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WIBU to put a note on this car?

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JammyGem Tue 20-Aug-19 15:06:51

Our street is really bad for parking - it's very tight and narrow and difficult to get a space. The last few weeks the same car has parked outside our house. There are no designated spaces or permits, so although it's annoying as it means sometimes we have to park a couple streets over if there's no space, it's just one of those things.

However, this car always parks halfway up onto the pavement. I understand that the street is narrow, and everyone wants to avoid getting their car scratched, but they are the only ones to do this. There is enough room to get the pram past it on the street, but often they park right in front of our gate so there's hardly any room to manoeuvre the pram out of the gate onto the street iyswim. A couple of times I've bumped into their car (thankfully with my body rather than the pram) and I'm worried I'll scratch it. Plus it's just plain annoying.

I could assemble the pram on the street and then carry DD to it, but to be honest I just don't want to do that as it's really inconvenient.

WIBU to put a note on the car? I don't know who it belongs to, or even if they live on this street, as I never seem to catch them. I was thinking something along the lines of: "Hi, please be mindful of how much of the pavement you take up when parking - it makes it difficult to get our pram out of the gate and I'm worried about damaging your car! JammyGem @ [housenumber]"

Is that rude?

ItWentInMyEye Tue 20-Aug-19 15:11:23

YANBU if all other cars park off pavement

Minai Tue 20-Aug-19 15:13:03

Not rude at all, I would leave the note

LoudBatPerson Tue 20-Aug-19 15:13:10

No harm leaving a lot and just explaining they are causing you issues accessing your property.

They might ignore it, but if they are aware of the problem they might be more considerate.

I am presuming you are not in London, which is a shame, as parking in the pavement would get them a ticket unless it's in a specifically marked area. Getting hit in the wallet certainly makes people more considerate.

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Tue 20-Aug-19 15:13:46

YANBU and I don’t think that note sounds rude, it sounds like you’re more considerate than the parker!

Summerunderway Tue 20-Aug-19 15:14:02

I often left notes on our St before our permits came into effect..
Now permits it bloody worse....
Yanbu to point out people park like a twat ime...

fruitbrewhaha Tue 20-Aug-19 15:14:45

I wouldn't put your house number. And a wouldn't be as careful next time.

Flower64 Tue 20-Aug-19 15:17:37

If they don't pack it in then a couple of scratches from your pram should do the trick…...

JammyGem Tue 20-Aug-19 15:18:28

@fruitbrewha I did say to DH this morning that I'm tempted to "accidentally" bump into their car with the pram, but that's a little unfair to do if they don't even realise there's a problem.

I could leave out my door number but it'll be pretty obvious which house we live at!

JammyGem Tue 20-Aug-19 15:18:50

@fruitbrewhaha rather...

JammyGem Tue 20-Aug-19 15:19:40

Also, I knwo no-one asked for a diagram but I spent all of 5 minutes making it, so I'm going to post it anyways grin

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 20-Aug-19 15:20:31

The wording is not the absolute best. "Please be mindful"?

How about "Hi, I can't get the pram around your car when it's on the pavement and am worried I'll damage your car. Could you park off the pavement please? Thanks." No house number. First name?

Deelish75 Tue 20-Aug-19 15:20:40

Leave a note. Hopefully they'll just won't have realised it's causing an obstruction and will be more considerate in the future. If they carry on it might be worth contacting your local councillor about it. Take photographs showing how it's obstructing.

PastTippingPoint Tue 20-Aug-19 15:21:29

I wouldn't bother being careful with your pram! They're obviously not thinking about pedestrians or wheelchair users!

Leave the note, don't say which number you're at though. You could call your council as they may send a parking warden round.

We had a parking issue caused when a new block of flats was built at the top of our road and the parking made it difficult to turn into the street, they reinstated double yellows and spent a few weeks ticketing offenders. Did the job!

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 20-Aug-19 15:22:18

You beautiful diagram is ruined by the scribble 8/10 grin

familycourtq Tue 20-Aug-19 15:24:38

7/10 Note needs to be more passive aggressive (or preferably sweaty)

itswinetime Tue 20-Aug-19 15:25:59

I think leaving a note is absolutely ok! I would just say please stop parking on the pavement as it makes opening the gate and manoeuvring the buggy out!

I wouldn't mention anything about being worried about bumping it as some people would take that as a sarcastic threat if you know what I mean

OnlyLittleMissOrganised Tue 20-Aug-19 15:53:31

I would say Hi, please park on the road if you dont want your car damaged as I cant get the pram out of the gate and I wont be held responsible for damaging your car when you are illegally parked on a pavement. Thanks!

INeedAFlerken Tue 20-Aug-19 15:55:10

I wouldn't mention bumping it with your pram. Just anonymously tell them they're blocking too much of the pavement and people are struggling to get by with their pushchairs and wheelchair users would struggle. And call the council. That way if you do accidentally (ahem) bump it if they continue parking like prats, it won't be your name/address.

chocolatemademefat Tue 20-Aug-19 15:58:12

I like your diagram. The scribble doesn’t spoil it for me. I thought it was illegal to park on pavements but maybe different rules for different places. I’d definitely leave a note and I wouldn’t care if the person responsible knew it was me.

ScrimshawTheSecond Tue 20-Aug-19 15:59:27

Sounds totally reasonable to me.

AdalindMeisner Tue 20-Aug-19 16:00:33

I had this once, but our front door opened straight onto the street and this car made it difficult for me to get out (heavily ptegnant and on crutches) ended up reporting them and they got a parking ticket off the lovely traffic warden. Served them right. I would definitely leave a note.

ChristineTime Tue 20-Aug-19 16:03:15

I'd "accidentally" scratch it to fuck personally.

viques Tue 20-Aug-19 16:04:10

Don't mention your house number or talk a bout your gate. Just say
" You are blocking the pavement for pedestrians, prams, the visually impaired and wheelchairs users. If your car get scratched you have only yourself to blame. Parking enforcement has been informed of your car registration."

Drogosnextwife Tue 20-Aug-19 16:07:56

I would scratch the car.

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