5 minutes before beginning of shift and frequently expected to stay up to 10 mins at the end of a late shift if all the customers hadn't left.
My daughter also worked briefly in a similar job and a women that was mugged on her way to work was told she had to either make the hours up or have her pay docked.
It's appalling how some staff, frequently the lowest paid, are treated.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Sat 31-Aug-19 19:48:20

I would turn up for work tomorrow if it were me, purely because I wouldn't want to leave a colleague (who has done nothing wrong and wasn't involved in any of the holiday/wedding palava) in the shit. But I'd be typing up my resignation letter tonight and leaving it on the counter before I left for my shift tomorrow. Or better still resign over email tonight so tomorrow's shift counts as part of your weeks notice.

Mary1935 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:51:08

She’s a cheeky f..... - interesting she’s gone off sick - she’s probably scared they will ask her to cover it. You can just leave - just don’t mention the job on any CV. Good luck.

gilliansgardenbench Sat 31-Aug-19 19:51:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TanyaChix Sat 31-Aug-19 19:55:01

I’d be waving them goodbye as of this evening. You don’t need the reference. Let her learn what happens when they treat staff like utter crap.

TomHagenMakesMyBosomTremble Sat 31-Aug-19 19:55:20

I used to be in retail management and we would have been obliged to honour your leave because it is pre-existing. Might have cursed you behind your back due to the clashes & having to magic up cover, but we'd have honoured your leave, It's not your fault! This is a really exceptional circumstance, too, with a 3-way clash. Shitty planning & booking on their part before your leave is even added to the mix.

I'd put in your notice, do the week & go. A friend of mine walked out of her job in a jewellers after her 9 months of notice for her wedding was considered insufficient and her leave request was denied!

berlinbabylon Sat 31-Aug-19 19:58:50

the expectation from the manager that I sacrifice my wedding to sell moisturiser and lipstick in a shop

It wouldn't matter what job you were doing, obviously your wedding comes first.

I started a new job not long before my wedding and they knew about it long before I started. Once I was there, my boss said something about if there had been a lot of client work I might not have had the time off. I never questioned him on it but did wonder if he was really saying I would have had to cancel my wedding. In hindsight he probably was - he was an arse and I left after six months at the end of my probation.

YouJustDoYou Sat 31-Aug-19 19:59:34

Once, I just didn;t go back in. I'd put in to work all the December work I could as I was desperate for the money (it paid for the fuel etc I needed to see my nan who was in a care home 2 hours away - no one else visited her, so in order to go I needed that extra money. Plus I had food to buy, etc). . I'd double checked with my 21 year old manager 2 months, then 1 month beforehand, that it was still ok to have that time - yes, all ok, I was still allocated those hours. 2 DAYS before I was due to start my Christmas overtime I snuck a look in the book the manager recorded holidays etc in as I had a funny feeling as she'd been talking about her "mate" needing money- she'd bloody gone and rubbed out my name for the days and given all my work days to said mate, and hadn;t told me - I suspected she would've just phoned me the morning I was due to start to say I was no longer needed. So I wrote a letter, and never went back. she was stuck with no one to fill the work after Christmas finished. Haha.

Mummyshark2019 Sat 31-Aug-19 20:00:10

Definitely, I would quit now. Write a formal resignation letter with the reason you're leaving name your manager in that letter and explain she was not willing to grant your leave request. Attach a copy of the email you have saying said holiday was ok. Then fuck them all off. What a horrible person your manager seems like. Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon.

ChristItsAlive Sat 31-Aug-19 20:02:17

Oh dear, you’ve got a stress headache haven’t you OP? Don’t you need to call in sick? Might take some time.


PeevedNiamh Sat 31-Aug-19 20:04:29

I agree with Christitsalive, I expect your horrible manager has caused you lots of stress. I'd pop that in a resignation with immediate effect letter to HR.

GoneToTheDock Sat 31-Aug-19 20:05:47

If you told them about it before you accepted the job they have to honour it.

No this is incorrect. The company can cancel your leave if they want to.

Can my employer cancel a pre-booked holiday?
Yes, your employer can cancel a period of annual leave, which is notice of at least the same length as the period of leave to be cancelled. For example, if you have booked a period of four days’ annual leave, your employer must give at least four days’ notice of cancellation.

Your employer must not cancel a period of annual leave if it means that you are unable to take your full statutory annual leave entitlement in that leave year.

If your employer cancels a period of leave without a clear business reason (and without compensation) which results in you not being able to go on a booked holiday and suffering financial loss, you may have a case for constructive dismissal. You would need to argue that the cancellation is a breach of the implied duty of mutual trust and confidence with your employer.

Cheeseoncrumpets Sat 31-Aug-19 20:06:06

I'd just not go back, but thats just me.

slithytove Sat 31-Aug-19 20:06:41

How recently did you join? You might only need to give immediate notice under your contract.

DoctorSnortles Sat 31-Aug-19 20:10:44

If it was me, I'd go in tomorrow, but hand in my notice at the start of the shift. A day on your feet isn't as tiring when you know you've chucked the cat in amongst the pigeons and won't have to put up with all the fluttering for much longer.

Upanddownandroundagain Sat 31-Aug-19 20:11:43

I’d personally want to hang on and contact HR purely because they need to know what their managers are doing - they can take her to task for this. Then I’d quit in my own time - before the wedding probably, but ideally when the outcome of the other jobs is known. Good luck.

chocpop Sat 31-Aug-19 20:16:30

Hate managers like these. Total pricks.

Honestly, if the job doesn't mean anything to you I'd just try and leave them in the shit. Walk out the day before your wedding and say c ya. Can't believe she had the audacity to encourage you change your wedding date back a few weeks, what a moron.

Don't feel bad, sometimes the only way these people learn is if someone truly lands them in it. If it as no implication on you, then fuck them.

rwalker Sat 31-Aug-19 20:18:25

She's on a power trip you must see this through if not just to PISS her off.
Contact HR they have already said you can have them, then you will have the pleasure of seeing her having to back down to you.
Then leave when you come back tell her you've something better.

Blueoasis Sat 31-Aug-19 20:19:45

I'd wait until the last possible moment to tell her you are quitting.

You told them your prior arrangements. She decided to take you on knowing that, and didn't give a shit. And then had the fucking cheek to say 'rearrange it for a few weeks after my holiday'. Nuh uh. She deserves to be fucked over.

Wait until the week before to quit and if they say you can't, walk out. It's not like you're going to need to go back is it? Means she gets the issue of having to either find someone at short notice, or cancel her holiday. Completely her fault and she deserves it fully.

fandabbyfannyflutters Sat 31-Aug-19 20:21:10

I would just laugh and say 'are you on glue?'

RedTideBlues Sat 31-Aug-19 20:22:47

I would get HR to confirm my holiday dates first. If they stand by them then what happens after isn't your problem. If they refuse the dates then my resignation would be in at the very last minute.

burningwater Sat 31-Aug-19 20:24:21

What @fandabbyfannyflutters said.

It's your wedding, not time for a denitst appointment.

Jobs will come and go. Hopefully this will be your one and only wedding day.

Have a fab day x

BizzzzyBee Sat 31-Aug-19 20:28:51

If the job is tolerable I’d continue to work there and be clear that no, I won’t be cancelling my wedding. And when the wedding arrives you take your holiday as planned. Let them sack you if they want to!

Winterlife Sat 31-Aug-19 20:32:55

I would wait until I hear back from HR. I would give them some notice either way, say, a week.

billy1966 Sat 31-Aug-19 20:34:31

As you don't wish to return, I would email them this evening, telling them that due to the general unpleasantness of the atmosphere and attitude of the manager requesting you to change your wedding date, when it had been cleared at interview stage, you will not be returning to the job.

Finish it with remarking how disappointed you were with your treatment while employedand the attitude of your manager.

Strawberry72 Sat 31-Aug-19 20:34:58

Tell them to pi* oFF and walk!

KickOffTheSundayShoes Sat 31-Aug-19 20:38:59

Don't go in tomorrow if it's making you unhappy. You don't owe them anything- they should learn how to treat their staff decently.

Phone in sick with a headache and/or a letter of resignation with immediate effect.

MindyStClaire Sat 31-Aug-19 20:50:37

HR will sort it I'm sure, they'll arrange cover from another branch. But I wouldn't want to work under that manager and you have plenty of other options, so quit.

However, other people don't have the luxury of being able to leave, and they do have to work under that manager. So I'd work your notice, be the model employee and make sure HR know, in writing, why you're leaving and what the manager expected of you.

mathanxiety Sat 31-Aug-19 20:53:35

When are you next being paid?

Make payday your last day. Send them an email with your resignation effective immediately from the time you deposit your cheque at the end of that day.

LightsInOtherPeoplesHouses Sat 31-Aug-19 20:56:24

I've worked in retail and experienced exactly this sort of thing. Right down to comments on lack of commitment. It won't get better so leave if you don't need the money.

LightsInOtherPeoplesHouses Sat 31-Aug-19 21:00:03

Would I be totally unreasonable to not go in tomorrow and just to never go back again?!

Happened all the time where I worked. Some people wouldn't make it through the first day. Would go for lunch and we'd never see them again .

BlueJava Sat 31-Aug-19 21:00:31

Either ensure HR are onside and give you the time off, or walk out if they get difficult. I wouldn't give them a second thought.

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