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Really stressed about what I told my GP

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User7288911 Mon 15-Jul-19 17:56:05

I was a heavy drinker for about 10 years. A couple of years ago I had a minor health issue (unrelated to alcohol) and admitted to my GP that I was drinking around 70 units a week. Due to wanting to improve my health and stop feeling like crap every day, since last summer I’ve cut down enormously, to the point where I drink about 10 units a week and have several dry months in the year as well.

When I spoke to the GP two years ago, he said I was drinking far too much, but didn’t prescribe me any medication or suggest I attend AA meetings. He just advised that I should cut down to the recommended 14 units per week. I haven’t had any further dealings with him since, as I’ve had no need to see a doctor. I’ve no idea what’s actually on my records.

What I’d like to know is, who can see my medical records and could this admission to my GP affect my ability to get a mortgage or start a family in the future? I regret ever saying anything now, but I assumed at the time that everything discussed with a doctor would be 100% confidential sad Does anyone know?

SplodgeStar Tue 16-Jul-19 00:15:39

OP if you do choose to go through adoption or fostering in the future you will be required to have an up to date gp medical at that time. That will ask for past medical history but will mainly detail your current status, plus you'll be in the room with the doctor so will know exactly what they write at the time they write it. I work in the nhs and, with regard to adoption etc, have not once been asked to provide copy medical records, only the gp medical.

A GP cannot give your medical records to anyone without your explicit consent, except as mentioned above if you are involved in a criminal litigation whereby the court orders it. Civil litigation is different and you would be required to give your consent for a solicitor to access your medical records.

Insurance companies may request a gp report when you request a quote, or apply for a mortgage or wish to make a claim, however when you initially complete the forms they will state they may need to ask gp for a report and you can choose to see the report at your doctors before it is sent back and can therefore have a say in what is sent.

And to put anyone's mind at rest, not everyone who has access to the gp system can see your notes, there are levels of authorisation depending on the job they do and you can always ask your gp for their policy on accessing records if you want further clarification. It is an offence to access any patient's records without a genuine reason for doing so.

Please do not feel you wish you had lied to your gp, that took courage and you've done a bloody good job by yourself, with little support. Remember a GP is there to help you, not hinder.

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