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AIBU about positing child's school report on Facebook?

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Glitterlikeawinner Sat 06-Jul-19 14:56:43

Just that really! A mum from DS class has posted pictures of the full report on Facebook, bragging about child's amazing abilities and essentially how she is such a good parent to have a child exceeding expectations for her age. I get it, shes proud but not half a kick in the teeth for all the other parents in the class who's children have struggled for one reason or another, but still so proud of their children, rightly so.

LolaSmiles Wed 10-Jul-19 16:41:58


I'm guessing they don't go on days out either or play at home. They're probably #makingmemories

AyBeeCee10 Wed 10-Jul-19 16:44:10

Yabu. Shes a proud parent. Why the heck should other peoples children struggling be her problem???

SolsticeBabyMaybe Wed 10-Jul-19 16:50:38

She's weird and awkward for posting it, others are weird and awkward for comparing their kids.

SolsticeBabyMaybe Wed 10-Jul-19 16:52:08

I also think its creepy and overbearing when parents take too much credit/have too much invested in their child's achievements.

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