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Taking DD out of school twice

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Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:49:40

We took our DD out of school for 4 days for a family holiday in April. When I say it poured down, I mean the weather was awful, it was a washout. Never got in the pool, and once my fake tan had washed off I looked paler than I went!!!

We have been invited to a wedding abroad at the end of September. My initial response was no, couldn’t take our DD out of school. But I’d love to watch this couple get married, I’d love my DD to enjoy the pool/entertainment in the sunshine and not the freak weather experienced for our main holiday!!!

We didn’t get fined in April due to short length of time (4 days) and otherwise had 100% attendance. She will of started a new class year but technically I’ve took her out twice in 6 months if we go... I am expecting the fine but is the punishment likely to be more harsh due to being a repeat offender within 12 months??? FWIW I wasn’t lucky enough to get any annual leave in the 6 weeks holidays this year hence the April trip.

Sirzy Thu 18-Jul-19 12:52:05

How old is she?

Two holidays in school time in 6 months is taking the Piss a bit imo

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Thu 18-Jul-19 12:53:18

How old is she? I mean it’s irrelevant to me as I wouldn’t do it but it will help others form an opinion.

JacquesHammer Thu 18-Jul-19 12:53:41

How old is your DD?

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:54:59

She is 7

DidUReallyJustSayThat Thu 18-Jul-19 12:55:46

I would for if she's in Y6 and under, Year 7 onwards, probably not. If it's a close family member getting married I would though.

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:56:44

I do agree it’s not ideal, if it wasn’t a wedding I wouldn’t do it... but that is swaying me to think we only live once!

sneakypinky Thu 18-Jul-19 12:57:00

Tell them she has conjunctivitis or something.

superram Thu 18-Jul-19 12:58:22

We bottled in and called in sick.... I’m a teacher and my head gave me time off but primary wouldn’t. Didn’t sleep worrying but now had a gin and feel ok.

Sirzy Thu 18-Jul-19 12:58:56

If you do go please don’t take the advice to tell her to lie.

Personally I wouldn’t do it

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 12:59:11

grin I couldn’t, there will definitely be pictures on SM that I couldn’t police. I don’t use it myself but it will be a big flamboyant event if you get my jist

JacquesHammer Thu 18-Jul-19 12:59:23

Double check your LEA rules.

For example ours works on a rolling 4 months basis. It also doesn’t go over two school years.

How many days would you take her out for?

mummymeister Thu 18-Jul-19 13:00:42

I think that the ban on holidays in term time is a bit of nonsense and more so for kids in primary education. so, I would just take her. but there will be someone along in a minute who will tell you that if you do you had better be prepared for her to fail her GCSE's and end up in a dead end job. Its a marmite issue. we have always taken ours out because we cant take holidays in school holidays. always made sure I sorted out work for them and that they didnt miss any thing.

Imustbemad00 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:03:19

I would do it. I usually call in sick, but I don’t ask the kids to lie. If they tell the teacher then so be it. I think once as long as the office mark it as sick it’s ok. Even if he tells his teacher I don’t think she’d mention it anyway, I don’t think teachers are that bothered about kids having a day or 2 off once a year for a special occasion.

Basecamp65 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:03:53

20 years ago no one would have batted an eyelid at this - we have lost all perspective on this issue at the moment I think.

But you do need to bear in mind the consequences in terms of action by the LA - there will not be any consequences in terms of your child's long term development.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Thu 18-Jul-19 13:04:53

Why don't you just ask and see what they say and then decide?

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:05:52

Thanks @JacquesHammer that’s a good point, I’ll look into that!

We would definitely only go for 1 week max.
So she will of had 9 days off in total for both holidays.

I do agree @mummymeister it makes things very difficult for my DH and I, I rarely get AL in the holidays due to the nature of our jobs and the demand from other colleagues. We end up squashing a holiday into 5 days or at obscure times of the year... I am fed up of going away and the weather being dire angry

ChicCroissant Thu 18-Jul-19 13:06:46

It is unfortunate that your first holiday didn't live up to your expectations, OP, but if it had been more sunshine than showers I don't think you'd even be considering going to the wedding - which makes me think it's more about you wanting another holiday.

What does your DD want to do, does she know the couple getting married?

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:08:14

Totally prepared to pay the fine (£120 I think) disagree with it but wouldn’t kick up a stink about it. My DD is a good all rounder, I am not concerned it will have a negative impact long term xxx

noeyedeer Thu 18-Jul-19 13:09:32

Weddings usually count as "exceptional circumstances". You're not asking for a holiday, you are attending a wedding. If you choose to spend more time than the wedding and a day either side away from school, the non-wedding days could be unauthorised, but you have no choice as to when the wedding is held.

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:10:02

@ChicCroissant can’t deny that one bit, the temptation would of been a little easier to resist if we hadn’t spent the vacation wrapped in beach towels and wearing our coats grin she wants to go although which child wouldn’t!

Alarmclockstop Thu 18-Jul-19 13:10:38

Just take her. Most councils it is more than 4.5 days in a 10 week period. Worst that will happen is you will get a fine. Pay it in time and all is good. She is not going to harm her life chances by missing some school at 7.

Pippa12 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:12:23

I did wonder about special circumstances @noeyedeer but as it’s close friends rather than family not sure I could use that card. I do have complicated family history tho, sure I they’d be a 6th cousin removed if I dug deep enough grin

Chocolatelover45 Thu 18-Jul-19 13:12:47

I would go. Shame to miss the opportunity, sounds like it will be the only family holiday she gets this summer. Family holiday is more important than 1 week of school at age 7.

RedSkyLastNight Thu 18-Jul-19 13:13:22

Weddings usually count as "exceptional circumstances
Depends whose wedding it is. And even then the school could argue that if it was so important that DD attended the wedding organiser could have chosen a different day (e.g. if it was the child's parents getting married)

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