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To want to shout "I'm WORKING from home."

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DreamingofSummer Wed 17-Jul-19 10:38:18

I WORK from home. My office is in a converted garage.

This does not mean I am AT home and, therefore, available for random, "only take a few minutes" jobs like watering the plants, nipping down to the shops and taking grandkids to sports practice. I'm WORKING.

It's great not having to commute any more but I do miss being unavailable.

MTBMummy Thu 18-Jul-19 15:42:32

Another one driven dippy by this.

I WFH once a week, DP has a day off once a week (he works Saturdays)

Lovely DP will do washing, mow lawn, prep dinner etc on his day off I'm exceptionally grateful for this. What I don't appreciate is being expected to do the same when I am working from home, I'll stick a load on the line or unload the dish washer during my lunch break but then I'm back to work. ARGH

cheesenpickles Thu 18-Jul-19 15:43:53

God yes! No dh, I can't just pop all the washing on, nip to the post office or sack off work to go to PC world because you've come home early. I work through lunch so I can pick up the kids and every interference means I have to add on time in my evening to make up.

NoSquirrels Thu 18-Jul-19 15:53:13

I work through lunch so I can pick up the kids and every interference means I have to add on time in my evening to make up.

This ^^

It’s simultaneously a wonderful and a terrible thing, WFH. My fh c hours allow me to do pick-up and after-school ferrying about activities. It’s great for the DC but leaves me in a permanent state of catch-up.

Louloubelle78 Thu 18-Jul-19 16:09:58

YES! I work as a consultant and beauty therapist from the bottom of the garden. I actually get WhatsApp messages such as can you come in the house and help me fix the blind....yes am sure my client won't mind half way through a massage. Also, why are you working in the evening. What have you been doing all day? He works from home. The kitchen is a tip, I am expected to fetch and carry food while he does The Big Important Job. Yes totally does my head in.

cheesenpickles Thu 18-Jul-19 17:37:15

Oh god yes! The BIG IMPORTANT JOB! Yes, I'm aware that your full time hours earn more than my part time hours and you do pay the lions share of the bills, but you do love to brag to your friends that my hourly rate and job extras are significantly higher than yours when it suits. grin (disclaimer - he is very supportive but often forgets that some of the fun stuff my job allows is actually work.)

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