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to consider using a bedpan?

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prawnsword Wed 14-Aug-19 05:12:43

It’s winter here & live in a very original style Victorian era house with poor heat insulation. The only bathroom is downstairs, down the opposite end of the house in the most bitterly cold section.

The temperature fell to 6 degrees Celsius & had to take two hot water bottles to bed instead of the usual one.

AIBU to use a bedpan so I don’t have to go downstairs ? Strictly for #1s only of course. It would be emptied 1st thing in the morning no question

My main concerns are 1. Is using a bedpan weird in today’s society ?
2. How would you feel if your housemate used a bedpan? Should this be kept very private ?

Isadora2007 Wed 14-Aug-19 05:15:50

Yabu. I live in Scotland and it’s often 6 degrees. My house was built in 1890.
I still manage to go to the bloody toilet!

Yes it’s bloody weird to use a bedpan if not NEEDED.
And if you did don’t let your housemate know or they’ll move out.

GibbonLover Wed 14-Aug-19 05:18:42

I don't think it's weird as such. After all, people use commodes or 'male jugs' don't they? Commodes and jugs have lids though, bedpans don't and I'd be concerned about the smell of piss. What about an emergency She-Wee? One of those things that turns the wee to gel.

prawnsword Wed 14-Aug-19 05:23:08

You can turn wee to gel ?!

I would use a coloured plastic container with a firm lid

Isadora2007 Wed 14-Aug-19 05:36:14

Why do you always need to wee? Perhaps cut down on your fluid intake of an evening. But an able bodied person using a bedpan is just not really sitting right with me. Sorry, but you’re a grown up. Get a decent pair of slippers and get to the bloody loo.

WhyTho Wed 14-Aug-19 05:40:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Unshriven Wed 14-Aug-19 05:40:56

I think you mean po/chamber pot rather than bed pan. Unless you do mean that you'll actually use it inbthe bed. shock

I wouldn't, 6° isnt cold at all. grin

Just drink less before bed, or get up to use the toilet like everyone else.

Mileysmiley Wed 14-Aug-19 05:44:44

You could use adult nappies smile

Silvercatowner Wed 14-Aug-19 05:45:41

A bed pan is used in the bed - that is gross. Chamber pots were used when people had outside toilets - slightly less gross. Chamber pots, or 'gazunders' lived under the bed and were emptied every morning.

Poing Wed 14-Aug-19 05:47:33

Just do it. It sounds like you have a good plan and a good reason for doing it. Plus, you don't need anyone's permission. In fact, I would do it, if the need arose. I hate going to the toilet on cold nights.

AllyBamma Wed 14-Aug-19 05:53:40

Well since you asked for opinions... no, gross. Get up and go to the toilet. And if I found out my able bodied housemate was pissing in a pot in their room, I wouldn’t think too highly of them.

StrongTea Wed 14-Aug-19 05:53:44

What about one of those commode chair things? We live in a very cold house but if need loo during the night just have slippers and dressing gown nearby. Once you are out of the covers just wrap up.

prawnsword Wed 14-Aug-19 06:00:49

Ok can confirm mean a CHAMBER POT

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 14-Aug-19 06:01:52

I guess you are in Australia where tolerance to the cold is similar to our tolerance to the heat.

I wouldn’t use one if it were -10 here, but i nearly flake out from the heat at 24 so horses for courses.

I do agree you mean a chamber pot and not a bed pan though 😂 - oh and put it on a hard floor not carpet please, you know for dribbles.

MaybeitsMaybelline Wed 14-Aug-19 06:03:19

Anyway, you could use a bucket, no need for anything special.

EleanorReally Wed 14-Aug-19 06:03:19

yup, yabu, it is not a bed pan.
it is a potty

so yanbu in that respect

EleanorReally Wed 14-Aug-19 06:04:15

do you actually need to go to the toilet in the night time?

Sunshineface123 Wed 14-Aug-19 06:15:39

No that's grim, don't drink lots before bed. Potentially look into moving if the living conditions really don't suit you.

lisbet679 Wed 14-Aug-19 06:16:13

1 Yes - it's weird

2 Keep it private - very private

And also odd that you start a discussion about it on here. Just do it or not. You don't need permission from anyone.

My opinion is you need a good thick dressing gown and slippers/warm pjs and go to the toilet like a regular person unless you're incapacitated in some way and unable to walk.

prawnsword Wed 14-Aug-19 06:16:20

Probably do drink too much tea & coffee before bed....but no don’t always have to go at night. Did have a UTI this winter though, so that’s when I first started considering one.

A bucket will do & yes am in Australia. If you ever get too hot just wet hand towels in cold water, wring them & place on feet/behind knees/elbows/neck etc

mossmurray Wed 14-Aug-19 06:17:30

I thought it was a typo when you said 6 degrees, I'm in Scotland and it was 3 degrees here last night.
It isn't too cold to get up to go to the toilet

INeedNewShoes Wed 14-Aug-19 06:18:47

A friend of mine had a chamber pot for a while when she was living in a cold house with a downstairs bathroom. She was in her early thirties at the time.

I thought it was a little weird and unnecessary but I'm still friends with her all the same!

prawnsword Wed 14-Aug-19 06:19:23

Do have ugg boots but feet still seem to get cold, so might have to invest in a new pair or thicker socks. Hate sleeping in socks though !

No carpet it’s floorboards only.

INeedNewShoes Wed 14-Aug-19 06:21:12

Well that's an easy change to make: stop drinking caffeine in the evening!

There are really good water processed decaf coffee beans available now (I'm yet to find decaf tea that's as nice as the real thing).

Doormat247 Wed 14-Aug-19 06:28:23

Sounds like a proportion of this is just laziness. No one is 'too cold' to get up to pee.

Where I lived as a teen there was no heating at all and I slept in pjs, a jumper, thick socks, 2 duvets and a blanket - guess what: I managed to leave my room to go to the toilet hmm.

Stop drinking too much before you go to bed and you won't even need to get up. Or just find somewhere with an en-suite. If I was your housemate I'd be looking to leave as you're probably as lazy/gross in other ways too.

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