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to feel slightly miffed?

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namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:04:28

i have been looking after a relative's children for two days and nights. since sunday .

i have done all the stuff that you do for two kids plus put up with a not inconsiderable amount of whinging.

they've just been picked up (oh i was minding them because of a childcare problem) and the parents didn't bring me even a bottle of wine or a bunch of petrol station flowers.

ami wrong to be a bit pissed off by this?
because i am.

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 31-Jul-07 21:05:25

Well, a bit wrong.

Family do these things out of love, dont they?

NotQuiteCockney Tue 31-Jul-07 21:06:09

I don't think you're wrong, really. Did they sound thankful? Did they promise to return the favour?

Is it possible that they are planning a nice thank you, but didn't have time to get it organised?

hunkermunker Tue 31-Jul-07 21:06:29

Maybe they're sending you something beautiful in the post? [optimistic]

Did they say thank you?

floopowder Tue 31-Jul-07 21:07:12

NYANBU next time say no. Heh could you have my 8 next week for 2 days for nowt. Thanks in advance.

namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:07:47

well yes . but it's a bit 'taking it for granted' isn't it?

my sister had my 2 for 2 nights a while back and i got her lovely flowers and wine as a thank you-because it's hard work.

i knew they wouldn't-i knew they would just take it for granted. just a bit sad to have it confirmed.

TotalChaos Tue 31-Jul-07 21:08:11

I agree with NQC. I hope they sort out some sort of pressie soon

MotherFunk Tue 31-Jul-07 21:08:42

Message withdrawn

namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:09:40

i always remember their anniversary too and buy them wine or something and they forgot our 10th anniv this year, and then said 'oh shit we forgot didn't we?' and STILL didn't do anything about it.

Maybe i expect too much.

hunkermunker Tue 31-Jul-07 21:09:43

Did you do it for the gift at the end?

hunkermunker Tue 31-Jul-07 21:10:06

Are they good company?

namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:10:17

they just had a childcare problem so i took over.

namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:10:57

no i didn't do hunk. i did it because they are family and i was able to help out but i just feel taken for granted.

hunkermunker Tue 31-Jul-07 21:10:58

I'd rather have fantastically warm, friendly family than ones who buy "appropriate gifts".

Obviously I'd like fantastically warm, friendly family who ALSO buy appropriate gifts...

MotherFunk Tue 31-Jul-07 21:12:29

Message withdrawn

namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:13:02

they have looked after my kids once and kept phoning to see when i would be home. i was at the hospital.

namechangingregular Tue 31-Jul-07 21:13:53

ok i am being unreasonable.

StarryStarryNight Tue 31-Jul-07 21:16:08

So, it seems a little one sided? You buy them gift, you help them out, maybe they just dont have resources (financiall, emotionally etc) at the moment?

I had two years of being a "taker" rather than a "giver", from the final stages of pregnancy with my youngest till he was around 18 months.

Has it always been like this witht this couple?

If so, stop bothering.

MotherFunk Tue 31-Jul-07 21:18:37

Message withdrawn

littlelapin Tue 31-Jul-07 21:22:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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