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To have gone to sleep with the DC?

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AveAtqueVale Mon 26-Aug-19 00:19:17

Was just drifting off to sleep when I felt something tickling my shoulder. Switched phone on to see what it was and was one of those absolutely epic house spiders about two inches from my nose. I swear I could see all its eyes. I shrieked and tossed myself (and it) out of bed and it disappeared underneath. DH is on a night shift and even if he was here I don't suppose he'd be up for emptying our entire superking ottoman base full of crap in order to move the bed and try to catch it for defenestration purposes. So I've gone to sleep in DS2's bed blush. He is slightly larger than the spider to share with but at least he's only got four limbs. Even if they are all currently wrapped around me like an overfriendly octopus.

Now just debating whether I should warn DH so he can head straight for the top bunk with DS1 when he gets in at 5.30, or just let him live in blissful ignorance...

chickenyhead Mon 26-Aug-19 00:22:33

Get the kids out.

Burn the house down!!!!

BananasAreTheSourceOfEvil Mon 26-Aug-19 00:36:54

See how you feel at 5.30 but at this point, its every man for himself.

MoaningMinnie1 Mon 26-Aug-19 00:37:24

You did the right thing. A pity you don't know where the spider is hiding.
I use a spider deterrent spray.

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 26-Aug-19 00:38:36

Go to sleep x

Katzia Mon 26-Aug-19 00:57:40

Get used to it. Spiders start coming indoors at this time of year, looking for a mate. Our house is full of them. Most spiders in UK are harmless. Even the dreaded false widow won't bite unless aggravated, although she has a nasty nip, but not life threatening. As I said we got loads of spiders, even false widows. Today in this great heat I counted about 20, of those 6 false widows, hanging on our conservatory rafter enjoying the sunshine. Learn to love them. I used to be terrified in my younger days, now I don't care. They don't bother me, I don't bother them.

user1473878824 Mon 26-Aug-19 00:58:28

Leave the eight legged bastard. Log it. Move.

user1473878824 Mon 26-Aug-19 00:59:51

@Katzia slightly scared that you think a spider looking for a good time and eight-eyeing you up isn’t worrying.

catherinesmith1974 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:00:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

cheeseislife8 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:01:58

You have to move house. Immediately.

73Sunglasslover Mon 26-Aug-19 01:02:05

oh my god. There is a spider repellent spray? Where???? How can I order a truck load?????

FairyDust92 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:04:17

My partner is a wimp when it comes to spiders! I'm the one that has to remove them. They don't bother me but my partner bothers me when he whinges because he has seen one... 🙄

TimeWastingButFun Mon 26-Aug-19 01:04:50

Spray peppermint about, it deters them.

CheshireChat Mon 26-Aug-19 01:14:20

Why is it spider season already sad?!

Not to mention we had a mozzie the size of my hand without the top phalanx fly in tonight, only realised when I was about to squish it and thought again!

IsobelRae23 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:16:52

Poor spider you probably scared the shit out of him and he’s hiding. He’s not going to do anything to you. Get back in your own bed, he won’t go near you now.

karenbokaren Mon 26-Aug-19 01:22:19

"Spiders won't hurt you".

Fuck off and die.

Where I live we have some weird, bastard hybrid of the wolf spider that are as big as dinner plates. I haven't seen one yet but when I do I'll probably leave and never come back. envyangrysad

karenbokaren Mon 26-Aug-19 01:23:57

He so will go near her.

I had one of those huge cunts (woke me up with his FOOTSTEPS ON MY DUVET) and he kept coming back on to the bed every night. I'd wake up with him sat looking at me by my face.

I finally left and made a friend move in until he's got rid of it.

MissPollyHadADolly19 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:26:42

Should have trigger warning in the title shock bloody hate spiders!!
I have been dabbing olbas oil around my bed (apparently it deters them, I also have a craving for the smell) - I'm too heavily pregnant to just jump anywhere so will now douse the whole friggin bed in the stuff to make sure I'm spider free!!
Hate this time of year.

Katzia Mon 26-Aug-19 01:29:31

user1473878824 I'm in UK. Spiders here are not dangerous. Maybe if I was in Australia etc I'd think differently.

StudentHelp Mon 26-Aug-19 01:33:07

Got bitten by a spider a few nights ago on the face. Was never scared of them and I’m now terrified it’ll come back

1forAll74 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:34:40

Have you got one of those little fake plastic spiders? if so, put it on the floor,maybe near a skirting board,.then the real spider will see it,and go and try and mate with it,and keep out of your way, Spiders are very quiet,so they won't wake you up with any sex noises!

karenbokaren Mon 26-Aug-19 01:36:34

I got bitten by one this year and it turned in to cellulitis and then sepsis. I was nearly helicoptered to hospital.

Just a normal, tiny spider.

Fuck them.

Fuck them all.

user1473878824 Mon 26-Aug-19 01:38:36

@Katzia I was being lighthearted but god forbid that isn’t spelt out to people who think unless you set a place for spiders’ at supper you’re being unreasonable 🙄

karenbokaren Mon 26-Aug-19 01:40:33

@Katzia do you understand what a phobia is? There is no way in hell I could 'learn to love them'. hmm

sobeyondthehills Mon 26-Aug-19 01:43:50

Get conkers.

Old housewife tale, but it might work.

You will just have to live in a hotel till September, but that is not too far away

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