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To think this isn't a condom wrapper?

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naneee Mon 19-Aug-19 18:13:18

This appeared in my house today. No idea what it is, or where it came from!
DH thinks it's a condom wrapper. I have no idea? Doesn't look like that to me, it's small, more papery than made of foil..
Any ideas??

pickleface Mon 19-Aug-19 18:14:57

Does it smell of anything?

FadedRed Mon 19-Aug-19 18:15:03

Pot noodle flavouring?

ThePhoenixRises Mon 19-Aug-19 18:15:06

Seed packet?

The little packets of flavoured powder you get in pot noodle type things?

WhenISnappedAndFarted Mon 19-Aug-19 18:15:20

Looks like a condom wrapper to me too.

It does also look like one of those sachets you get with cheap supernoodles.

Have you looked inside? Surely if it was a condom wrapper it would be slippery inside

naneee Mon 19-Aug-19 18:15:35

No not really confused

naneee Mon 19-Aug-19 18:16:28

I've looked inside, does look like a condom wrapper but seems too small to be that and they are made of foil aren't they? This is more papery feeling..isn't slippery inside either

0pheIiaBaIIs Mon 19-Aug-19 18:17:23

Looks more like a noodle flavouring sachet.

Bonnie1993 Mon 19-Aug-19 18:17:36

Its the seasoning wrapper for instant noodles!! Always thought they look like condom wrappers too...
Look inside should l have some residue from the seasoning...

Dec2019mumtobe Mon 19-Aug-19 18:19:10

Yep first thing I thought of was noodle flavour sachet!

HollyGoLoudly1 Mon 19-Aug-19 18:19:17

Definitely a seasoning sachet of some kind.

ShhhBeQuiet Mon 19-Aug-19 18:29:57


LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 19-Aug-19 18:30:50

It’s thought seeds too! No wording or anything at all?

sackrifice Mon 19-Aug-19 18:32:48

Does it smell of anything inside?

Most seed packets have some sort of coding on them.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 19-Aug-19 18:34:37

Where was it?

naneee Mon 19-Aug-19 18:35:12

It was Down the side of the sofa cushion

naneee Mon 19-Aug-19 18:35:44

No wording at all. Totally blank all over. If it was a condom wouldn't it have a safety stamp on it?

SuperSara Mon 19-Aug-19 18:36:31


Why have you just posted a full stop??


OP, I don't think it's a condom wrapper. They're thicker, smoother material than that as they're oil proof (or whatever the term is).

It would also have to have a best before date on it, by regulation, if it's a condom.

AmIRightOrAMeringue Mon 19-Aug-19 18:36:35

Thought condoms had a use by date etc on thrm

Seeingadistance Mon 19-Aug-19 18:37:10

Looks like a noodle flavouring sachet to me.

Usingmyindoorvoice Mon 19-Aug-19 18:37:18

I’m sure I’ve had ear phone buds come in something similar.

BalanchineBallet Mon 19-Aug-19 18:37:19

I think condom wrappers have a date stamp....

I think it’s a seasoning sachet too.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Mon 19-Aug-19 18:37:30

It would smell though wouldn’t it?

sheshootssheimplores Mon 19-Aug-19 18:38:41

A condom wrapper has the expiry on each one and smells of rubber inside.

somanykeys Mon 19-Aug-19 18:38:41

Hand wipe?

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