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To think he's a bit of a prick really

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OlivesAreGod Mon 19-Aug-19 21:54:30

H just threw a massive strop because he doesn't have any clean work clothes. It's a sore subject in our house because I feel like I do EVERYTHING in the house as it is. I cook, clean, wash up, tidy, do laundry etc etc... He works a few more hours than me so thinks it gives him an excuse to do fuck all.

I've started to leave his clothes piling up at the side of the bed and saying I won't wash them unless he actually brings them to the washing basket (this is a grown adult man).

Over the weekend, I'd done a wash and the clothes have been drying on the maiden. I put some of his work clothes in this morning but haven't actually pressed the button because I was waiting for the other clothes to dry.

He's gone mental, throwing clothes about the kitchen screaming that I have so much more spare time and how the fuck would I like going to work in dirty clothes. I've screamed back saying I'd clean my own fucking clothes because I'm not a child who needs mummy to do it for them!

I've said why the fuck would he not just come home and put a wash on himself if it's bothered him so much. Apparently he's been making comments for days about how he has no clean clothes so I should know. Like yeah... I do know... But you're capable of washing them yourself?!

I probably could do more to make the house more organised but fucking hell, I work full time as well and well... I'm not his pissing slave?!

I'm absolutely raging. What a cunt!

chickenyhead Mon 19-Aug-19 21:57:46


He's a spud.

Hopefully he will learn his lesson. Do not back down.

Trickedia Mon 19-Aug-19 21:58:53

YANBU, obviously.

*I'd clean my own fucking clothes because I'm not a child who needs mummy to do it for them!

I work full time as well and well... I'm not his pissing slave?!*

What you said ^

Foslady Mon 19-Aug-19 21:59:38

Do not back down - my ex was like this, note ex

DrWAnker Mon 19-Aug-19 22:01:29

Erm, could he not also do more to make the house more organized.
Why is that your job?
Yanbu, he is a man child of epic proportions. I wouldn't touch any of his laundry ( or him) again unless there was a grovelling apology.
What would happen in the reverse scenario..would he wash your work.clothes??🤔

zackly Mon 19-Aug-19 22:02:00

This is just so shocking to me.

What on earth must his upbringing have been like? XH has his faults and is lazy as fuck around the house but he never thought it was my job to do his washing for him!!!

Sexnotgender Mon 19-Aug-19 22:03:53

Don’t back down! How dare he be mad at you because he is such an incompetent turd and can’t put a bloody wash on.

Also he needs to pull his weight in the house.

OlivesAreGod Mon 19-Aug-19 22:04:48

Apparently I could do it in the 2 hours more sleep I get in the morning (he leaves before me).

He still doesn't get that ITS.NOT.MY.JOB.

And I do fucking do it. Most of the time. But the one time I don't is all he gives a shit about.

userxx Mon 19-Aug-19 22:06:40

He sounds like a knob. Was he house trained before you lived together?

messolini9 Mon 19-Aug-19 22:07:25

"DH, I'm not washing your clothes any more because it's turned you into an entitled brat who feels it's ok to scream at me for service. I work full time too, & you behaviout tonight has shown me that you need a serious reality check. I am going to be drawing up an equitable division of household chores, so anything on your list that doesn't get done ... won't get done by me.
I'm no longer prepared to do your housework for you, & if you scream at me again, throw things around in a rage, or take me for granted one more time - I'm done.
Got it?"

Then go out for the evening.

If he doesn't want to accept your division of labour, then you'll know how much he respects you & what he thinks you're good for. Nannying him, Mr Important.
Fuck that shit.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 19-Aug-19 22:08:27

You are not his servant - put your foot down. Fucking male chauvinist pig - this makes my blood boil on your behalf.

MummBraTheEverLeaking Mon 19-Aug-19 22:08:38

Knob, he needs to shape up or ship out!

Fudgenugget Mon 19-Aug-19 22:10:42

We have a simple rule in our family: if it's not in the dirty washing basket it ain't getting washed, and if the basket is full, just fill up the machine and wash the clothes. It's everyone's job.

Stick to your guns. If he doesn't like it, he can fuck off.

WhyBirdStop Mon 19-Aug-19 22:16:02

Ask him if his penis affects his capacity to use household appliances, because you can't see any other reason a grown man couldn't wash his own fucking clothes.

Itwontrainallthetime Mon 19-Aug-19 22:16:30

My DH gets like this too its like I have 3 children most of the time.
I told my husband if he doesn't bring them down to wash they dont get washed, I manage to wash my own clothes and everyone else's, hard shit if he has forgotten to bring them down, I do everything in the house.
Same as t shirts he takes them off and leaves them all over the house, I used to wash them then get moaned at because it wasn't washing. So I leave them now then I get moaned at that he has no clean t shirts to wear.
I said I ain't his mum and not a slave.
Once in a strop he brought his clothes down and didn't know how to work the washer. He had to ask our 7 year old DD to show him how to use it as she loves helping me so knows how to put a wash on. He hasn't gone off on one for a while and if he forgets he just says they will be ok for another day.
I wouldn't mind but his job isn't a job where I can wash his clothes with a normal wash.

isitjanuary Mon 19-Aug-19 22:19:35

Oh my god op. Why are you doing the majority anyway? He sees you as his maid. Get rid of the wanker honestly. This is not how life should be.

Summerunderway Mon 19-Aug-19 22:21:00

Download the washing machine instructions and send him it...

Quartz2208 Mon 19-Aug-19 22:25:47

Use you anger because you should be

I hope you didn’t clean them he is perfectly capable
And I would reassess the relationship

TheCaddyisaBaddie Mon 19-Aug-19 22:26:28

If the washing isn't in the basket then it doesn't get done in this house - I've better things to do with my time than hunt for washing.

DanglyTasselsOfThigh Mon 19-Aug-19 22:27:56

Oh right, you could do it in the 'two hours' could you?

Your response is 'I don't want to!' and repeat!

Fuck him!

clucky3 Mon 19-Aug-19 22:28:33

I just stopped washing my DH's clothes about 5 years ago when I felt things were getting too uneven. He's done his own washing and some of the kids ever since.

Hotterthanallheck Mon 19-Aug-19 22:29:27

You are 100% in the right and he is 100% a twat.

Drogosnextwife Mon 19-Aug-19 22:30:03

Sounds like my house OP, I get the moaning about football clothes as well. I've been telling him for 8 years if he wants them done for specific times to make sure he does them himself. He never does, so he can't be that bothered. He's given up now, he still says things but he knows better that to give me a hard time or shout at me for it.

OlivesAreGod Mon 19-Aug-19 22:30:40

I hope you didn’t clean them he is perfectly capable

No he's downstairs sulking waiting for the washing machine to finish so he can put clothes out on the radiators (which he actually managed to work himself can you believe!)

EKGEMS Mon 19-Aug-19 22:30:42

I'd be sure he has a set of nice,clean and pressed work clothes for his funeral wear

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