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To expect a thank you

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mummydoit Wed 01-Aug-07 08:42:06

Took the DSs to Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes yesterday. We queued up for the fireman ride (pretend fire engines where you stand on ladders, go up and down and squirt hoses at pretend fires - great fun for small boys). Just as we joined the queue, the attendant came over and said the ride was running out of water and they'd need to close it after us to refill. Would we mind telling anyone to tried to join the queue. No problem! We duly told about 20 different families who tried to join the queue and only two acknowledged what we said and said thanks. Mostly they just walked away, though in one case the two men refused point blank to leave the queue and said they would not take no for an answer. The ride attendant had to come over and tell them very firmly the ride would be closing after us. Am I being a bit precious to expect people to acknowledge that we saved them a pointless wait in the queue? Not my decision to close the ride so don't shoot the messenger!

BandofMuggles Wed 01-Aug-07 08:43:55

Gosh I would've said thank you. They should have acknowledged you simply because you were speaking to them.

Where's that thread about things that annoy you gone??

Leati Wed 01-Aug-07 08:48:03


You are right. Some people are just stinks.

mm22bys Wed 01-Aug-07 09:17:18

People just don't say thanks these days, which I think is really sad. It costs nothing to be nice to other people, and can actually make everyone's life a bit "nicer" with a bit of courtesy.

One of my pet hates too!

mummydoit Wed 01-Aug-07 09:22:55

You're right. How much effort does it take to say one word? It was a shame that the hoses on the ride were fixed in one direction, otherwise I might have been tempted to spin mine round and try to spray some good manners into them!

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