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For asking her to put some knickers on?

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Cheeseandapple Sun 21-Jul-19 00:28:18

Away for 2 nights with my mum. She booked accomodation and, as always, hasn't booked enough beds so we're sharing a double. It's hot here and we're both wearing short cotton nighties. I've got pants on because we're sharing a bed. Just asked her to do the same and she refused, told me her nighty covered her. I said it doesn't and that's how I know she's not wearing any knickers. She told me to stop being bossy and then said I'm good at always spoiling nice things. Who was unreasonable?

sackrifice Sun 21-Jul-19 00:30:20

That is grim. Can you sleep on a sofa or something?

NeonLights Sun 21-Jul-19 00:32:45

You are both being unreasonable for finding yourselves in this ridiculous situation!

Youwantshoesinashoeshop Sun 21-Jul-19 00:33:13

Why grim???

Would not bother me at all.

Treaclesweet Sun 21-Jul-19 00:35:08

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

Cheeseandapple Sun 21-Jul-19 00:36:07

I'm on the sofa now, didn't want to share a bed after that snippy conversation. We've got quite a bad history and so, although seemingly a small and fairly insignificant thing, it drags up old issues very quickly.

Cheeserton Sun 21-Jul-19 00:36:47

YANBU. That's not on.

Cheeseandapple Sun 21-Jul-19 00:37:27

@neonlights and @treaclesweets

what do you mean?

Sarahlou63 Sun 21-Jul-19 00:37:31

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheMobileSiteMadeMeSignup Sun 21-Jul-19 00:37:38

If she always messes up the number of beds why did you let her book?

gamerchick Sun 21-Jul-19 00:40:34

Don't let her book from now on or check.

WonkoTheSane42 Sun 21-Jul-19 00:41:54

You came out of it, can’t see why its existence bothers you that much.

HeadintheiClouds Sun 21-Jul-19 00:43:12

How could she not book enough beds when there’s only two of you? Hmm indeed.

LoopySoo Sun 21-Jul-19 00:43:34

Not quite as grim, but me and hubby work together, and we had a works night out. We offered to let a couple of others stay over, and one girl thinks its ok to wander round in t-shirt and knickers. But I suppose I should be grateful she's got her knickers on confused

LimitIsUp Sun 21-Jul-19 00:44:56

Op has a fairly extensive posting history if anyone is questioning her veracity

Flooopers Sun 21-Jul-19 00:45:11

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

user27495824 Sun 21-Jul-19 00:47:07

YABU, presumably you are sleeping side by side not too and tail....

taylorowmu Sun 21-Jul-19 00:47:08

Unless you intend to stare all night at the area from which you passed into the world I would STFU and go to sleep.



Flooopers Sun 21-Jul-19 00:47:17

Assuming you're not a hairy handed poster, why would you ask someone to wear pants under their nightie? What's under her nightie is her business! confused

abitoflight Sun 21-Jul-19 00:50:15

No knickers under nightie wouldn't have bothered me tbh

OnceUponAFairyTime Sun 21-Jul-19 00:53:53

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

LimitIsUp Sun 21-Jul-19 00:56:02

Tbh my preference would be knickers under nightie - but I realise that I am not being entirely rational in that respect

Flooopers Sun 21-Jul-19 00:57:03

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

LimitIsUp Sun 21-Jul-19 00:57:25

Onceupon I suspect that if Op wanted to post a perv thread she would change her username rather than use her established one

Cheeseandapple Sun 21-Jul-19 00:59:09

Ha ha at the idea that this is s perv thread, but answers my question!

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