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To want to stay at home and have a bbq on the first warm night for yonk with my lovely new BBQ and NOT to want to flog right across London to eat stew in a hot flat with no garden...

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CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:44:33

i know
i am mean

going to see SILs new flat
She is v excited
but it has no outside
and she said she is cooking frickin STEW (in this weather, I ask you) because tehn she won't have to do anything while people are there

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:45:05

it's miles away

and i have spent half the day contstructing my FAB new bbq

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Aug-07 18:45:33

You can't not go at this late stage

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:46:01

oh I know that
but I can NOT WANT to go
(and not tell anyone, just a secret want)

Gobbledigook Sat 04-Aug-07 18:46:54

Ah bless her - the thing is it's been such a nightmare knowing what the weather is going to do though!

All week the forecast has been changing for tomorrow (am having BBQ) and even yesterday half the forecasters said rain and half said sun.

You gotta go!

herladyship Sat 04-Aug-07 18:47:37


can't you pull a 'sickie' and spend the evening in your garden enjoying a bbq and drinking wine??

<<feels no shame>>

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:47:49


am really looking fwd to seein gher new flat

I just am not looking foward to sweltering and eating stew

and she and all othe rguests smoke

Gobbledigook Sat 04-Aug-07 18:48:30

Smokign inside? Argh! Cancel.

WideWebWitch Sat 04-Aug-07 18:48:45

Oh yuk at smoking inside
no, yanbu to not want to go

foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 18:48:52

stew? is she mad?

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:49:17

and I am fucked off with dh for abandoning me all pm to go to the rugby, isn't a fucking season ticket to the footie enough??? AND he HAD to go and meet his controlling father 4 hours before the game for lunch

foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 18:49:23

have you not slobbered enough over your bbq?

it's been hours since you went upstairs and changed into your raunchy kegs

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:50:06

well I had to take the opportunity as dh out all pm

oh soz I was going to come and see you, I didn't go to the lunch in a sulk in the end

harpsichordcarrier Sat 04-Aug-07 18:50:32

actually CD you aren't looking that well <concerned face>

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:50:48

AND have had NO time to dye hair
so look like a deranged badger

forsale Sat 04-Aug-07 18:51:09

you should go and then make excuses as people light up - take her a lovely gift

WendyWeber Sat 04-Aug-07 18:51:36

Ohhh, that's why you said NO STEW to harpsi with such feeling!

(If it makes you feel any better - which it won't - it has been raining here all day a nice stew would be lovely )

forsale Sat 04-Aug-07 18:51:54

and promise to go next time its raining and trhe kids are getting on your nerves

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:51:59

come to think of it harpsi my kidney is playing up a bit

oh err no sorry I can't drink in that case

oh no I have explosive and horribly contagious farting syndrome, no one would want me with that would they <pffffffft>

foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 18:52:03

yes, you could have come here and we could have sat outside and put the world to rights and then you'd be feeling much better. But NO. You had to go home and sulk.


AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Sat 04-Aug-07 18:52:12

CD tomorrow is going to be HOTTER!

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:52:42

good we are having a bbq tomorrow!

foxinsocks Sat 04-Aug-07 18:52:56

you see, CD, that's why she lets them smoke inside. It's your stinky farts.

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:53:12

No I didn't even drive him there
dd and I went for lumch (after hours of bbq consturction) and then to waitrose
oh joy

CountessDracula Sat 04-Aug-07 18:53:47

am meant to be showering and getting ready as babysitter here in 7 mins whoops

dh just busted me

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