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To ask for your opinion on this tea shirt

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nilcarborundum Fri 19-Jul-19 19:15:23

So my partner has bought this tea shirt for his 3 year old granddaughter. I know what I think of it but I'd like to ask you what you all think?

ShirleyPhallus Fri 19-Jul-19 19:18:09

Chai think it’s really tacky

GruciusMalfoy Fri 19-Jul-19 19:18:22

Is this his usual type of humour? I hate this sort of thing, it's just stupid. And a waste of money.

WeCameToDance Fri 19-Jul-19 19:18:26

I think it's hideous and I wouldn't want such an aggressive sentiment on a small child that has no idea what they are sporting.

LittleLongDog Fri 19-Jul-19 19:19:28

I watched a YouTube video the other day taking the piss out of about weirdly specific slogans on tops. This belongs on it.

Also, it’s T shirt or T-shirt (not tea shirt.... although I like the sound of a tea shirt ☕️)

BertrandRussell Fri 19-Jul-19 19:19:34

It’s horrible. Aggressive and misogynist.

Chune Fri 19-Jul-19 19:21:07

Deeply naff and sexist to boot.

It looks like it cost £2.50 off the market, so one hot wash should get rid of it.

Amibeingnaive Fri 19-Jul-19 19:21:30

There is an obvious irony in your partner expressing (via a third party) his 'serious dislike for stupid people', since I assume money changed hands here.

Sparklesocks Fri 19-Jul-19 19:22:21

It’s not my taste, I don’t think the humour is that funny.

AtrociousCircumstance Fri 19-Jul-19 19:23:01

It’s awful.

Treaclesweet Fri 19-Jul-19 19:23:08


cloudyinjune Fri 19-Jul-19 19:24:05

Horrible please no

NeutralJanet Fri 19-Jul-19 19:24:36

It's hideous. If I was the child's mum it would be getting used as a painting t shirt only.

user1473878824 Fri 19-Jul-19 19:26:02

@ShirleyPhallus gringringrin

coconuttelegraph Fri 19-Jul-19 19:26:37

Does she have different shirts for each meal of the day grin

MrsXx4 Fri 19-Jul-19 19:27:13

I’d think it was really rude calling my child spoilt! I’d then find it totally cringe! And then I’d find the aggression totally strange and the humour shit! So all in all, I wouldn’t be dressing my child in it!

MissConductUS Fri 19-Jul-19 19:27:18

I think if you wear it you'll have to move to New Jersey.

HappydaysArehere Fri 19-Jul-19 19:27:40

No, no, no.

PurpleDaisies Fri 19-Jul-19 19:28:26


thecatinthetwat Fri 19-Jul-19 19:29:24

More importantly, what will your son or daughter think of it hmm

Its horrible.

foreverhanging Fri 19-Jul-19 19:30:27


overnightangel Fri 19-Jul-19 19:32:09

Straight in the bin

angelikacpickles Fri 19-Jul-19 19:33:24

Well I certainly wouldn't put it on my child.

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet Fri 19-Jul-19 19:34:25

It's very aggressive. I wouldn't let my child wear it.

DoYouNeedAWee Fri 19-Jul-19 19:34:56

I thought this was going to be about a shirt you put on a pot of tea or something equally bizarre, but I agree with pp the T-shirt is awful and aggressive and I think I'd negatively judge someone who put this T-shirt on a young child

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