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jodiddley Sat 04-Aug-07 22:57:15

I nearly choked on my tea at some comments on this thread?

Hard-working postmen? Not round here there aren't. I have had to complain no less than 3 times in the past month and that is only when I can be bothered.

We have had 3 deliveries out of 8 working days - three?! Is that reasonable? We finally had post today and it was postmarked the 30th August. When I did get post earlier this week, it was for my next door neighbour, and the house three doors down got mine. The postman leave parcels on the front step without ringing the doorbell.

I am afraid I have no sympathy with workers when they strike. I don't get the option to strike in my job, if I don't like the T&Cs, I can leave. At the end of the day, its just a job not a vocation or calling - you don't have to study for 8 years to become a postman and I am sure there will be 10 people behind you waiting for your job.

No I have no sympathy when they cause untold chaos to the general public when at the end of the day we aren't to blame. Some of my friends businesses are really suffering and that is not fair.

jodiddley Sat 04-Aug-07 22:58:07

Oh crap. Now I have started a new thread

NotADragonOfSoup Sat 04-Aug-07 22:59:15

"it was postmarked the 30th August"

What are you complaining about then? It's been delivered before it was posted, what more can you ask for?

HonoriaGlossop Sat 04-Aug-07 23:07:28

and the postman has to get up in the morning before he goes to bed so that he can deliver post before it is posted

HonoriaGlossop Sat 04-Aug-07 23:08:21

meant to add, I stand 100% behind any worker who wants to exercise their democratic and hard-won right to strike.

elasticsortinghandstand Sat 04-Aug-07 23:11:28

why is this untitled?

they have only been having one day strikes after all.

GoodGollyMissMolly Sun 05-Aug-07 06:48:11

My postie is lovely, we have had only a couple of days with no post so cannot complain.
Our postie always gets the post here early about 08.15am just before I leave for work in the morning, he occasionaly posts neighbours mail to us, but we allmake mistakes at work and aren't perfect all the time (as much as I tell my DH that I am ALWAYS perfect
I think I would get loads more mail wrong if I had to get up at the times they do.
Yes they can change jops if they dont like the one they are in, but why should they, they may actaully like the job they do but want better working conditions. Working conditions to which they should be entitled.

GoodGollyMissMolly Sun 05-Aug-07 06:49:28

That should read change jobs not change jops

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