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To wonder why women’s shirts are see-through?

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ethelfleda Tue 16-Jul-19 08:12:28

Am I just not shopping in the right places? Nearly every single shirt I try on is flipping see-through!

geekone Tue 16-Jul-19 08:13:51

None of my T-shirts are see through. I bought loads in sports direct, either sporty ones or picture ones.

DinoEggz Tue 16-Jul-19 08:15:30

It happens with a lot of women’s clothes and it drives me insane. Obviously the thin fabric is cheaper so they can make more profit! But who’s buying see through clothes? Somebody must be otherwise they’d all be left on the shelf and the manufacturers would realise its a waste of time not using decent fabric.

BiscuitDrama Tue 16-Jul-19 08:16:56

Are they more see through than a flesh coloured bra will help with?

EskewedBeef Tue 16-Jul-19 08:16:59

I don't have many t-shirts, but the few I do have aren't see through. Probably got them from M&S and John Lewis own brand.

LolaSmiles Tue 16-Jul-19 08:17:09

It depends.
Chiffon floaty blouses then it's a design thing and some people (me included) like how lightweight they are.
Basic t shirts and strap tops that are white and so thin that even a nude bra shows through is just cheap clothing.

I hate finding white tops in a nice cut and that don't flash my bra

FamilyOfAliens Tue 16-Jul-19 08:18:04

The OP is talking about shirts, not T shirts.

Thekingintheeast Tue 16-Jul-19 08:19:47

I have lots of little holes in all my T-shirt’s (Zara, gap, hush etc) and my partner doesn’t. Women’s T-shirt’s are obviously made with thinner cotton. And yes they are all see through - I had to a flesh bra last week for my summer haul of T-shirt’s!!

breathing Tue 16-Jul-19 08:20:57

I seem to always find a shirt I LOVE and then find it's see-through when I pick it up and/or try it on/

CherryPavlova Tue 16-Jul-19 08:21:22

There is (if you believe Desmond Morris et al) an innate biological desire to display your sexuality to those who may be your partner. Transparency of tops means breasts are emphasised and displayed. It’s all about displaying sexual signs to potential partners.
Much more fun than being lightweight!

Thekingintheeast Tue 16-Jul-19 08:21:26

Ahh - shirts not T-shirt’s! I had a voucher for White Company and wanted a white shirt - they were all too see through and a couple of lovely shirts in the sale in Mint Velvet were also see through. I think it’s a things l.:.

geekone Tue 16-Jul-19 08:23:02

Oops sorry it’s early.

Shirts, joules I have 2 and they are not see through.

LolaSmiles Tue 16-Jul-19 08:23:08

It still depends. Liking a chiffon shirt and being surprised it's sheer would be silly, but it's annoying when normal cotton shirts are see through.

DH can't believe how flimsy some women's clothing is compared to men's.

Birdie6 Tue 16-Jul-19 08:23:19

Wear flesh coloured underwear - problem solved.

geekone Tue 16-Jul-19 08:24:09

To be honest even men’s white shirts are a bit see through. If men wear vests you can see them.

myself2020 Tue 16-Jul-19 08:25:28

Most white shirts are see through, men’s and women’s if they are cheap material. you need to get reasonable heavy cotton, or wear a nude vest/nude bra top underneatg

DrVonPatak Tue 16-Jul-19 08:26:06

Buy a few good quality ones, from 100% cotton instead of lots of cheap, synthetic ones.

SimonJT Tue 16-Jul-19 08:27:10

Male and dark skinned, our shirts are see through too, if the shirt is pale it would need very heavy fabric to not be see through.

Fraggling Tue 16-Jul-19 08:31:34

Yes this has been angering me for decades.

See a nice thing, pick it up, oh look its see through! How many women really want to wear transparent clothes?

The worst one is where they are only see through in certain lights. Friend of mine worked in betting shop, out clearing the counters, all the regulars watching and smiling and she thought what's up with them today. Someone comes in goes up to her whispers, everyone can see straight through your skirt! Moryifying!

No I don't get why they do it either. I see very very few women in see through clothes so I'm not sure who is buying them!

The idea that the kind fasbion industry makes them for us so men can stare at our tits and we like that is out of line. I have hated that sort of attention from randoms ever since it started at about 12. And I wasn't wearing see through clothes. I mean we don't need to do that to have men staring at us etc do we.

Fraggling Tue 16-Jul-19 08:33:43

Men's shirts are not designed to be see through (apart from in fetish shops maybe) lol at false rquivalence.

Yes sure men buy trousers all the time and then unknown to them, in sunlight, they turn transparent. Happens all the time!

AlaskanOilBaron Tue 16-Jul-19 08:34:52

Mine aren't. wink To be fair I haven't really shopped this year (polishes halo) - where are you looking?

Thekingintheeast Tue 16-Jul-19 08:36:07

I find the same with clothes in gap kids. The girls T-shirt’s are often far thinner (and don’t get me started on the ridiculous and endless unicorn/cupcake images) while the boys are far more robust. We often buy the boys T-shirt’s as they have cool vintage Disney ones at present.

Fraggling Tue 16-Jul-19 08:36:56

I find see through clothes all over the place.

I tend to be looking in John Lewis I'm ahobbs type of woman but have a look round evetything.

Have taught girls to put hand in and hold up to light to check for unanticipated transparency :D

AntiHop Tue 16-Jul-19 08:40:42

I noticed this recently too. Wanted to buy some smart tops for work. I went home empty handed.

dayslikethese1 Tue 16-Jul-19 08:41:08

This drives me mad, can never find tops that aren't see through. I now have a selection of vests/crop tops to wear under stuff. I always put my hand under to check see through level before buying as well.

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