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Biggest Shithole in the UK

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DickieDonkey Sat 10-Aug-19 20:23:13

Am retiring soon so want to relocate away from the rat race but everywhere I consider away from the Home Counties seems to be regarded as a dump. Money goes further away from the SE, I thought about Norfolk which is within reasonable distance of civilisation but my friends think that it is backwards/racist. Is it true that Lincs/Cambs/Norfolk is best avoided. AIBU to move?

Whattodoinleeds Sat 10-Aug-19 20:24:50

Scotland 😍

yourestandingonmyneck Sat 10-Aug-19 20:24:58

You're being unreasonable to say that everywhere away from the Home Counties is a dump 😂

Educate yourself, woman.

bewilderedhedgehog Sat 10-Aug-19 20:25:18

depends what you want out of retirement. Have lived in all 3 counties as it happens!

Orchidflower1 Sat 10-Aug-19 20:25:49

That’s rather a sweeping statement.

HeyMonkey Sat 10-Aug-19 20:26:15

Norwich is fab, one of my favourite uk cities.

I live in Cambridge, I'm not a fan.

Bristol is amazing.

PoppyFleur Sat 10-Aug-19 20:27:25

Do your friends consider every town and village in the Home Counties as salubrious?

Yaflamingalah Sat 10-Aug-19 20:27:36

Didn’t you know that everywhere outside of the M25 was full of three headed racist Xenophobs whose mother’s brother is also their aunt.

Singlenotsingle Sat 10-Aug-19 20:28:31

Oh what nonsense! People are the same wherever you go. There's nothing special about the home counties. We live in North Essex which is beautiful. Norfolk's nice but bleak in the winter. Cambridge is lovely. Maybe your friends don't want to lose you, or maybe they just want to feel validated in their choice of location?

RandomMess Sat 10-Aug-19 20:28:32

I liked Norwich but it's not accessible to the SE by road...

MrsPworkingmummy Sat 10-Aug-19 20:29:49

I live in South Northumberland/North Tyneside and areas like Whitley Bay and Tynemouth are INCREDIBLY desirable. We have seen a huge increase in the amount of retired couples moving up here from down south, to benefit from the glorious scenery, friendly people, excellent hospitals yet much cheaper housing. We actually sold our house to cash buyers from London who were doing the same as you. Northumberland and Newcastle are super places to live. Areas like those mentioned above, or more urban areas such as Gosforth, Jesmond or Cleadon are worth a look. Northern cities/counties are definitely not dumps. Education in North Tyneside is amongst the best in the county, the history and heritage up here is unrivalled too and hospitals such as the RVI are groundbreaking. Love where I live.

timshelthechoice Sat 10-Aug-19 20:30:06

Yes, every place outside the Home Counties is a shithole, so stay put, definitely! The last thing such shitholes need is a snob with a bad attitude.

Knoxinbox Sat 10-Aug-19 20:30:19

Err have you ever left the homecounties? Everywhere else in the uk is not a dump!

Bath is beautiful
As is the Cotswolds in general.
North Cornwall.
Lake District

MereDintofPandiculation Sat 10-Aug-19 20:31:20

Norfolk which is within reasonable distance of civilisation. Since you're moving anyway, why wouldn't you want to go a bit further away from London and actually reach civilisation?

EssentialHummus Sat 10-Aug-19 20:31:37

Gillingham is lovely OP.

Ellisandra Sat 10-Aug-19 20:31:45

Cambs is definitely best avoided if you don’t like backwards. I’ve heard that the county town (called Cambridge) is especially backwards. Totally full of thickos.

FGS woman, are backwards yourself?!

“Civilisation”? hmm

Twickerhun Sat 10-Aug-19 20:31:48

YABU to move. Please stay where you are for the sake of Norwich

Abstractedobstructed Sat 10-Aug-19 20:32:40

I think you need some new friends who are less narrow-minded and foolish.


AnxiousMcAnxiousFace Sat 10-Aug-19 20:32:53

Most places in the Home Counties are shit tips to be fair. And those that aren’t are full of self entitled twats who think they are the most important people in the world. Well...that’s what my friends say anyway. 😉

Gladimnotcampinginthisweather Sat 10-Aug-19 20:33:11

Northamptonshire is the worst place in the country. You'd hate it here.wink

brookelopez Sat 10-Aug-19 20:33:13

I love Norwich. Norfolk in general is really lovely. My ex PIL live in Buxton which is between Norwich and Aylsham, if I drove I'd love to live somewhere around there.

Barbarafromblackpool Sat 10-Aug-19 20:33:23

Definitely avoid Lincs.

WhenISnappedAndFarted Sat 10-Aug-19 20:33:44

I've never heard that about any of those places.

I've been to Norfolk plenty of times and everyone is very lovely (I am white though so unlikely to hear any racism).

I live in London and have lived in the home counties. Also lived in a few other places outside of these and by far the worst place for me was the home counties.

Dowser Sat 10-Aug-19 20:36:38

They say Shaftesbury is lovely this time of year 😂

Littlemissdaredevil Sat 10-Aug-19 20:38:44

I live in Exeter and it’s lovely. As well as nearby beaches and countryside, we even have motorways, trains and an airport so people can get back to ‘civilisation’

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