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To ask for your "All kids love it" meals?

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HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:43:24

One of DD's friends (both 11) coming for a sleepover in a couple of days. It's not one of her regular friends so I don't know her well. With her other mates, I know what they like to eat etc.....I've asked DD who doesn't know. (or care)

I just wanted to ask what I might give them for dinner? We're on school hols here in Oz by the way. It's midwinter.

DD has limited taste in foods...she likes my homemade pizza but that's such a faff! I make the dough and it's messy...I wanted something easier but nothing like sausages or burgers please...I hate the smell!

Also...any nice recipes for a chocolatey bake of some sort please? Not muffins...mine ALWAYS fail.

BoronationStreet Mon 08-Jul-19 13:45:20

Mac and cheese

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:46:27

Oooh's not very filling is it mac n cheese? A bit...empty somehow?

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:46:44

I think of it as a side dish.

DifficultPifcultLemonDifficult Mon 08-Jul-19 13:47:01

I make pasta and put out bowls of ham, grated cheese, a pot of cheesy sauce, peas, sweet corn etc so they can just make their own pasta dish, and it takes minutes to do.

I can't help you with the name, I'm more of a taster than a baker grin

ThePinkCushion Mon 08-Jul-19 13:47:10

It fills me up and my appetite isn't small, plus kids love it.

managedmis Mon 08-Jul-19 13:47:52

Mac and cheese with hotdog sausages

ThePinkCushion Mon 08-Jul-19 13:48:05

I've never understood the thing of macaroni cheese as a side dish. It seems so random. Definitely a main for me.

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:48:43

Lemon that sounds good...

Managed no sausages thanks! Sorry to be awkward!

P1nkHeartLovesCake Mon 08-Jul-19 13:49:04

Spaghetti & meatballs with a good helping of cheese

Home made Pizza ( it’s great because the dc can get involved, it’s really not a faff as you can buy pre made bases if you wish)

The BEST chocolate bake ever is this bbc brownie, honestly it’s amazing!

Chloe9 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:49:22

Pizza and sides
Garlic bread, wedges, mozzarella sticks and chicken nuggets
Plus some cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber and carrot sticks if you want to make it a bit healthier

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:49:39

Pink I think it's just too bland....all pale and yellow....if a dish doesn't have meat in it then I want it to have a load of veg to make it appealing.

I do like pasta and cheese...but with other foods in there.

Whoops75 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:49:45


HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:50:17

Chloe thanks but I said no pizza in my OP....sorry.

Chloe9 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:50:29

Are there any veggies? Might need to find that out. You can get Quorn nuggets

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:50:57

PinkHeart thanks! Will look at that Brownie recipe now!

ThePinkCushion Mon 08-Jul-19 13:51:29

You can put veg on the side.

Charles11 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:51:38

The only thing I found that everyone liked is chicken drumsticks, potato wedges and sweet corn and spaghetti bolognaise

Chloe9 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:51:44


Spaghetti bolognese with jar sauce (or make the sauce ahead, bolognese is great reheated)
Chicken nachos or fajitas

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:51:46

Chloe it's one child. She's not a vegetarian.

Pineapplefish Mon 08-Jul-19 13:52:03

How about jacket potatoes with a selection of fillings (cheese, baked beans, tuna etc).

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:52:23

Fajitas maybe! Thanks Chloe!

Chloe9 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:52:48


Sorry I'm a bit distracted I appear to be incapable of reading things properly!

I find homepride pasta bake normally goes down well

Backstabbath Mon 08-Jul-19 13:53:11

Chicken wraps. Easy to cook and filling

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 13:53:29

Pineapple DD used to LOVE baked potatoes...she ate nothing but those for tea for months and as a bloody result, now won't touch them! She's a right pain. I love baked potatoes with nice fillings.

Lolly34h Mon 08-Jul-19 13:54:09

I buy a pasta bake sauce and use that with pasta and do mini meatballs through it with cheese in the top garlic bread green salad my kids love it

Butterymuffin Mon 08-Jul-19 13:55:32

Mac and cheese with crushed peas mixed in if you want veg. Works with others too but peas are easiest and most kids like them.

HoustonBess Mon 08-Jul-19 13:56:23

Check out this

Thekingintheeast Mon 08-Jul-19 13:57:46

Mine love chilli (we do black bean as I’m veggie but minced beef equally good) in tortillas or on nachos with all the bits (cheese, guacamole, rice, salad etc) or fish tacos - fish strips (we like salmon with a spice crust but you could do any other fish or shop bought goujons) with loads of salad and guacamole.

Thekingintheeast Mon 08-Jul-19 13:58:54

And homemade pizza dough will last happily overnight in the fridge in a tub. Just leave it to rise in the fridge rather than out! I make mine on my mixer with the dough hook - a revelation!!

HennyPennyHorror Mon 08-Jul-19 14:01:21

East I don';t want to make dough. I do it by hand (no mixer or anything here) so it's a bother.

Saracen Mon 08-Jul-19 14:01:27

Fajitas. Kids love to choose what's going into it and wrap it up. I just put out lots of ingredients and they take what they like. You can offer a spicy item but they can give it a miss if they dislike spicy food. Likewise with allergies and intolerances people can suit themselves - though obviously guests with a gluten intolerance need special wraps and you can usually only get those in the big supermarkets.

BoronationStreet Mon 08-Jul-19 14:05:36

Lasagna...I can send you my recipe. It's from scratch and very good. smile

Grumpbum123 Mon 08-Jul-19 14:06:48

Here wraps with a selection of stuff to put in with potato wedges and corn on the cobs

Pesto pasta always a winner

Nigellas meatzza

Mexican lasagna

notso Mon 08-Jul-19 14:09:39

I was going to post homemade pizza as that's the only thing I've found all kids like!
It's quick too 10 mins to do the dough and sauce and the kids do the rest.

Otherwise something like wraps with various fillings, salad stuff, dips, tortillas or possibly potato wedges.

LoudBatPerson Mon 08-Jul-19 14:10:57

"Boats" are always a hit here.

The stand and stuff soft tacos. We serve a variety of things, sometimes panko chicken strips, grilled chicken, tuna, meatballs, roast veg etc. Then have a selection of veg, salad, rice and sauces with cheese etc.

Everyone makes their own boats up just how they like them. We normally serve with wedges or new potatoes.

Stifledlife Mon 08-Jul-19 14:13:00

Fajitas and the other go to, tacos.

Spaghetti bolognese, good quality chicken nuggets and a bowl of fruit, sausages wrapped in pastry to make home made sausage rolls, served with cucumber and carrot sticks..essentially anything they can eat with their fingers.

If you make your pizza dough they can top their own pizzas and you have the benefit of an activity as well, making you the playdate queen!

You can buy ready made pizza bases, or use a tortilla as a base and go from there.

minipie Mon 08-Jul-19 14:16:03

Pasta bolognese
Pasta bake with tomato and mozzarella
Risotto with bacon and peas
Noodles or rice with chunks of chicken and veg, bit of soy sauce ginger and garlic.
Fish fingers (home made if you feel the need) or chicken goujons with veg and sweet potato

Tallgreenbottle Mon 08-Jul-19 14:18:34

You dont let your kids eat sausages or burgers because you don't like the smell? confused Can't you open a window or get a clothes peg for your nose? Weirdest thing I've read on Mumsnet today.

LizzieMacQueen Mon 08-Jul-19 14:26:26

Fish goujons and home made potato wedges, side dish of peas or sweetcorn. Easy peasy

Or filled wraps as several PP Have suggested.

For an easy chocolate pudding you could crush chocolate biscuits (get girls to do this) mix with melted butter and put in ramekin dishes. Then top with ice cream or whipped cream and some chopped bananas or strawberries.

MerdedeBrexit Mon 08-Jul-19 14:27:57

Marinade chicken drumsticks and wings in equal parts of honey or maple syrup, tomato ketchup and soy sauce. Grill or oven bake. Serve with pasta, rice, chips, whatever starch they might like. And a salad on the side to pretend to be healthy. Never fails for kids (of any age).
Nigella's cream cheese brownies are easy and delicious.

Hippee Mon 08-Jul-19 14:28:43

Stew with dumplings (we make them on a baking tray so they are crispy, not soggy like the ones you cook in the stew)

Yorkshire puddings with stew, or bolognese or sausages and gravy in.

Shepherds pie

Meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta or couscous

Have started sneaking quorn into anything that would normally have mince and my children don't usually notice.

ElizaPancakes Mon 08-Jul-19 14:31:54

Spaghetti and meatballs
Curry and rice - mild one if you’re not sure

On of our faves at the moment is roast chicken pieces (normally in a homemade bbq sauce) shredded and in wraps. Also with roast sweet potatoes.

MatchSetPoint Mon 08-Jul-19 14:33:00

How about homemade pizza but use a wrap instead of faffing about with dough. My mum used to make me and my friends a little buffet type dinner, nuggets, sausages, garlic bread, salad type foods and it felt like a real treat as I wasn’t usually allowed that type of food, the girls can pick what they like and don’t like that way.

sadeyedladyofthelowlandsea Mon 08-Jul-19 14:39:48

Pretty much any pasta/risotto.

I know you don't want to faff about with pizza dough, but naan bread pizza is dead easy and virtually no mess unless they're in charge of the toppings. At a pinch, I've done it on normal sliced bread too.

Fish fingers, chips, and peas/beans

Potato salad with peas, sweetcorn, and chopped hot dogs (you don't even have to cook the hot dogs, just tip the boiling water over them in the colander)

SnowsInWater Mon 08-Jul-19 14:44:26

Donna Hay has a fantastic "storecupboard brownie" recipe that is an absolute winner. My kids and their friends all love it. It is made with cocoa rather than chocolate but I often add white chocolate melts and frozen raspberries to make it super yum.

Spag bol, garlic bread and salad is my fallback for feeding kids.

SnowsInWater Mon 08-Jul-19 14:46:01

I just checked, if you google Donna Hay standby brownies you get the recipe online.

puddock Mon 08-Jul-19 14:48:47

Fajitas. With lots of different fillings so they can choose what they like. This works a treat for my DS1 and every friend he's ever brought home, including veggies. I fry up red peppers and onion, then do some chicken strips, also sweetcorn, refried beans, plain yoghurt/sour cream, salsa, shredded lettuce.

Thekingintheeast Mon 08-Jul-19 14:56:49

Off to google the brownies!!

Ciabatta pizzas good too. No faffing but all the yumminess!!

ShesABelter Mon 08-Jul-19 14:59:00

Wraps, breaded chicken breast mini fillets, bowls of cucumber, tomato, lettuce, peppers, grated cheese and any sauces.

mightybrunhilde Mon 08-Jul-19 15:13:39

My kids are now at an age where they want takeout when friends come over
Before I used to do pitta pizza where you use pitta bread as the base or nugget wraps this means you can just put out the ingredients and let them create their own
they always wanted something that wasn't normally classed as a normal meal when there were friends round

stucknoue Mon 08-Jul-19 15:21:40

Chicken bake - chicken drumsticks, new potatoes halved, a small butternut squash cut up, red peppers sliced , red onion sliced tossed in a little oil, cumin seeds or Cajun spice mix. Bake for an hour, drizzle over 2 tbsp honey and make 5 more mins. Serve with salad or green veg. My fussy ones love it

SoupDragon Mon 08-Jul-19 15:25:24

About 99% of the suggestions on this thread would not be eaten by at least one of my 3 DC 😂😂 chicken drumsticks and potato wedges was about the only one that would pass the "all eat it" test. And Pizza 😉

jellybeanteaparty Mon 08-Jul-19 15:30:30

Another vote for fajitas. Roast chicken dinner always seems to suit most children( unless vegetarian) although may be a bit over the the top midweek.

Tillylantern Mon 08-Jul-19 16:06:07

Fishfinger pie has always been a big hit with dcs friends. Basically cook fish fingers put them in the bottom of a dish line them up side by side. Cover with a large tin of beans and then top with mash . Cook in oven for 20 minutes. Serve with veggies on the side.

2cats2many Mon 08-Jul-19 16:08:18

Tacos. Little pots of loads of different stuff. Everyone makes their own how they like it.

Stravapalava Mon 08-Jul-19 17:10:36

Everyone loves my "chicken fried rice" dish - even the fussy ones.

I just cook a load of chicken (usually left over from the roast) with onions & some frozen mixed veg in chicken stock. Then add herbs / spices, whatever you fancy. Mix in rice (I tend to use golden vegetable packet rice) and then let it simmer down. Simple but lovely and always gets eaten.

InvisibleToEveryone Mon 08-Jul-19 17:18:32

Mine like a Macaroni cheese and cauliflower/broccoli cheese mash up.

With grilled bacon mixed in.

TheHandsOfNeilBuchanan Mon 08-Jul-19 17:26:02

DNs love Mexican food, they like spicy but you can make it mild, small flour tortillas or the crunchy taco shells, spicy chicken, or you can do chilli con carne, pulled pork berbecoa, steak strips etc, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted peppers and onions, refried beans, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, grated cheese, if I'm feeding my friend's teen boys I do corn cobs, chicken wings, sweet potato wedges or spicy veg rice with pinto beans too. Put everything on the table and watch them devour it like locusts

HennyPennyHorror Tue 09-Jul-19 05:10:32

TallGreenBottle I never said I didn't "let" my children eat burgers and sausages. We live in Australia and when we have those, they're BBQ'd outside. It's winter season without a sausage won't kill anyone. hmm They're not even that fond of them....not that it matters. They get plenty of nice food.

cece Tue 09-Jul-19 07:01:23

I suggest you ask the parent of the child as my children wouldn't eat a lot of these suggestions.

namemcnamechange Tue 09-Jul-19 07:17:21

Personally if one of my kids was having a friend over for a sleepover I tend to just make it a treat night - takeaway of choice/McDonald’s- whatever they want.

It’s one friend - can DD just ask what she wants? can’t be this hard. My kids wouldn’t eat majority of the suggestions on this thread.

If you really can’t think of anything other than pizza would it be a crime to just buy one pre made rather than home make it.

This thread is odd.

francescadrake Tue 09-Jul-19 07:22:32

Why not get your DD to suggest something?

HennyPennyHorror Tue 09-Jul-19 07:25:23

I did ask DD who said she has no idea. NameChange nothing odd about asking for meal suggestions! It's regularly done on here. Are you new?

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions..I think we're going for Fajitas and the Brownie's which were linked to.

francescadrake Tue 09-Jul-19 07:29:49

That’s what I’d make as well.

windmill121 Tue 09-Jul-19 07:45:29

I have 1 very fussy child and my go to healthy meal when I have other kids or even adults over is a roast chicken and wraps for them to make with bits for them to pick on like lots of salad and cheese, hummus , sour cream, mayo and a side or either plain rice or home made chips/ wedges.

Thekingintheeast Tue 09-Jul-19 08:01:48

I have to say that after years of hosting play dates I wouldn’t be too concerned if a play date friend wouldn’t eat what I’d made. If they’re very fussy and refuse lovely homemade food then so be it. Anyway, I always ask the parent if there’s anything that the child can’t or won’t eat and then as long as I’ve offered something appropriate and tasty and not too specialist (we love spinach feta pie but I’d never serve that for a play date) I’m happy that I’ve done my best.

They’re not going to starve in a few hours so just make something you all like - done.

Thekingintheeast Tue 09-Jul-19 08:02:30

Windmill121 - love your idea. Might do that for tea this week for us!

babysharkah Tue 09-Jul-19 10:07:01

We do pizza but use tortillas as a base. No messsmile

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Tue 09-Jul-19 10:13:06

Build your own wraps
Chicken strips / Veggie alternative if needed
Selection of lettuce, tomato, carrots, sweet corn etc.
Cheese, salsa, guacamole
Let them fill it as they want

Justtryinghere Tue 09-Jul-19 10:52:45

Corned beef hash - yum!

Fibbke Tue 09-Jul-19 10:57:00

I'd probably buy pizzas, but if homemade is the hill you want to die on then chicken wraps.

HennyPennyHorror Tue 09-Jul-19 11:59:29

JustTrying Nooo! That was my most hated meal as a kid! It's definitely not something "all kids love" !!!

usernamerisnotavailable Tue 09-Jul-19 14:38:16

Home made chicken Kiev. Easy least and always a winner.

BiscuitDrama Tue 09-Jul-19 15:00:47

I’d probably have a couple of options or something that’s easily amended.

Or ask your DD to message her and ask if she likes either x or y option?

Failing that we sometimes have ‘salad’:

Warm nice bread, plain pasta, lots of chopped up salad veg in separate bowls, baked breaded chicken chopped into strips etc.

Pasta with either bolognese sauce or bacon and grated cheese if she doesn’t like bolognese.

Oakmaiden Tue 09-Jul-19 15:03:02

My very fussy daughter love it when I make mac n cheese and put a tin of tuna and a tin of sweetcorn in it to make it more "adventurous".

Lauraloop1516 Tue 09-Jul-19 15:14:55

Mac and cheese with a good dose of cauliflower/broccoli through it!

doxxed Tue 09-Jul-19 15:25:11


blamethecat Tue 09-Jul-19 15:27:55

Cheesy chicken pasta bake,
Fry chicken pieces with onion until both cooked, make cheese sauce. Cook pan of pasta, near the end put some veg in (I use peas and sweetcorn as we always have them), mix everything together and chuck in the oven until bubbling and hot.

HopelessLayout Tue 09-Jul-19 15:30:28

Chicken in rice! Takes about 5 min to prepare and "the kids'll love it" as the advert used to say. My sister requested this every year on her birthday when we were kids.

You can used condensed mushroom soup instead of chicken if you prefer.

pamplemoussed Tue 09-Jul-19 15:34:00

Outside of the obvious ones - pizza, pasta etc. I’d add in
- paella or some sort of chicken, rice, peas,
- chilli con carne with nachos, guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese
- BBQ traybake chicken with potato
- Quesadilla or fajitas
- cheese and ham lasagne ( Bill Grainger does a good recipe)

MollysMummy2010 Tue 09-Jul-19 15:47:50

I put onion and ham in my macaroni cheese and my daughter (and me) love it

Thekingintheeast Tue 09-Jul-19 15:51:42

I love this thread! Never mind the OP’s sleepover children, I’m making loads of these things for mine!!

notatwork Tue 09-Jul-19 15:55:22

11 years old?
Let them make microwave mug muffins: they will like it more than if you had gone to the effort yourself!

For main course: fajitas or something else midly spicy/Mexican that they can personalize to their taste..

growlingbear Tue 09-Jul-19 16:01:51

The easiest one is chicken drumsticks, tossed in a bit of oil, garlic paste, herbs or mild spices and salt, baked in the oven along with sweet potato fries. Side salad of iceberg, carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red pepper.

Easiest pudding is chocolate fridge cake. Bash up some digestive or rich tea biscuits and stir them into a thick paste with melted butter, golden syrup and coco powder. Add any of these that you know the kids like: mini marshmallows, glace cherries, raisins, chopped nuts. Press into a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Melt chocolate and pour on top. Flatten out with a spoon and put in the fridge to set. Cut into small squares or fingers. It's rich. They only need a small slice.

RockinHippy Tue 09-Jul-19 17:19:50

Home made pizza. Make dough & sauce & let them do the rest themselves

Hottest possible pre heated oven & dust pizza tray with maize/corn meal

namemcnamechange Fri 12-Jul-19 10:39:06

@HennyPennyHorror sorry I’ve just seen your response! I’m not new, and it’s not your “asking for meal ideas” that’s odd! Just be complete aversion to ready made pizza and the many many suggestions of food that I would never ever think “all kids love”

And I know you asked your daughter, but I said can’t your daughter just ask her friend! The only thing I would ever say “all kids love” is chicken nuggets and yet I’m still sure there’s plenty that don’t. Chilli, Mac and cheese? I was a fussy eater as a child (still am to an extent) and that’s not even good I could pretend to like/try and eat to be polite, I just don’t see why it’s so hard to cater for one child

Dieu Fri 12-Jul-19 12:47:23

Sausage pasta: pasta boiled up with frankfurter sausages, then add the tomato sauce.

Pasta with (green) pesto, bacon and peas.

Spaghetti bolognese.

Dieu Fri 12-Jul-19 12:49:10

Oh, and wraps with salad and Quorn southern fried nuggets. Delish! Xx

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