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AIBU to not understand how the people who drink coffee can like coffee?

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Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:28:58

I personally don't get it. It smells stomach turning and tastes stomach turning. Both my parents drink it, although my dad prefers tea. I prefer tea but rarely drink it, I drink hot chocolate more and don't often drink that either. How can people like it? Those who drink it, does it taste bitter/burnt to you? I know really, I am not BU because I can't help I don't like it, just for lighthearted chatter really lol

HellonHeels Sat 20-Jul-19 01:31:42

Yes it's a bitter taste but rich tasting and delicious too.

Do you like other bitter-tasting things like broccoli? Or dtinks like campari?

DustyMaiden Sat 20-Jul-19 01:32:15

I love it. Olives how can anyone like them?
I do wonder if they taste the same to everyone.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 20-Jul-19 01:33:09

Because they are psychopaths.

True fact.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 20-Jul-19 01:33:57


Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:34:47

@HellonHeels I like broccoli, I've never tasted campari, the name rings a bell.

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:35:23

@DustyMaiden I am not fond of olives, they are rank

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:36:04

@MrsTerryPratchett ooh very interesting lol, I'm studying psychology in October so thank you for the article ;)

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:36:45

@TheoriginalLEM you would be amazed how hardly anyone has sugar with their coffee where I work, for me, I would need a tonne of it.

Nandocushion Sat 20-Jul-19 01:39:58

I feel that way about people who drink beer.

nocoolnamesleft Sat 20-Jul-19 01:40:38

YANBU: coffee is the formed from the arse droppings of the devil.

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:40:42

@Nandocushion I've never really tried beer but wouldn't like it.

Jsmith99 Sat 20-Jul-19 01:42:08

Most people probably don’t like the taste of coffee very much which is why they add lots of milk and sugar to it. They drink it for the caffeine, not the taste, in just the same way as many people drink wine and beer for the alcohol rather than the flavour.

Instant coffee is fairly unpleasant, but coffee made from freshly ground beans is delicious and has a superb aroma.

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:42:11

@nocoolnamesleft coca-cola any day or fanta or sprite

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:43:13

@Jsmith99 perhaps that's why I've had echo falls sweet wine tonight lol. I drink coke/pepsi for the caffeine, no way would I touch coffee.

WomanLikeMeLM Sat 20-Jul-19 01:44:04

I love coffee but absolutely detest Cucumber?

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 20-Jul-19 01:45:07

If you are studying psychology you need this then.

Proper study.

mokapot Sat 20-Jul-19 01:45:49

Black Americano with no sugar or milk.

With a single bean eg coloumbian

You would love it

Sakura7 Sat 20-Jul-19 01:46:21

Coffee is one of my favourite smells, and a good quality one (not instant) tastes fabulous.

We all have different tastes. I don't know how anyone can eat cucumber, it tastes vile to me.

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:47:30

@WomanLikeMeLM I'm not fond of cucumber but don't detest it. I get why would would though it is a bit weird.

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:47:53

@MrsTerryPratchett thank you smile

Glitter99x Sat 20-Jul-19 01:48:24

@mokapot how come you think I would love it?

Sakura7 Sat 20-Jul-19 01:49:13


Cross post but YES!

Apparently there is a cucumber 'gene'. If you have it, you get a really strong (disgusting) taste from them, while most people find them really mild. I can smell one a mile away.

SlipperOrchid Sat 20-Jul-19 01:49:33

I was going to write but there are so many different types of coffee beans, how can you say that you dislike all of them until I read the post about the person disliking beer and I also dislike beer. At least all the types of beer I have tried.

About coffee, I don't use sugar but I also do not drink strong coffee. DH makes it very strong and it tastes awful to me. I find Starbucks coffee fine but Costa coffee tastes like watered milk to me. I prefer powdered coffee to granules and I prefer a jar of coffee to nespresso pods. Maybe its a matter of finding the right one for you. But beer, both tap and craft beers, is just terribly bitter to me and has a horrid aftertaste.

I don't like the taste of whiskey or brandy either.

Oliversmumsarmy Sat 20-Jul-19 01:50:07

How can anyone eat meat. It smells putrid and tastes of nothing much.

Or how can anyone like mushy peas or cake or doughnuts. Cake has a weird gritty texture and doughnuts smell like sweetened rancid fat

There are loads of things I like that others don’t. Equally there are loads of things I don’t like that others love.

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