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AIBU to refuse to help with this lift?

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AnnieOH1 Mon 15-Jul-19 14:47:38

I'm trying not to dripfeed so I'm going to do bullet points to make it simple.

* Charlotte (not real name) has asked for a ride next week that will take between 1 and 1.5 hours one way.

* Charlotte needs ride to sort next stage of interview process but would be working in same place.

* Charlotte can't drive.

* Public transport will take anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours with 2 to 6 changes and/or multiple walks between stops of between 10 and 30 minutes.

* Shifts may mean she can't take advantage of the shorter 3 hour journey times.

The way I see it, based on the above, if this was part of the process only with the job being local then I would be more than happy to help her as a one off. However given that at very best she can expect to commute 3 hours each way I can't see how this job can be viable. Charlotte maintains it is quicker by public transport than it is by car and she would be able to sleep (despite possibly 6 transit changes).

But is it really my place to make that decision? It feels like it would be a huge waste of time to take essentially a day out of my own schedule for something that realistically is not going to work. The company does not have any expansion plans locally and she is 1 month into a 12 month tenancy agreement (as well as having kids at secondary school).

I want to help but at the same time helping on this feels futile. Aibu to say no? And do I say why or make an excuse?

Whosorrynow Thu 18-Jul-19 12:27:42

Just reply that she seems to have mistaken you for a taxi driver, you could perhaps helpfully include the numbers of some local taxi firms?

fedup21 Thu 18-Jul-19 16:11:56

@ThumbWitchesAbroad ah, thank you-I missed that.

She seems to have mistaken you for a taxi! Have you relied to any of these messages?

WillLokireturn Thu 18-Jul-19 17:58:56

Reply "No thankyou. I'm not going that way" to latest request.

She seems to have mistaken you for a taxi!

PPs are right she isn't asking for lifts she is asking you to give up your busy time and expense to drive her around and wait for her outside aapointments. I do believe she sees you as staff shock OP! 🤔

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