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Just noticed my neighbour's DS (14 wks) is sat in front of the TV, should I call SS?

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Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:31:34

Is what my neighbours are probably thinking at the moment

I have played with him, walked him round the garden, fed him, nappy I just need some peace.
bad mummy.

Bubble99 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:36:14

As long as he's watching Baby Einstein, you should be OK.

MrsSnoek Wed 01-Aug-07 18:37:55

mine is watching night garden i am in the regrets...

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 01-Aug-07 18:38:06

Well, if the tv is switched off, then i'd call SS, coz thats just mean

callmeovercautious Wed 01-Aug-07 18:39:42

Baby TV is a life saver - DD is watching now Just taking a breather before the battleground of bedtime!

Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:42:07

he's watching Friends
Like Jennifer Aniston, just like his daddy
Had baby einstein (colours) on the other day, he loved it and was mesmerised, unfortunately so was I, didn't realise I was watching it until it finished, so I didn't get much else done

lulu25 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:43:00

at 14 weeks? that's very advanced.

DANCESwithDumbledore Wed 01-Aug-07 18:43:26

lol katy....picturing two drooling faces gazing at the screen

Budababe Wed 01-Aug-07 18:44:02

I used to put DS in front of MTV when he was about 6 weeks! Only way I could get a shower!

Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:44:32

Yeah, that's pretty much what it's like, except DS pays more attention when I speak to him.
Well it's his tea time, doesn't that come round quick?

ipodtherforipoor Wed 01-Aug-07 18:44:43

Feel no shame - its helped me survive 2.5 years!!! DS has half an hour in bed and shouts for me to turn it off or does it himself! LOve it!

BTW , baby Einstein works for us still! Infact he only started getting interested in it at 1.5/ 2 really

Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:46:08

lulu25 we're moving on to something more taxing in a week or so - maybe Scrubs

MrsSnoek Wed 01-Aug-07 18:46:55

yah, some women are very uptight about tv but surely their kids watch it all the time...


Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 19:10:08

I've drawn the line at him watching big brother though, turned him the other way while burping him

Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 19:14:33

that chanelle's an attention seeker
"I PACKED MY SUUIIIIITCAAASE bleurgh bleurgh bleurgh"

dazedandconfunded Wed 01-Aug-07 19:23:22

My mum snatched dd (17w) off me the other day, saying I was holding her wrongly. I (mortified) assumed I had her leg bent or something - but actually, I was "holding her so she couldn't see 'Night Garden' "

Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 19:26:32

MrsWeasley Wed 01-Aug-07 19:30:47

my DD1 used to "watch" the tennis when she was a new born

hot housing? moi? she has no ball skills at all - except when she is aiming at her siblings

hockeypuck Wed 01-Aug-07 19:36:07

DD used to love the news so I could get a shower in the mornings.

She used to go in her bouncer in front of the tv and smile away at the lovely lady looking at her reading the news.

She is normal now, don't think it's a biggie.

BandofMothers Wed 01-Aug-07 19:40:24

DD1 was mesmerised by the music from MASH at a very young age

CGOmum Wed 01-Aug-07 19:47:04

My 9mth old is watching hollyoaks with his dad not sure if I should be worried his dad only watches it for the babes!!!!!!!

lillaura123 Wed 01-Aug-07 20:03:44

dd2 aged 13 weeks has always loved sitting in front of tv - dont see any harm at that age cause they cant really se much anyway its the movement and colours they watch the same as a baby gym etc just on biger scale - i dont have an issue with it dd1 aged 4 and ds aged 2 both love tv but they are not in front of it all day an hour after breakfast and lunch so i can clean dishes and kitchen and before dinner so i can cook without them coming in kitchen. i really dont think its something to involve ss about

SuperMonkey Wed 01-Aug-07 20:09:05

DS (12 weeks) pulled away from bfing earlier today to strain his head round to watch Jeremy Kyle. I blame his father.

Eddas Wed 01-Aug-07 20:11:10

Katy, they'd have to call them on me too

Katy44 Wed 01-Aug-07 21:55:55

SuperMonkey, I went through a JK phase when T was younger (feeds much quicker now so I normally just read a book / listen to radio). I had to stop because the shouting scared him He might be better now but it's so addictive I daren't turn it on again.

Eddas - I'll send them round when they've finished here

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