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To be angry about having to dodge missiles whilst driving?

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Ripeberry Thu 26-Jul-07 17:23:53

Hi, its only the first day of the holidays and already the bored kids have nothing to do.
Awww, but they excelled themselves today and thought, i know, lets collect lots of stones and throw them at passing cars!
So, there was i driving along a wide road through the estate and it has a grass verge on either side and in the middle to provide a safe turning place for cars turning right.
Anyway, these kids see me coming and there is a hail of stones coming down and luckily missed my car (bad shots).
They were only young kids but if i had not had my little DD with me i would have screeched to a halt and had words with them.
Has anyone ever done this? or does everyone always let them get away with it?
How dare they, even do something like that?
Dreading the rest of summer!

hertsnessex Thu 26-Jul-07 17:24:36

not had that - but i would stop and give them what for to be honest.


petunia Thu 26-Jul-07 18:53:07

I had a stone thrown at my Dad's car just after I passed my test. I was driving my brother through part of the village we lived in. The teenagers who did it knew who I was and I knew who they were. They fully expected me to drive on (I'm a non-confrontational type of person) but as I thought of driving on, I thought sod it, got out the car (it was a quiet road and nobody was behind me) and yelled at them, "Who threw that?" They were gobsmacked and silent! I glared at them and drove on but never went down the road again.
It doesn't matter that these kids are young, what they're doing is illegal and I'd call the police. They need a good talking to!

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