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To have a stealth boast?!!

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Youmadorwhat Tue 13-Aug-19 15:03:24

If you want to have a stealth boast just do it here!! Seems to be a few ppl doing it today 🤣🤣 so off you go...what’s yours??

user1473878824 Wed 14-Aug-19 01:53:16

looks around nervously I don’t actually have one, I was just coming to see other people’s...

Flairhead Wed 14-Aug-19 01:55:37

Not really stealth, but I found out today my main competition for a job I applied for didn't get it. I'm yet to be told the outcome for me, but general consensus is that it would be one or other of us. So keeping fingers crossed for good news tomorrow!

littlebitbroken Wed 14-Aug-19 02:00:07

Hmmm, wouldn't posting on this thread kind of defeat the purpose of what a stealth boast actually is?

Actually stealth boasting about my clear intellectual superiority and understanding on MN lingo

PotterHead1985 Wed 14-Aug-19 02:00:17

Ooh fingers crossed.

I just booked a 21 night cruise for my 36th birthday in 2021. Now to pay it off blush

Sobeyondthehills Wed 14-Aug-19 02:10:39

I went to the cinema today for the first time in 20 odd years.

Might not seem amazing, but I suffer from anxiety and I fucking hate the cinema, but I have done it and will now be hiding in my fort for the forseable future or until my son decides to go to the park tomorrow

FiveFarthings Wed 14-Aug-19 02:23:22

Well done you! What did you see?

Sobeyondthehills Wed 14-Aug-19 02:26:04

Thank you

We saw The Lion King.

DS told me off for putting my feet on the seat, I did that when I was 15 ;)

Flairhead Wed 14-Aug-19 16:12:46

Well I didn't get the job. There are more positions coming up soon so I said I'd apply again. She said I should think about if it's the right time for me. Of course it is, because I wouldn't apply if it wasn't. Bitch.

Anyway just thought I'd update.

BobTheFishermansWife Wed 14-Aug-19 16:18:17

More celebratory than stealth boast

I'm finally able to pump more than 1oz at a time, which means I might soon have a good enough supply to be able to breastfeed my son soon rather than exclusive bottle with formula suppliment.

Summerunderway Wed 14-Aug-19 16:18:48

My ds is having mh issues. Recently been diagnosed bipolar and is struggling.
He sent me his eviction notice as he hasn't been paying his rent.
Usually I am a no go for cash but had enough to pay him up to date.
Boasting I have helped him in some small way when usually I feel so powerless....
Maybe he will confide in me a bit more now....
Very tough going for us both..
*def not woe is me but not feeling able to make things right for dc is bloody terrible.

Pintsizedblondie197 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:22:57

I'm paying the remainder of my student loan off on Friday! Will give me an extra £80/£90 per month to spend which I'm really looking forward to.

Starlive23 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:36:10

I've lost 3 to go! Yayyyyyy!

ChrisPrattsFace Wed 14-Aug-19 16:41:55

I’m 37 weeks pregnant.

I’ve not long started maternity leave last week and I’m finding end stage pregnancy exhausting. It’s fricking hard work growing a human and I am proud of myself 😊😂

Kalim8 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:43:05

The pets prefer me

alittleprivacy Wed 14-Aug-19 16:43:19

15 months ago my BMI was scraping into the obese category and now I’m wearing size 6 jeans!

Granted they are Primark flatter sizing, so really an 8. And I’m just over 5ft tall so 8 is proportionately very normal for my tiny height. But right now I’m just basking in my size 6 delusion.

Milicentbystander72 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:49:35

I'm a children's book illustrator and I randomly agreed to do an event at the last minute at a well known Literature Festival in the Autumn (I think someone more well known had dropped out wink)

I've checked this week, and not only is the event completely sold out, there's a waiting list!! Even the Children's Laureate isn't sold out yet!

I'm very proud and very terrified.

pooopypants Wed 14-Aug-19 16:50:24

I found out yesterday that a small claim I made via court was settled - and I won! Feel a like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders

Milicentbystander72 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:50:39

Alittleprivacy well done you. As a size 18 it's my dream to get into an 8 or even a 10!

Milicentbystander72 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:51:52

And Starlive too. You're an inspiration. I'm heading for menopause all fat and loosing any motivation at all.

BraveGoldie Wed 14-Aug-19 17:01:48

I have a hunky, gorgeous man (shoulders bigger than Rambo's) who makes love to me 2-3 times a day..... having the time of my life.... 😁😁😁😁

verystressedmum Wed 14-Aug-19 17:29:13

@Summerunderway so pleased you were able to do this for your ds, hope he is doing ok

alittleprivacy Wed 14-Aug-19 18:15:25

Thanks Millicent. It wasn’t always easy but it was the oncoming menopause that gave me the push to get healthier. I cut out processed sugar and switched sugary treats for fruit and had a slow steady drop in weight (because I used to eat way, way too much processed sugar). Then I took up skating as a hobby which really made me tone up and get fit in a way that is fun rather than work.

herculepoirot2 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:24:40

Stealth boasting is more like,
“God, I am so annoyed! Went into Hobbes and picked up a skirt for work, a really lovely one reduced to £450. Winning! Didn’t have time to try it on because of my appointment at Champneys so I just grabbed it. Anyway, I got it home and, in spite of the size 8 label it’s actually a 12! AIBU for being really pissed off?”

coffeeforone Wed 14-Aug-19 18:30:32

Not me but a friend said to me today - "I'm so pissed off that we won't qualify for child benefit any more with my new job as my salary is too high". Going to lose £34 a week confused

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