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to want to hit the dipstick on the till at asda

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2shoes Wed 25-Jul-07 15:06:35

for making me feel invisible(and very angry) the whole time he talked to the girl on the next till. and of course all the alarms went of as I left as he hadn't deactivated the dvd's

dustystar Wed 25-Jul-07 15:10:42

Bloody Asda. I bought a PS2 game for ds last week and when we got it home it wouldn't load up. I took it back this week and they said it was really badly scratched and basically blamed me although they did refund the money onto a gift card. I told them that if it was scratched then they had supplied it like that but they clearly didn't believe me.

auntyspan Wed 25-Jul-07 15:11:21

I hate that. It's just bad manners. I worked in M&S once and was told emphatically that we were supposed to engage with the customers.

Makes me want to bop them with my switch card.

theman Wed 25-Jul-07 15:13:41

yeah it's bad and all.personally it doesn't bother me but i can see how it would others and if i was employing them i wouldn't stand for it. another really bad one is if you are the one behind the till and the customer is talking on their mobile phone the whole time.

auntyspan Wed 25-Jul-07 15:15:56

I've done that but I always apologise...

BunnyBaby Thu 26-Jul-07 09:13:55


I worked in customer facing roles for 10 years and wouldn't dream of behaving like this. Which makes me more angry when I find myself on the end of this ignorant treatment.

My pet hate is the chaps at the petrol station yabbering on their mobiles whilst taking your money. No please, thank you, or even conversation. One day I will make a stand and not hand my card over until they get off the phone. With PG hormones this well be soon!


mummyhill Thu 26-Jul-07 09:32:09

Take your receipt to customer services and complian. They can tell who served you by checking the user ID on the receipt. This is totally against ASDA Values. Staff are supposed to engage the customer, offer to help with the packing and of course detag items to prevent the embarassment you felt when the alarms went off. I know we would be jumped on from a great hight at our branch if we behaved like this. Then write a stinking letter to head office.

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