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AIBU not to find this card cute? (Pic included)

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SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 09:58:34

Yes, it’s a first world non-issue really.

However, in the context of our not fantastic relationship atm, which is something I’ve had a bit of help with on the relationships board, I actually find this a bit... depressing.

Thoughts? I am probably overreacting.

Funghi Tue 20-Aug-19 09:59:49

I think it’s great. Where’s it from?

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:00:37

It’s a Gemma Cornell one. Don’t know which shop.

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:00:53


pooopypants Tue 20-Aug-19 10:01:52

Sounds like there's a huge backstory here but I like it, it's funny

If you have issues, probably isn't funny to you

ShirleyPhallus Tue 20-Aug-19 10:02:12

You’re definitely overreacting

DifficultPifcultLemonDifficult Tue 20-Aug-19 10:02:18

I find it quite funny. I think it's quite funny even in the context of going through a rough patch.

It sounds like there's a lot going on for you though, but it sounds like you need to work on those/leave. Taking exception to a jokey card probably isnt the way to go.

dollydaydream114 Tue 20-Aug-19 10:02:50

I think you’re being incredibly over sensitive. It’s just a wry joke, that’s all.

Vasya Tue 20-Aug-19 10:06:04

If you're both acknowledging that your relationship is in a rough spot, is it possible that your partner is acknowledging that in a wry way? If so I think it's actually quite sweet - a way of saying 'things are tough right now but it's still worth sticking it out'.

That is just a stranger's interpretation though - only you know if it's likely it was meant that way.

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:06:44

Tbh, I think it’s a bit grim, even if we were gloriously happy newlyweds. I think it’s the drawing. I don’t know... Clearly I’m the odd one. Maybe one of you guys should be married to do - you’d have a blast grin (JOKING).

littlepeaegg Tue 20-Aug-19 10:06:52

I love her artwork! You can find her cards in Paperchase.

But yes. I think you may be overreacting slightly

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:07:15

*to dh

HiJenny35 Tue 20-Aug-19 10:07:49

Overreaction, actually very sweet, especially if you are having a hard time, telling you he's still there and still loves you.

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:08:50

Maybe vasya. That is a nice way of looking at it, but it wasn’t my first thought. He did explain «it’s because they’re in bed».

Excuse french quote marks!

ginghamtablecloths Tue 20-Aug-19 10:14:46

Being a pedant, shouldn't it be, "I'm not bored with you yet!" ?

As you're in a bad place atm it hit a sensitive note.

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:16:49

grin gingham.

I think it’s just so glaringly not to my taste. Don’t know why. I think it’s the drawing. It’s a bit Oo Matron-y.

IsobelRae23 Tue 20-Aug-19 10:17:03

I think it’s ok. I think it’s reassurances of I’m not going anywhere, because I don’t want

IsobelRae23 Tue 20-Aug-19 10:18:10

@ginghamtablecloths That crossed my mind too!

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:19:33

Maybe that’s it Isobel, but couldn’t he have explained that? Not «it’s cos they’re in bed, see?»

Sometimes I feel like I need a fecking translator grin.

BoomZahramay Tue 20-Aug-19 10:23:20

It's not my sense of humour at all, and that's not even in the context of a rough patch. Of all the cards in the shop, that's the best he could do?

amusedbush Tue 20-Aug-19 10:24:30

On our first wedding anniversary I gave this to DH grin

Opsmoment Tue 20-Aug-19 10:24:41

Its a sweet card. If you have had problems is it his/her way of saying don't give up o us yet.

I think you are way overthinking this.

ChristineTime Tue 20-Aug-19 10:25:27

I like it. Me and DP say this to each other a lot IRL blush

wherehavealltheflowersgone Tue 20-Aug-19 10:26:23

I'm with you OP. I'd be really disappointed to get this card.

It's the word "yet" confused

SteveHadTheRightIdea Tue 20-Aug-19 10:28:27

I mean, obviously loads of people think it’s totally hilarious, so he maybe thought this WAS the best in the shop, but after many years together, surely he knows I would not like this. It’s actually a bit boak imo, which lots of people obviously disagree with. But surely you’d know that about your wife and partner of many years? We got together at age 21 btw and even then I’d have found this icky. It isn’t an age thing where I’d have had a bawdy guffaw at it previously before turning prude or something. We’re only mid thirties now.

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