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AIBU to hate my daughter for rejecting her university offer?

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Cherrypea Fri 23-Aug-19 17:20:48

The last 3 years of our life have revolved around my daughter’s wish to go to university. She's has loads of anxiety and friendship issues, left 6th form to finish her A levels at college, went back to 6th form, missed loads of school, I've had constant negotiations with her teachers as her attendance was so poor, decorated her bedroom with new furniture so she'd have a nice environment to study in, tiptoed around the house as she's noise adverse, I took the little ones away in May half term so she could have peace and quiet and in the few months leading up to the A levels spent probably £2k on private tutors.
She got good results and accepted at number 1 University.
She doesn't want to go. She says she is not ready, needs to save more money and will go next year. She can't defer so has no guarantee of a place next year as she was under the grades they required.
I know she's anxious and have obviously tried talking to her but she gets annoyed and irrational.
I'm so annoyed, I've invested so much of myself in this, mentally it's almost killed me and now I can bearly bring myself to talk to her....

AmIThough Fri 23-Aug-19 17:22:51

Yes YABU for 'hating' your teenage daughter for wanting to protect her own mental health.

Don't force anything. Just talk to her sensibly, calmly and logically.

Did she wait til results day before telling you she didn't want to go?

Troubledee Fri 23-Aug-19 17:23:00

Do you really hate her?

VLCDoingIt Fri 23-Aug-19 17:23:15

Hate is a horrible word.

Has she seen her GP about her anxiety?

SnugStars Fri 23-Aug-19 17:23:57

Oh dear, I sympathise, I think I’d be extremely frustrated and upset. I think hate’s a strong word though! She’s bound to get a place somewhere next year & at her age I guess you have to accept it’s her decision to make.

blondiehip Fri 23-Aug-19 17:24:11

Your anger will eventually subside. You won't feel like this forever, no matter how intense you feel about the situation right now.
It might be a good idea to sit down with her and draw up all the pros and cons or going this year or next year. It might give you both a chance to rationalise the situation and see it from both point of views.

thedancingbear Fri 23-Aug-19 17:24:12

Hate? Fuck me.

edwinbear Fri 23-Aug-19 17:24:49

YANBU to feel angry, disappointed, worried and frustrated. Has she actually rejected it yet?

Theimpossiblegirl Fri 23-Aug-19 17:24:59

Be upset and frustrated, yes. But hate? That's a bit strong.

herculepoirot2 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:25:08

You ‘hate’ her for making the educational choice that feels right to her? Wow.

Hairyheadphones Fri 23-Aug-19 17:25:16

It sounds like the last three years have exhausted you, I imagine your DD feels the same and needs a break.

thedancingbear Fri 23-Aug-19 17:25:35

I deferred for a year, for a few reasons, but two of the main ones were not feeling quite ready and wanting to save up a few quid (I had a steady full time job). In hindsight it was a really good decision.

FinallyMrsE Fri 23-Aug-19 17:25:41

I don’t think you’re unreasonable for being upset and annoyed but I do think if she not ready then her going would just make things worse, she would be likely to quit and have student loans to repay and accommodation to cover.

I think you need to take a break and have a few days to calm down and have a full and frank conversation so she can fully understand what you have done for her and what your expectations are for the coming year.

I do feel for you, I can absolutely understand the frustration.

stucknoue Fri 23-Aug-19 17:25:41

Let her work for a year (not sit at home watching box sets) it really helps them grow up and when they get to university they work harder. A year working at McDonald's means my dd knows exactly how hard the real world of work is. She paid for her fees for the first year with her earnings. Applying with grades means universities will accept on a lower offer, dd was down 3 grades in one subject

sue51 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:26:07

YABU. She has anxiety and could do without you hating her.

Finfintytint Fri 23-Aug-19 17:26:20

She is sending you a very clear message that she is not ready emotionally which must have taken a lot of guts to admit bearing in mind the efforts you have all put in.
Would going a year later be so bad?

LaurieFairyCake Fri 23-Aug-19 17:26:39

Say nothing for 3 weeks insisting it's entirely up to her

And I mean nothing at all about it

Bet she goes. If she doesn't she can get a job.

Yes it's really annoying thanks

Frangipane Fri 23-Aug-19 17:27:09

Why can't she defer? Are you absolutely sure of this, i.e. has she rung up and asked someone? I can understand your frustration but her health and happiness is more important than her taking this place.

Boyskeepswinging Fri 23-Aug-19 17:27:11

Just to clarify, was it her pushing to do this particular course at this particular uni? Did she push for the redecoration of the room and the house being made silent for her revision? Was it her who wanted the college/sixth form changes? It's just difficult to tell from your post if it was her or you doing the pushing and that's crucial.

CuriousaboutSamphire Fri 23-Aug-19 17:27:16

No, YANBU to be annoyed, upset and disappointed. If that fleetingly feels like hating her for throwing away a golden opportunity to then that's what it feet like. You're human...

But you are going to have to let it go and work out how to talk it through, to be certain she won't regret it the second she pushes the reject button, and again next year when she can't get the same place.

Good luck managing both your disappointment and her fears.

TheRealShatParp Fri 23-Aug-19 17:30:01

I don’t blame you for resenting your daughter, but hate?

Cantthinkofanythingrightnow Fri 23-Aug-19 17:30:09

Ok hate isn't the right word but I can imagine I'd be extremely frustrated.

Is she on meds for her anxiety?

She's an adult now and whether she goes to Uni or not is her decision. But letting her live with you is yours. If you really feel strongly about this you could tell her she has to go to Uni or move out.

pennypineapple Fri 23-Aug-19 17:30:37

I totally get what you mean by "hate" and can understand why it feels like that right now. I get that you don't actually hate her.

I'd agree with a PP, say nothing about it and you might well find she goes.

Tink88 Fri 23-Aug-19 17:33:24

Hate? Hate for a university place? My husband was told by his dad he hates him for christening his own child I can't even imagine saying hate in the same sentence as my child. Your disgusting for even thinking that

Topseyt Fri 23-Aug-19 17:34:00

You are being very unreasonable to hate her for it.

If she doesn't want to go and would prefer to look for work instead then what is the issue?

It is a big transition. If she isn't ready and wants to do something else instead then let her. Don't hate her for it. It sounds as though you are trying to force her into academia. Is that what she wants?

She sounds confused and in need of support, and by support I don't simply mean tutoring her to death. I mean ensuring that she feels free and supported to make her own choices without judgement or criticism from you. That whatever happens you are her parent and will always be there for her. That the world will not stop turning whether or not she decides on academia.

She is the one who will have to live with the choice, and the potential debt that usually comes with it if she goes to uni.

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