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Taking DD out of school twice

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Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:49:40

We took our DD out of school for 4 days for a family holiday in April. When I say it poured down, I mean the weather was awful, it was a washout. Never got in the pool, and once my fake tan had washed off I looked paler than I went!!!

We have been invited to a wedding abroad at the end of September. My initial response was no, couldn’t take our DD out of school. But I’d love to watch this couple get married, I’d love my DD to enjoy the pool/entertainment in the sunshine and not the freak weather experienced for our main holiday!!!

We didn’t get fined in April due to short length of time (4 days) and otherwise had 100% attendance. She will of started a new class year but technically I’ve took her out twice in 6 months if we go... I am expecting the fine but is the punishment likely to be more harsh due to being a repeat offender within 12 months??? FWIW I wasn’t lucky enough to get any annual leave in the 6 weeks holidays this year hence the April trip.

jennymac Thu 18-Jul-19 14:15:27

I would go. You only live once and really what harm will it do?

Isatis Thu 18-Jul-19 14:16:13

Weddings usually count as "exceptional circumstances"

Only for parents or very close relatives, and for the minimum time possible.

JacquesHammer Thu 18-Jul-19 14:18:10

Why do people think it's ok for kids to miss primary education and not secondary?

Oh I don’t discriminate. I think it’s perfectly fine for DD to miss a day or so now she’s in secondary.
But then she went away for 6 days in year 5 fully authorised by her prep and with their blessing and it had zero impact on her education.

Macaroni46 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:19:13

Actually Booboo66 I'm a primary head and I find your attitude towards primary education insulting.

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:23:02

Unfortunately due to my work situation I imagine it won’t be the last time I take them out especially at primary school age. It’s a tough one I agree but no way I could go year on year without a holiday away- I couldn’t cope! Definitely wouldn’t go for 4 days tho- if I’m going it’ll be for the whole shebang and id better not need my brolly or I’ll go mad!

I definitely wouldn’t lie, 100% expect to be fined and will help DD catch up with all works missed. She’s is a good student and enjoys school work, that won’t be a task thankfully!

iMatter Thu 18-Jul-19 14:23:23

If you do it then own it.

Don't lie.

If you think it's ok to take your child out of school (and only you can decide that) then own the decision rather than coming up with some stupid excuse.

Pinktinker Thu 18-Jul-19 14:27:21

One boy in my DS’s class isn’t originally from the UK and he visited his home country for a month earlier this year. No idea whether the parents were fined but a month is so extreme...

If this can happen, I don’t see why you can’t take your DD out of school for a wedding personally. She’s seven so won’t be missing out on any exams or revision.

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:27:58

I must of said each time I’ve posted I fully 100% intend on being completely truthful... I’ll own it etc! Whatever decision I come to after thought I’ll be satisfied it’s right for my family and will not be hiding my actions or reasonings!

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:30:31

Ha! I feel like going for a month... maybe 2! They’d throw away the key I’m sure!

idril Thu 18-Jul-19 14:32:09

At that age, it's not big deal in the grand scheme of things. It's a new school year so I don't think there would be any severe punishments.

Lovemusic33 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:34:33

Always took my dc’s out of school at primary age (at least once a year) but now at high school it’s tricky and school won’t let me.

We went on holiday in April last year and it was awful, it rained all week and snowed on the way there so I feel your pain. I would take her out September, it’s only a few days and at the age of 7 I think life experiences are just as important as education. I hate the “no taking kids out of school for holiday” rule, especially with primary age kids.

EveryFlightBeginsWithAFall Thu 18-Jul-19 14:34:40

I took my eldest out for a month at that age to visit family. Was before the days of fines though

Booboo66 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:59:24

@Macaroni46 thankfully my primary school head is not you. We miss some school every year as my kids were born, and have immediate family in a foreign country. She's very supportive and once even stated that it's not like they are studying for any exams.

whothedaddy Thu 18-Jul-19 15:03:47

I've taken my DD out twice this school year (only for a day at a time) for weekends away.
Next year we plan on taking a trip away tied in with DP work trip. it would mean being away an extra week after Feb half term(2 week trip). We are going to be honest, request the leave and probably pay the fine.
She will be going into year 5. I don't think I'd do it after year 5 though dues to exams etc.

My DP job has moved abroad so we only see him at weekends, family time is far more important than a week at school IMO.
Plus where we are going she will really learn as we will experience rain forests and volcanoes, different language and culture etc.

I don't care if people think I'm being irresponsible. She is never off for being ill. She has always had fantastic school reports and you can't learn everything in a classroom.

Rachelover40 Thu 18-Jul-19 15:23:36

Take her out, when you consider how much time children have off school for illness, four days is nothing at her age. Just tell the school you have an important commitment, put it in a note to be handed in before you go.

I hope you have a good time.

TwistyTop Thu 18-Jul-19 15:58:22

You are taking the piss a bit and the school will probably see it that way. Can you just say she's ill? In practical terms though, I wouldn't worry. She's only 7 so I can't imagine her academic career will suffer much from it. That's more something that I'd worry about in secondary school.

RedSkyLastNight Thu 18-Jul-19 16:28:35

Take her out, when you consider how much time children have off school for illness

That's not an argument for taking her out! If she's likely to miss lots of school because of illness, then taking off more days is a bad idea ...

JoanMavisIcecreamGirl Thu 18-Jul-19 16:38:33

i'd do it.

what do the people who say don't do it actually think she's going to miss? I mean what real effect is it going to have on her education / future career / life?

RedSkyLastNight Thu 18-Jul-19 16:43:34

Longer term it will probably make no difference at all.

However, short term, she will be out of friendship loops, have missed whatever topic was covered that week (that might not be recapped for months) and (as the proposed holiday is September) not have chance to settle in before she goes off and will come back to find that everyone else has ...

Plus (especially as this is the 2nd term time holiday in a short space of time) it's giving the message that school is optional if you want it to be.

TheDarkPassenger Thu 18-Jul-19 16:46:17

I would go!

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 17:43:27

Booked wink

Macaroni46 Thu 18-Jul-19 17:55:28

@Booboo66 your reply is bit unnecessarily unpleasant

noeyedeer Thu 18-Jul-19 21:12:08

@Pippa12 good for you! I took my DS out of school to attend my best friend's wedding. I got a day and a half off for travelling time, authorised (it was a weekend in the UK).

As for, they'd argue that if it was important they'd arrange their wedding another day to suit, absolutely not an argument that I've ever heard a school come back with. I'd be astounded if they did! (Ex-teacher).

You may get a fine for the extra days, but I'd do the same. Enjoy your holiday.

SparklesandFlowers Thu 18-Jul-19 21:28:02

I always hate it when children in my class go on holiday in term time, but that's only because I'm jealous they can! Teachers with children can't do it.

But I firmly believe that children can learn a lot from experiences outside the classroom and that teaching in English schools can be full-on for the pupils (it is for the teachers!). I do like it when children come back and have lots to tell about their holiday and I enjoy letting them show the class their photos and souvenirs.

Have a good time, OP!

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