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Is it weird to wash your hair every day?

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Birdtablegreen Fri 23-Aug-19 06:54:01

I know it’s meant to be better to wash your hair infrequently - but is it that unusual to wash it every day? I have washed my hair every day for about the last 20 years but am planning to try and cut down.

But I just don’t feel like I’ve washed properly if I leave my hair! I hate feeling it unwashed around my face (even if tied up)

If you do wash yours once a week etc, HOW do you manage to go to work without greasy hair? Does it just stop being greasy? Douse it in dry shampoo? Seriously looking for tips here!

Or AIBU to think I should just keep washing it every morning?

EmrysAtticus Fri 23-Aug-19 06:57:04

It will eventually stop getting greasy between washes but you will have an uncomfortable stage where it does. I achieved it accidentally when DS was a newborn. Basically when he was tiny with colic and reflux I only managed once or twice a week and as I wasn't really going out anywhere other than lonely walks along the canal with a screaming baby it didn't matter and my hair adjusted without it bothering me. Not sure I would have achieved it if going into work etc though. Going to every other day should be very possible though.

Scottishgirl85 Fri 23-Aug-19 06:58:22

I wash mine everyday without fail, even after both my c-sections I've been desperate to wash it even though I could barely stand! I'd love to cut down but know I never will. Apparently if you cut down your hair will begin to self-clean a bit between washes and won't be too bad...

Cordial11 Fri 23-Aug-19 06:59:13

I love my hair freshy washed, it looks the best same day and will only wear it down fresh. But I can’t be bothered blowdrying everyday so tie up for 2/3 more days and use dry shampoo; spray in batiste and blowdry blast through!

Freesunglasses Fri 23-Aug-19 07:00:16

I never wash it everyday as it isn't good for it (according to my mum) I'm Lucky that mine ever gets greasy. I once spent two weeks in hospital unable to wash it and even then it wasn't too bad.

Apparently if you leave it long enough it'll wash itself.

Northernsoullover Fri 23-Aug-19 07:01:43

I wash my hair daily. Its a big slick of grease if I don't. I'm 47 and grew up with just a bath, no shower. Believe me I've tried it all. No conditioner, conditioner on the ends only, leaving longer between washes to see if it corrects its balance hmm. Dry shampoo does work but triggered an itchy scalp. The only thing to help greasy hair is to bloody wash it!

WineOrGin Fri 23-Aug-19 07:01:45

I really enjoy washing my hair. I find it weird to have a shower without washing it. I used to wash it every day without fail, but I've tried to cut down to every other day recently and I have noticed it doesn't get greasy now on the days when I don't wash it.

I don't think it's an issue to wash it every day though if that's what yoh like to do

autumnleaves15 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:02:38

I used to wash mine every day years ago and now I only was it every 3rd or 4th day and very rarely use dry shampoo.

I had to 'train' it over quite a few months. Just tell yourself you're going to do it every second day and wear it tied back and deal with it. Over time your scalp adjusts and 2 days will be fine. Then you can go for a third day.

My colleagues and I had this discussion through the week and people couldn't believe my hair was on its 3rd day because it was still shiny and clean looking. Stick it out and you'll save yourself a lot of time and end up with healthier hair!

user1493413286 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:02:57

I wash mine every day; my hair is so fine and oily that if I don’t it looks greasy or just dull and flat

ParadiseLaundry Fri 23-Aug-19 07:02:58

My hair is curly and doesn't really get greasy, that seems to be the case with a lot of people with curly hair. I only wash it once a week, blow dry it smooth with a curl at the end and carefully tie it up at night to maintain the shape. At the end of the week it just gets a bit flat looking on top.

When I was pregnant my hair got very dry so I could easily go two weeks although the ends were starting to look a bit ropey at the end of two weeks!

RedSheep73 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:03:23

I wash it every day and if I miss a day by lunchtime it's very noticeably greasy. No waybI'm cutting down, like you I can't bear the feel of it. It doesn't make any difference if it's tied up or not, it's the scalp and roots that are the problem.

BeanBag7 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:03:27

I wash mine every day because it's really fine and gets greasy so quickly. Even if I wash the night before it feels gross come morning. If you're showering anyway it doesn't take much more effort/ water to also wash your hair.

TroysMammy Fri 23-Aug-19 07:05:04

I wash mine every day unless I'm having a slob day. I've just switched to a shampoo bar and hope I may not have to wash it as often. However with a cows lick and being menopausal I don't think I'm going to achieve it.

Birdtablegreen Fri 23-Aug-19 07:05:05

I wasn’t expecting so many people to feel the same as me!! I do have very fine fair so it does look greasy very quickly.

When people say it is bad for you to wash it every day, why is that exactly?

tryingtobebetterallthetime Fri 23-Aug-19 07:06:54

My hair is very fine and straight. If I don't wash it every day it becomes greasy and limp. It does not improve with training. It just clings to my scalp looking, in a word, yuck.

StarlingsInSummer Fri 23-Aug-19 07:09:07

I wash mine every day. It's fine and goes greasy if I don't. It's it just the grease though, it's the thought of my own hands touching it throughout the day after touching the various dirty everyday things like money, door handles, our cats etc. And when DS was small, he constantly played it with his mucky mitts.

When I was doing my PhD, I used to wash it every other day because I worked from my home office and no-one saw me! It never 'adjusted' though, it was just really oily by the second afternoon! Gross. And my skin was far more spotty - possibly because I was younger but I'm sure also due to my greasy hair being against it.

BobbinThreadbare123 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:09:33

I wash mine every day. Never dried or straightened it though, so it's in good nick. Its not about the hair, it's about having a clean scalp and a fresh feeling. I know someone who washes (admittedly very long) her hair maybe twice a week, but she sweats at the gym 4 times a week! Ick!
I think dry shampoo is gross.

StarlingsInSummer Fri 23-Aug-19 07:09:46

*it's NOT just the grease, I mean

BobbinThreadbare123 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:10:22

Also, think of your pillows! Yerrch!

icecreamsundae32 Fri 23-Aug-19 07:12:07

I wash mine most days. Sometimes I'll go two if I'm not going anywhere but it feels horrible - I didn't wash it last night and this morning I can feel it's greasy and dry shampoo doesn't do anything for it! My dd is curly so I generally only wash hers once a week - unless she's got food in it, hopefully it stays like that for her as she gets older.

Washing every day strips the natural oils.

CassianAndor Fri 23-Aug-19 07:12:10

It strips the hair of its natural oils - though I guess if you have too much of that, that’s no good either.

I have curly hair so I wash it every 2-3 days and just wet it in the shower in between to bring the curls back each morning.

apostropheuse Fri 23-Aug-19 07:12:18

I have fine straight hair too and I wash mine every day. I love the fresh feeling every morning. Blow drying it with a little mousse and hairspray gives it body.

StarlingsInSummer Fri 23-Aug-19 07:12:22

And food smells cling to my hair when I've been cooking. Love having it freshly washed. Ironically, it looks best on the second morning! But by afternoon it's chip-pan time.

ThePolishWombat Fri 23-Aug-19 07:12:34

It’s not good for your hair to be washed everyday because washing strips naturally occurring oils from the hair and scalp. Same as with your skin, it needs a certain amount of natural oils to keep it healthy and supple. By stripping those oils away, your scalp panics and over-produces more oil to replace the oil that’s been stripped from it - which in turn makes your hair feel greasy and in need of another wash!
When I was in the military, we had limited water supply while deployed to the middle of the desert. Showers had to be rationed, so mostly we got by washing with bowls of water and flannels - which left little room for actual hair washing. I’d been told in the past that if you went a certain amount of time (a few weeks) without washing your hair, it sort of naturally “washes” itself with its own natural oils. I called bullshit on that, but I actually found out in Afghanistan that it’s very true!! My hair was in great condition by the time I came home! I probably only properly washed my hair about 5 or 6 times during that 6 months - and a few of those were while I was home on my 2 weeks R&R!

Idontwanttotalk Fri 23-Aug-19 07:14:06

While many people wash their hair every day it is considered bad because over washing the hair can cause the scalp to become drier and therefore produce more oil to compensate. Washing less often can actually help your hair to become less oily over time.

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