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to tell DH that he can't keep his shotgun in the babys bedroom?

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entropy Sun 29-Jul-07 23:33:50

The gun would be in a locked cabinet in a built in cupboard and dd isn't even a year old so there is no way she could get to it, but, keeping a shotgun in a child's bedroom seems fundamentally wrong to me and I have laid down the law. AIBU?

KerryMumbledore Sun 29-Jul-07 23:34:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 29-Jul-07 23:34:44

no you are not

why does he need a gun?

HonoriaGlossop Sun 29-Jul-07 23:36:19

FGS. Why would he even think of it?

He should be getting rid of it now he has a family IMO. Accidents have, and do, happen with guns in houses.

entropy Sun 29-Jul-07 23:37:07

he doesn't NEED a gun! its a hobby. he likes to kill plates

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Sun 29-Jul-07 23:37:43

Not unreasonable at all, I would be demanding for the gun to be stored away from the house.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 29-Jul-07 23:39:24

like clay pigeon shooting? cant he keep it elsewhere like where the hobby takes place?

its a big risk having a gun in the house

RosaLuxembourg Sun 29-Jul-07 23:40:41

My Dad used to keep his .22 rifle in the coat cupboard in the hall. Not usually loaded though.
YANBU at all - babies and guns don't mix.

entropy Sun 29-Jul-07 23:41:29

well its locked in the loft so I think we can rule out accidents for a few years. but it does worry me I have to admit

MaureenMLove Sun 29-Jul-07 23:42:39

Have you got a loft that he can store it in? I'm suprised the fire arms department are allowing it to be stored there tbh.

MaureenMLove Sun 29-Jul-07 23:43:33

Sorry x posts!

Nightynight Sun 29-Jul-07 23:49:34

my father had a shotgun when we were small, I dont remember ever seeing where it was stored!

Agree, it is deeply wrong to store a gun in a babys room.

entropy Sun 29-Jul-07 23:50:07

thats OK. It's never been stored in dd's room btw. I went mental when he suggested it
he has accepted that it is staying in the loft but I can't justify what threat an unloaded gun in a locked cupboard in a locked cupboard is to a baby who can't even climb out of her cot yet....

Nightynight Sun 29-Jul-07 23:56:44

Neither can I. Its just the thought of it!! I mean, why not park some gardening tools and spare parts for the car in there too?

newlifenewname Sun 29-Jul-07 23:59:49

He should get shot of it - ha ha ho ho

seriously though guns in houses with children? No no nooooooo!

Guns are bad horrid things anyway.

entropy Mon 30-Jul-07 00:02:06

TBH I've put the left over paint in there while we have a break from decorating. That could do a lot more harm if she did learn to! climb and open cupboards with high catches.... maybe I should move it soon!

and LOL at spare parts for the car we will have that talk too in the future I'm sure. he thought I was unreasonable as I didn't want a starter motor living in the sink at one point!

ladylush Mon 30-Jul-07 00:18:43

I hate the idea of guns being kept in houses full stop. One also has to consider that even though your baby can't get into that cupboard another child might be able to. I personally would also be plagued by irrational thoughts of burglars breaking in and getting hold of the gun.

alicet Mon 30-Jul-07 07:48:54

An unloaded gun in a locked cupboard in a locked cupboard is unlikely to be a danger to anyone as long as he is sensible to the point of paranoid about where the keys live.

But have to say agree with other posters that and yourself that it feels totally wrong for this to be in the baby's room!

The loft should be fine though

Leati Mon 30-Jul-07 08:06:58


You were one hundred percent right to get upset. I can't even believe he suggested it. As one reader already pointed out while you dd may not be old enough another child could be.

But to be honest, from my perspective it is about more than that. It is about having DD comfortable with the idea of having a gun around. It is one thing to have a gun locked in a gun case (with trigger lock preferrably) out of sight and out of mind. It is another thing for her to grow up with it right next to her bed, curious about the thing in the box.

One last note, a person far more likely to be injured by a gun kept for protection then an intruder. Sense your husband is attached to his gun (mine is also) I would suggest a gun saftey course for all the adults in the home.

popsycal Mon 30-Jul-07 08:08:54

HE is totally unreasonable

Walnutshell Mon 30-Jul-07 08:19:19

I thought all firearms were banned now anyway? No?

americantrish Mon 30-Jul-07 08:23:56

well given that i have a strong hate for guns, i would say having a weapon in the house with a child isnt a good idea..

chopster Mon 30-Jul-07 08:26:56

Since there is absolutely no real risk, you can see that there is no real reason to be bothered by it, but I wouldn't like it neither. Tell him it's the baby's room, and you want it for baby's things only!

elasticsortinghandstand Mon 30-Jul-07 08:28:15

what is the ruling on guns?
i know they shoudl be in a locked cupboard but probably not near to under 16's? let alone in the bedroom

ScottishMummy Mon 30-Jul-07 08:28:39

i thought that shotguns had to be kept in a lockable cupboard of certain dimensions with a sturdy lock , and the police notified that u had a gun and a licence and legitimate need for a firearm at home

firearms and children- certainly not in close proximity..i still shudder when i recall the dubnbalane atrocities

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