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Help !!

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mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 03:35:35

Currently on holiday with DP, 2 step daughters age 6&7 and our 15 month old. We only arrived yesterday afternoon and when the kids settled down DP went for a walk around (this is normal we do it every holiday)

This was about 11:45pm and it's now half 4 in the morning! His phone was dead before he left and I've been cat napping hoping I am hearing him in the corridor of the hotel but nothing!

The kids will be awake in a few hours and he would never / has never done this before! I'm so worried and want to ring the police.

Help? I'm thinking the worst and getting myself in a state of how I'm gonna tell the girls I don't know where Daddy is 😭

Alicewond Fri 23-Aug-19 03:39:39

Where are you on holiday? If you don’t want to ring the police then ring the reception and tell them he’s missing. They will know what to do. I’m so sorry

Mummyshark2019 Fri 23-Aug-19 03:45:57

Let reception know. If it is out of character then it is warranted. Where on holiday are you?

puttingitalloutandabout Fri 23-Aug-19 03:46:56

Phone reception and see if the bar is still open and see if he's there?

Alicewond Fri 23-Aug-19 03:48:46

Please update us if he comes home

mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 03:48:44

We're in Mallorca. I will try reception now

mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 03:52:16

Reception is ringing out! He's got the room key and I am not comfortable going downstairs and leaving the kids in bed. I'm full of anxiety just praying he's going to walk through the door

Alicewond Fri 23-Aug-19 03:53:41

Here for you x

MyOtherProfile Fri 23-Aug-19 03:55:17

How scary. Keep trying reception.

mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 03:55:41

@Alicewond thank you 😞 I've tried to call both of our parents to ask for advice but obviously it's only 3:55am and they're asleep so Mumsnet is my only saviour right now 😭😭😭

Lulu1919 Fri 23-Aug-19 03:57:48

No advice but I’m up ...can’t sleep in uk
Thinking about you

mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 04:00:05

Is it normal I can't stop thinking he's in a ditch somewhere 😳 holding back the tears as need to be strong for the girls in the morning but I am so worried

Alicewond Fri 23-Aug-19 04:03:53

I would be thinking the same as you, maybe irrational but scared, hopefully wrong

Peakypolly Fri 23-Aug-19 04:13:11

I just got back from Mallorca and, where we were, it seems a pretty safe place.
Is DP the sort to get chatting to someone and lose track of time? Or even fall asleep slumped over a drink? I know I have after a busy day.
Of course will be thinking the worst, we always do in the early hours, but he is a grown up and all you can do wait until sunrise and reassess the situation then.
Thinking of you flowers

mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 04:16:24

Thanks for all the replies. I think I'm so worried because he's like a man child, he wouldn't know his own name if I didn't have to say to him all the time! I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know what the hotel is called, never mind find his way back if he's lost ☹️

Whataliberty Fri 23-Aug-19 04:19:46

He's probably nodded off on a lounger by the pool or something daft. Or got locked out of hotel. Especially if no one is on reception atm to let him in. Let us know, I can't sleep either (in UK) xx

2018SoFarSoGreat Fri 23-Aug-19 04:20:04

How scary for you. Keep trying reception. Please let him appear soon. Safe and we'll!

mynameisigglepiggle Fri 23-Aug-19 04:20:38

Where was he intending to go for a walk around? Just round the hotel or actually into the town?
Does he have "find me iPhone" or something similar?

Awwlookatmybabyspider Fri 23-Aug-19 04:23:14

Holding your hand. Xx

MemorylikeDory Fri 23-Aug-19 04:23:33

Another non-sleeper here. OP my mind would be doing overtime just like yours.

Try to keep calm and think rational. So much easier said then done.

Has he got his wallet with him? Or his uncharged phone? Also where in Mallorca are you staying? Are there any local bars still open where he could have gone in for a drink?

Hopefully he'll walk in soon wondering what all the fuss is about.

mmmcflurrys Fri 23-Aug-19 04:27:38

We're in Calas De Mallorca, it's quite quiet where we are from what I've seen. He's got his phone with him buts it's been dead since we got off the plane so no luck with find my iPhone.

He went for a walk outside of the hotel so originally thought he ended up in a bar. If it was a holiday just me and him I wouldn't be so worried as I know he can stay out all night if he's had a drink but not when the kids are with us. The thought of them waking up and him not being here would traumatise him he's very hands on and wouldn't even want to wake up hungover for them

Can't believe this is happening

Mummadeeze Fri 23-Aug-19 04:30:52

Try not to worry until the morning. As someone else said, he might be locked out with no phone charge to contact you. You can’t leave the kids to look for him. Try to get some sleep so you have your wits about you tomorrow when you need to find him. Good luck and let us know what happened. Am sure everything will be fine in the end.

Oysterbabe Fri 23-Aug-19 04:40:27

I'm sure he'll turn up soon. Sounds like he's probably forgott which hotel you're in and has probably gone to a bar.

elfies Fri 23-Aug-19 04:40:55

Hope he's simply locked out or can't remember the hotel name .

Alicewond Fri 23-Aug-19 04:42:58

If this is unlike him I would be contacting the police

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