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In saying that Botox/fillers etc do NOT make you look younger?

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TwinkleWings Fri 12-Jul-19 13:53:34

Correct me if I'm wrong but i honestly have never seen any examples of someone having Botox and/or fillers and though "wow you look so much younger!"! I actually think it ages people as it gives them a frozen look or puffy look which is synonymous with having work done which would then lead me to believe the person is of a certain age.

Obviously some practitioners are much better at doing it that others and there are probably some cowboys (or cowgirls?!) our there injecting people with the stuff left right and centre but even when someone has been somewhere reputable I still think it actually ages them.

I'm of the age now where my face ain't what it was. Hurtling towards forty, three kids, always exhausted and often think about getting a bit of Botox (not tempted with filler AT ALL yet) but in all honesty I have never seen a good example of it...ever.


inwest Sun 14-Jul-19 14:11:56

You make the point that you see people that have had botox and dermal fillers that look awful, this is a moot point, those that go to experienced practitioners that really know what they are doing will get elegant results that freshen them WITHOUT it looking obvious, in short , you dont notice GOOD botox!
Botox smooths away lines and wrinkles in the upper face , it will also lift your eyebrows, opening your eyes . EYEBROWS should NOT move be straight and not look like SPOCK

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Sun 14-Jul-19 14:25:00

I think it’s rarely not noticeable something is different

And many will start off having it done and carry on and they start to have that look

My friend looked healthier at first few years later looks like a women who could be 40 or 50 who has had too much Botox

So many young women having their lips done and Botox what will they look like at 40

GetMeOffThisCycleOfMisery Sun 14-Jul-19 14:25:19

Excellent point @inwest 👏🏻

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Sun 14-Jul-19 14:28:28

Julianne Moore’s face looks frozen have you seen her in any films recently

We have become accustomed to the Botox/filler look she has had good work done it’s better than many but it’s still obvious

IamEarthymama Sun 14-Jul-19 15:08:16

Gillian Andersen looks amazing.
I am 65 and I wouldn't dream of having anything done though I do use a purple rinse on my white hair!
I love people's faces and think the adulation of youth is ridiculous.
I love Big Little lies but am always distracted at first view of Nicole Kidman, I am shocked at her face. It suits her character in BLL though.
Here's a picture of Gillian.
Just because 😊

HelenaDove Sun 14-Jul-19 18:22:33

Apparently the viscous gel or filler was first developed to treat facial wasting in AIDS patients.

Superdrug got criticized last year for offering Botox and lip fillers.

Kavas Cosmetics last year did "freshers competitions" free treatments to those who entered with a valid student card.

The same company is currently offering "Love Island" discount packages for those who book filler procedures at the same time as a fake tan or manicure.

Young women do not need bloody fillers This advertising is being directly marketed at them.

jennymanara Sun 14-Jul-19 18:30:12

@IamEarthymama That photo has been retouched. Yes she does look good, but she does not look like that photo.

IamEarthymama Sun 14-Jul-19 18:34:17

Sorry I was being giddy!
I know it has been retouched
But she still looks lovely.
I love her hair like that.

missyB1 Sun 14-Jul-19 20:54:34

God yeah Nicole Kidman in big little lies - just doesn’t seem right, she shouldn’t look like that!

notacooldad Sun 14-Jul-19 21:01:17

Seeing rhatvwe are talking botox can anyone recommend a practitioner that has has excellent results in the North West ( Ribble valley, preston lancaster even as far down as Liverpool?)

EmeraldShamrock Sun 14-Jul-19 21:45:44

I think they make people perkier, smoother, although it definitely shrinks the eyes, I've noticed heavy users eyes get smaller.
I've had it twice, I loved it both times, it is well gone I'm back to crinkle head I have deep frown lines.

PetrichorRain Mon 15-Jul-19 18:06:01

Is it just me that thinks it’s funny that the plastic surgeon’s association is called ‘baaps’?

BogglesGoggles Mon 15-Jul-19 18:07:10

It stops you from looking older.

BlkPlimsole Mon 15-Jul-19 18:14:17

Interesting re. Nicole Kidman in BigLittleLies. How I love that programme! But Nicole Kidman is the worst actress in it, I'm not sure why. Perhaps because her face looks strangely expressionless and bland and fake. Maybe thats her character. Or maybe its because she can't "act" properly 'cos of all the stuff in her face. Hard to know.

Personally I hate the botox and filler look e.g. all over "Loose Women". But I must admit the one exception I make is that comedienne Joan Rivers, who, for some reason, looked "better" with it confused. But I tihnk she had full blown plastic surgery and changed her whole face completely (I think she had an issue with not being "beautiful" her whole life).

BlkPlimsole Mon 15-Jul-19 18:16:25

I love people's faces and think the adulation of youth is ridiculous

^ Great comment Earthymother.

Though I wouldn't put Gillian Andersen in that category. She always looks very bland and corporate to me!

IrmaFayLear Mon 15-Jul-19 18:17:10

The thing is in BigLittleLies is that Nicole Kidman is always filmed through a pair of 70-denier tights. There's always this sort of misty look when the camera's on her which is not the case with the other actresses.

I read that in real life Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (dh) look absolutely weird.

BlkPlimsole Mon 15-Jul-19 18:21:59

Irma, I see. Maybe they're tryna make her look "frail, dreamy and damaged"? I dunno; I find her portrayed character unconvincing and self-concious. Don't know if thats deliberate.

BlkPlimsole Mon 15-Jul-19 18:24:16

All the other actors are great though, and Laura Dern is simply crackling on screen in Series 2, isn't she smile?

(sorry turned into BLL thread)

BrokenWing Mon 15-Jul-19 18:28:05

A friend is a bit of a botox/fillers addict and gets them done several times a year. Some of what she gets done is ok.

Marionette lines fill out well and aren't noticeably "done"

Vertical lip lines above her top lip (from decades of drinking out of beer bottles) look ridiculous/swollen for the first 3-4 days when swollen, then look ok for several weeks.

Her forehead, and the forehead of anyone who has had botox looks terrible. And they are noticeable immediately from the huge frozen forehead, right there in front of your eyes when talking to them. Including the OP that bravely posted her before and after pictures (sorry), botox users must just become forehead blind. It is just so noticeable, unnatural and unattractive.

Surfingtheweb Mon 15-Jul-19 18:37:21

YABU if they are done well you would never know and yes the person looks younger.

HelenaDove Mon 15-Jul-19 18:42:50

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