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To give everyone this amazing flapjack recipe?

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Thequaffle Sun 18-Aug-19 13:52:54

Crispy on the top and a perfect chewy texture on the bottom.

175g butter
175g light brown sugar
175g golden syrup
- Merlot these all and stir
Add 350g of oats, 100g dedicated coconut and 75g sultanas

Put in a 30 x 20 cm tray and bake for 40mins at 150 degrees. Cut into 12 pieces when cooled. Die happy.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Tue 27-Aug-19 13:55:31

Those sound AMAZING!! Thank you, @AnneLovesGilbert.

BikeRunSki Mon 26-Aug-19 17:36:32

Sounds amazing @AnneLovesGilbert. Thank you. I am on the constant look out for kid-post-sport-snacks which are not ham sandwhiches or sugary!

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 26-Aug-19 17:31:33

Cheesejacks for @BikeRunSki and @SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius

350g strong cheddar, grated
300g oats
100g butter, melted
2 eggs, beaten
3tbsp dried rosemary
1tbsp wholegrain mustard

Combine, pop in lined tray 20 x 30 I think. Bake at 150 for 30-35.

Very savoury and I make a batch most weeks.

Thequaffle Mon 26-Aug-19 17:00:29

@gerbo thanks! I used the same quantities of oats, sugar and syrup from Lorraine Pascale’s recipe, but I changed the sugar and added the desiccated coconut, sultanas in whatever quantities looked about right.
Glad they worked out for you!!

justmyview Mon 26-Aug-19 09:48:01

Another option is to blitz all the ingredients in a food processor, but only briefly, then bake in the tin as normal

This way, they don't fall apart so much. But don't blitz for too long, or you'll have no texture to the oats

BikeRunSki Mon 26-Aug-19 09:10:49

@AnneLovesGilbert - please send me your savoury flapjack recipe!! How does it stick together?

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Sun 25-Aug-19 17:47:35

A savoury flapjack recipe sounds amazing, @AnneLovesGilbert! Please may I have it?

AnneLovesGilbert Sat 24-Aug-19 18:40:29

Making these in a bit. Let me know if you want a savoury flapjack recipe!

BikeRunSki Sat 24-Aug-19 16:59:14

I dontgat recipe but with ground almonds for the dedicated coconut. Can’t stand desiccated coconut.

ilovesooty Sat 24-Aug-19 16:55:50

Thank you!

gerbo Sat 24-Aug-19 16:49:50

Just made these and wanted to say thanks as they're properly delicious, the best flapjacks I've ever made.

Where was the recipe from?

ImNotYourGranny Sun 18-Aug-19 21:01:02

They do taste good. More like Anzac biscuits that flapjack.

CoolWivesClub2019 Sun 18-Aug-19 20:58:03

Yabu to put coconut and sultanas in flapjacks!

Branleuse Sun 18-Aug-19 20:56:47

Sounds good

Vasya Sun 18-Aug-19 20:55:52

(For real tho thank you, that sounds amazing!)

Vasya Sun 18-Aug-19 20:54:56

I prefer Pinot noir to merlot, will it still work? And how dedicated does the coconut need to be?

ImNotYourGranny Sun 18-Aug-19 20:53:24

Leaving the rest to cool properly now. Unfortunately I had to eat all the crumbly bits. blush

CSIblonde Sun 18-Aug-19 20:53:18

Coconut & sultanas is sacrilege in flapjacks. I'll stick to my foolproof Delia Smith or Mary Berry recipes.

Thequaffle Sun 18-Aug-19 20:46:59

@ImNotYourGranny yes cool in the tin so it solidifies. You can score the top while warm so it’s easier to cut once cool

Holidaysmoliday Sun 18-Aug-19 20:12:37

Blimey even

Holidaysmoliday Sun 18-Aug-19 20:12:28

Blindly that is a ALOT of sugar

Shannith Sun 18-Aug-19 20:11:26


ImNotYourGranny Sun 18-Aug-19 20:10:08

Are they supposed to cool in the tin? I've just tried to put them onto a cooling rack and they've completely fallen apart. I think I've accidently made granola instead. sad

Glittertwins Sun 18-Aug-19 19:46:11

I throw in chopped dates, dried figs, toasted seeds and chopped hazelnuts in as well as the dessicated coconut. I just bung enough melted butter and golden syrup to bind it all before baking

sueelleker Sun 18-Aug-19 19:45:10

I put the saucepan on the scales and zero them; then put the syrup in the pan.

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