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to think ASDA is as cheap as Lidl/Aldi...

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GingerOClock Mon 15-Jul-19 22:19:43

Popped into an ASDA store today on the way back from an appointment to grab some bits for tea and I was agog at the prices. We don't have one nearby and I usually shop at Lidl, occasionally Morrisons if I'm feeling flush ! I've just discovered they will deliver to me though... do you think it is just as cheap as Lidl. I'm considering doing a weekly shop, but I'm time precious this week so don't want to waste time adding all to my basket if it's going to come out £££ compared to Lidl....

EskewedBeef Mon 15-Jul-19 22:23:27

I seem to remember a newspaper (probably the i) doing a price check of supermarkets, and I think Asda was the second cheapest costing roughly 10% more than Aldi.

EskewedBeef Mon 15-Jul-19 22:24:30

I'm guessing Aldi and Lidl are roughly the same in terms of cost.

bwydda Mon 15-Jul-19 22:25:29

For many things , yes. It's certainly comparable in cost, if not equal.

But for fresh veg fruit and meat- Lidl is cheaper. An aubergine £0.66p in Lidl, £0.80p Asda. A marrow £1 in Lidl £1.30 in Asda. A bag of baby salad leaves £0.58 in Lidl £1 in Asda . Chicken drumsticks £1.75 in Lidl £2.18 in Asda. Etc etc

So for me- Lidl is the right choice, because I need to save the pennies

chaplin1409 Mon 15-Jul-19 22:27:00

I think it's cheaper but I also think the fresh stuff is better than lidl and aldi near me anyway.

Fizzypoo Mon 15-Jul-19 22:27:18

A £35 lidl shop will cost me £50 from asda but that's because theres more stuff (and their meat is more expensive). Asdas fruit and veg lasts longer so you can do a weekly shop unlike lidls.

I do a mixture of both.

Florencenotflo Mon 15-Jul-19 22:36:20

I just find I spend less in Aldi because there is less choice. Plus our Asda is a superstore so I end up getting clothes and home stuff I don't need 😂

I do think Aldi is cheaper but our one, the fresh fruit doesn't last as long. But I've happily found that our local greengrocer is actually a lot cheaper than I thought so I use both now.

PinkFlowerFairy Mon 15-Jul-19 22:39:42

Asdas own brand /own stuff seems as cheap in an overall shop if not cheaper.

If you compare aldi/lidl to full price branded goods at asda aldi/lidl is cheaper.

Pimmsypimms Mon 15-Jul-19 22:41:57

Not for meat it isn't. I would definitely spend more on an Asda shop than I would in Aldi or Lidl, even if i were buying all Asda home brands.

healthylifestylee Mon 15-Jul-19 22:42:46

Something's are cheaper others aren't - I like to shop between Lidl and Sainsbury's/Asda
Lidl is close to my bus stop so I can grab some bits but I go to Sainsbury's which is a slightly further walk
And sometimes Asda after the gym
I like Asda however I don't buy too much other than fruit/veg so the cost doesn't vary too much per shop

HubbabubbaT Mon 15-Jul-19 23:08:28

Fresh meat - Lidl.
Cupboard goods/washing etc - Aldi.
Fresh fruit&veg - Asda / Morrisons. It just lasts so much longer than the German discounters that it makes it that bit more cost effective.

DontCallMeShitley Mon 15-Jul-19 23:27:52

Asda is better value than Lidl, and better quality. I find I end up with less mouldy fruit & veg in Asda than in Lidl, no matter how carefully I look I end up with a pack of blueberries with mouldy ones at the bottom in Lidl and the rest goes off much faster.

Many things are much better and can get a full shop in Asda but not Lidl, much more choice. For me Lidl is cheaper because I can't get much of the week's shop there not because of the prices.

Also find Morrisons is OK.

BettyJune07 Mon 15-Jul-19 23:32:35

I found doing an online shop in ASDA to be cheaper than aldi. 3 for 10 on the meat and the sausages were amazing, proper sausages not like the shit ones aldi sell. So a pack of 10 could be used for 2 meals for 2adults 2kids bulked out with other bits. 3for£3 on bags of crisps, and a good choice of own brand stuff. I've passed my test now so don't do the online shop anymore but generally find their food better quality than aldi, particularly meat, fruit and veg.

ChesterDrawsDoesntExist Mon 15-Jul-19 23:33:37

I swapped my Tesco monthly shop for Aldi.


Didn't manage to save much at all and certain replacements were completely inedible (I'm looking at you Aldi Pepperamis and Chicago Town type microwave pizzas 🤢)
With some savvy shopping of both name brands and shops own I can get a brilliant monthly shop from Tesco for what I could at Aldi. So it's no U to think someone could do the same at ASDA.

ChesterDrawsDoesntExist Mon 15-Jul-19 23:35:41

And most of Aldi's fruit and veg got binned before it could get used. It didn't last at all so was completely unsuitable for a weekly or monthly shop.

Tonks101 Mon 15-Jul-19 23:36:08

Last time i shopped at asda I spent nearly double my usual aldi shop

I also find that whichever asda I've been to always has half the shelves empty

isittooearlyforgin Tue 16-Jul-19 00:00:16

I’ve saved a fortune switching to Lidl and find the fruit and veg to be fine, delicatessen to be better and lovely bread. I do have to go main stream for beans and ketchup though

TheDarkPassenger Tue 16-Jul-19 00:21:21

I find Asda stuff lasts way longer, specifically the fresh foods so for me it saves money on not throwing way soggy salad or raspberries

JemSynergy Tue 16-Jul-19 00:27:16

I hate the meat in Asda and I hate the fruit and veg in Aldi. Sainsbury meat is pumped full of water. I think it is all a much of a much.

VenusTiger Tue 16-Jul-19 00:31:04

I’ve wasted so much money on Aldi/Lidl fruit and salad.... it’s always bruised but you don’t realise till day 2 and it’s mush in the bowl!

I watched a documentary about the stores and how the staff have a set time to get everything onto shelves and then get called to the tills... they were basically chucking the products onto the shelves in the hidden camera footage, which is why it’s always bruised.

I pop there for bits now, but do main shop in asda.

Sobeyondthehills Tue 16-Jul-19 00:45:17

I use to use Tescos, as I found their quality was worth it.

I now use Amazon, this is mainly because I do a shit ton of surveys, enough for me to be able to pay for a monthly shop from Amazon fresh with vouchers, its slightly more expensive than Tesco and Asda, but I haven't had to pay cash for my shopping in a few months

SarahAndQuack Tue 16-Jul-19 00:49:07

ASDA won't be as nice quality, but it might be as cheap. Depends what you're buying!

FuriousVexation Tue 16-Jul-19 00:49:16

IME Asda own brand stuff, and especially their fruit and veg, is crap. It's not cheaper if it doesn't last.

If I'm skint as fuck then I go to Aldi/Lidl for my weekly shop. Actually I get a lot of stuff there even if I'm not skint because it's just cheaper, and equal quality to Morrisons/Tesco. For example Birdseye Fishfingers 12 pack something like £1.30 in Aldi, over £2 in Morrisons. So generally we do a split shop every week, £20 or so in Aldi and £60 in Morrisons. (I'm trying to reduce this. We spend too much.)

FuriousVexation Tue 16-Jul-19 00:51:55

@Sobeyondthehills would you PM me the survey sites you're using? I love Amazon and any vouchers would be a massive bonus.

Sobeyondthehills Tue 16-Jul-19 01:25:54


Will do it in the morning

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